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News without context

Something that has pissed me off often both last year, and this year, is when news sites have been taking things out of context, and posting it as fact. This is stuff that has happened on the left, and on the right. News writers are so ready to vilify people using poor examples. One of the biggest targets of this has been Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg, A.K.A. PewDiePie.

Felix has been known to make Hitler jokes in his videos, and those clips have been used against him, trying to write the narrative that he is a Nazi. This is not true. Everybody has made fun of Hitler, because belittling someone so evil allows us to not be afraid of him, that he cannot hurt us from beyond the grave.

Unfortunately, if you have over 50 million subscribers, and are an internet celebrity, making those jokes apparently makes you a bad person. Never mind the millions you’ve given to charity. Never mind that you were able to help people worldwide. If you make a joke about Adolf Hitler, or his views, SHAME ON YOU!

At least, that’s what the media has been saying about PewDiePie.

It has gotten to the point where even in his video calling out the media for taking things out of context and using it against them, that the media in fact takes a joke from that video, out of context, and uses THAT against him. Imagine if someone were to take a quote from you out of context, and use it to label you as racist, homophobic, etc. Is that fair in any way?

The worst, I find, is with the Fiverr incident. Felix wanted to test what would happen if he were to ask outlandish requests from the people at Fiverr. One of which was a joke against Keemstar, who’s notoriously famous for calling his friend Alex the “N” word.

Because he is known for this racial slur, Felix wanted to take it a step further by making it look like Keem endorsed two guys to hold up a sign saying “DEATH TO ALL JEWS.” To even Felix’s surprise, the website did not filter the order out as a troll request, and so the video got made. Nearly costing those people their jobs after the video went up.

It was a prank against Keemstar for his past racism, but news articles don’t report that. They report that he was trying to spread hate against Jews.

Because of these edited articles slamming Felix, accusing him of being anti-semetic, and potentially a fascist, it causes people outside of his circle to believe the lies against him. To the point that J.K. Rowling believed and shared the fake news, even though in her Harry Potter books she created the Queen of Fake News: Rita Skeeter.

By changing the narrative of his videos to portray him as a Jew hating fascist, this has cost Felix his partnership with Maker Studios, as well as his second season of Scare PewDiePie. They’ve also slandered his name, causing potentially millions of people to think badly of him, over a lie. If I had never watched PewDiePie in my life, I would’ve believed these lies.

When people are saying that you can’t trust the media, and that there’s too much “Fake News,” this is one of the biggest contributors. Twisting, and manipulating what people said to cause a stir, and get yourself some clicks. But as the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf goes, the more you lie, the less likely people will believe you when you speak the truth.

Ironically, these same news websites who slander Felix have never reported on YouTubers who’ve faced rape and paedophilia accusations. I’d think that would be more pressing compared to one guy making risque jokes. But I guess if they’re not the #1 most subscribed YouTuber, then those stories probably aren’t worth it.


Made in a similar style as old Balkan manuscripts, this book is bound in light brown goatskin with cotton endbands around a hemp cord, this small blank journal could be the perfect companion on travels in nature or on a dark city night.



So I’ve been feeling down lately and I realized it’s because I’m not making enough stuff. It’s what I love to do, but I get so caught up in the logistics of life and my “career” that I forget why I do what I do. Thus, I have created a CHALLENGE for myself called the 100 DAYS OF CREATIVITY challenge. I’m figuring out the exact rules now but I know if I wait to figure it all out I’ll never start, so consider this my start! (I’m very scared actually). Basically I make something every day (can be video, photo shoot, essay, short story, poem, collage), But I have to post it online as soon as I’m done! So today, I made a bullet journal video, which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Everything I make I am going to post AT LEAST to my Instagram and Twitter, so everyone can stay in the loop. I’ll also be making a vlog of the whole journey! Here’s to starting! 😅😁#DAY1


The Buvet Principle turns 3 today!! So what does that mean? Story time!

So when I first started this project three years ago, I didn’t have a lot of ideas in mind. I started trying to make my character icons first, but I didn’t know what I was doing. I was both getting used to my first tablet and art program and learning how to properly use RPGMaker. I worked on the project for maybe a week before leaving it alone and moving on.

