journalism lol

fake news online: *exists*

people: “wow can’t believe Hillary Clinton is a devil worshipper and every celebrity is dead”

The New York Times, BBC, etc: *report accurately on Donald Trump*

same people: “fake news!!!! lying liberal media!”

Donald Trump & co.: blatantly lie, call the lies “alternative facts”

same people: “Donald Trump is telling the truth and all journalists are lying.”

scientists: *present evidence-based data, cite their sources*

same people: “fake!!! lies!!! climate change is a conspiracy theory!”


Journal Series: some pages from my thanksgiving holiday break. In my experience it can be really hard to journal while you’re traveling; you often don’t have the time or energy at the end of the day to sit down and journal, so my favorite method is to gather different memorabilia (Polaroids, postcards, metro tickets, menus, etc) to tape in and jot down some quick memorable things or thoughts about where you went. It’s a quick, simple, and creative way to keep all your memories.


11.26.16 || very late, but here is my bullet journal spread from last week! since i had a bit of free time, i wanted to make a more artsy spread than my usuals. this one was inspired partly by kou (@studykouffee)’s amazing spreads and lucie aka @journalsanctuary‘s super helpful bujo tutorial! i had a lot of fun making this spread and the layout worked well for me too. i think i’ll be keeping this layout for next week! 


[ 22nd January 2017 ] leave it up to me for not posting for a month lmao I’m sorry! I just came back from a planetshakers conference so my legs are now sore from jumping so much omg.
here’s last week’s spread that was done this week bcos I’m as inconsistent as ever 🙂
also thank you for 6K followers! never thought I would actually hit 1K let alone 6K so thank you thank you thank you 💕💕💕💕💕💕 I hope 2017 so far has been amazing for you!!


“my gender is a triangle”; 3am gender journals/comics… if my work resonates with you i encourage you to take some time to reflect/create your own work relating to your identity that expresses your own experiences and feelings in your own particular way.  this is my gender.  think about yours.
~~good vibes y’all~~

12/20/2016 addendum: my longwinded, liberal artsy, sociologically conscious, and purposefully didactic response to criticisms on this post can be found here.