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Happy Birthday, Hunter S. Thompson! 

Above are images from the Alex Gibney’s 2008 documentary Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. 

“Few journalists have attained the notoriety of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. His legendary status is due as much to his scintillating writing as his outrageous antics. He became a living legend whose persona often overshadowed his work. However, Thompson’s steadfast ability to remain true to his convictions created an entirely new style of journalism, dubbed “gonzo,” and has solidified his place in history as one of America’s most influential writers and rebels.

Director Alex Gibney intelligently interviews a broad spectrum of Thompson’s peers and paints a three-dimensional portrait that reveals what a larger-than-life icon he was, a man whose actions both attracted and repelled the people closest to him. What’s remarkable is how daring he truly was in taking on the establishment and how absent that voice is today. His passing created a void that may never be filled, but Gibney’s terrific film, in doing justice to the writer, the legend, and the man, at least helps preserve his legacy.” - Trevor Groth, 2008

All images courtesy of Gonzo: Illustration, Ralph Steadman; Press badge, Denver Archive; Thompson in Tijuana, Hunter S. Thompson/Denver Archive; Thompson in Vegas, Denver Archive.