About a month later, I found the project again. I had gotten more used to my drawing system so I decided to try my hand at the character icons again. I had a clearer picture of Allan in mind, which is how I designed him in the second picture. I really liked how it turned out and having the faces allowed me to continue and begin designing the rooms. I was still using the premade tilesets for the maps. After a couple of months of working, I left the project again.

Fast forward to last year. I find the game yet again on my computer and by then I had a lot more experience with drawing so I remake the character icons again. I probably will still remake them in the future, but at the moment, that does not take priority. I continued making maps with new vigor, made a bunch of puzzles, and ended up writing about 70% of the demo’s story. I made this blog in that time as well! But then things got busy and I had to put the project on hiatus.

Finally, jump to a couple of weeks ago. Per usual, I found the game, but this time I started investigating on how to make better maps. I learn about parallax mapping and other more complex things to put into a game. I try my hand at pixel art and begin redesigning the rooms, making them feel more alive and lived in. I make my own rooms, I remake the sprites to have a better size and anatomy. The game finally starts to look like something that I would be proud to say I made.

This is my game. I’ve put a lot of work into it, and there’s still a long way to go.But I’ve kept this game alive for three years, and even if it takes me another three, or even another ten, I will continue. I love this game, and I hope to share it with the rest of the world some day.


The Book of Warmth

This book was made in the hottest of days throughout the year and I do hope it bears some of that warmth within itself. With golden floral borders and vines with poppy seed pods, I wanted to resemble and glowing field of various flowers. The ornamentation is made solely with 24k gold leaf and like the journal before, it’s filled with fine, cream colored Clairefontaine paper for all those with a love for pens and ink.


I made a BULLET JOURNAL VIDEO! Finally. I’ve wanted to make this for so long. Not perfect, but this creativity challenge is about DOING and saying screw you to fear! Watch it on my YouTube channel. It’s my first video, and I love waking up ready to make something new. :) Enjoy. 

The Book of Beginnings

          The Book of Beginnings is a medium sized journal with robust structure and archaic atmosphere. A unique item born from hundreds of hours of care and attention to structure and detail. Made with reverence to the strength of medieval bindings and their laden with symbolism aesthetic. The book has a purpose to achieve three things: comfort of writing, structure to last centuries and to ensure it’s owner is filled of pride and confidence of his or her writing companion.

The front cover is decorated with a central single-line rhombus with floral and geometric tooling inside. Surrounding it is a chaotic pattern of thin branches and leaves, weaved around four Abraxas medalions. All this neatly guarded by a triple-line rectangular border. The back cover is guarded with the same border as the front cover with similar floral patterns and the binder’s maker mark. The book back is decorated with floral designs and poppy heads, symmetrically aligned. The The inner covers are decorated with gold.

This book is size A5, 15.5x22 cm (6x8.7 inches) sewn on 5 hemp cords, which are attached to the boards made from two layers of mill board to prevent bending and for extra protection. The  binding is in brown goat leather. It has 448 pages blank, unlined, smooth cream colored Clairefontaine Trophee  paper. The paper possesses great qualities for writing with fountain pens and ink as it exhibits no feathering, no bleedthrough and only faint show through. Drying times vary with the type and amount of ink.

A special adhesive is used that doesn’t harm the book over time and all the processes can be reversed. Even after many years the book can be rebound without significant damage being made to it in the process. The book is entirely handmade with special care being taken at every step. Book edges are sprinkled and coated with beeswax to prevent moisture from harming the paper. The handpaper endpapers are “made” (double layer of paper) and sewn to the book body for extra durability.


I’ve finished one more Balkan Field Journal and I think it’s going to be the last for now. I’ll move on to some bigger books next.

The book turned out quite well. The contrast between the bright red leather and the gilding is quite pleasing to the eye. The emphasis of the decoration is mainly on the gilded borders on the covers, inside as well as outside.

This small blank journal could be the perfect companion on travels in nature or on a dark city night.