some journaling ideas
  • quote of the day / song of the day / thought of the day
  • what you’re looking forward to this month / year
  • goals for this month
  • spreads or lists for favourite films / shows / music albums / books
  • favourite film / show / music album of the week or month
  • ongoing projects and work to keep track of
  • to watch / to read / to listen to list
  • wishlist
  • places to visit
  • letter to your future self / letter to your past self 
  • movie tickets / concert tickets / polaroids / receipts / stickers / stamps
  • self affirmations
  • playlists
  • five years from now 
  • tattoo ideas
  • things to study / learn more about
  • favourite quotes / lyrics / poems
  • achievements / accomplishments / places you’ve been and things you’ve done and when 
  • calming / grounding senses ( favourite sounds, smells, textures, and more )
  • support websites / phone numbers for reference

Because of my anxiety lately, I thought it would be therapeutic to challenge myself to write a journal entry every day this week. Reading back on my week’s entries, I think self-doubt and regret have become my top arch enemies. Sometimes it’s not always easy believing that everything happens for a reason. This week has been a lot of self-reflection and trying not to be so hard on myself for things out of my control. Breathe, reflect, and try to do better.

You’ll never know just where you’ve been, dear, ‘till you get to where you are. When the clock’s run out, the stars align, and the lost are found, will you stand up tall and proud?- “Nothing Left To Lose” by FIELDS


month of may // overview & first week

this spread’s color scheme is pink and purple! i’m proud of myself cause i’ve been very consistent with my bullet journal. exams are coming up and i’m sososo nervous. as you can see, i don’t really use my bujo as a planner, it’s more of a diary really. (i had to replace a name with ‘✧ ✧ ✧’ just in case people read the whole thing haha)


as scary as change is, sometimes it’s for the better. remember this planner I bought a while back that I had no use for? well, for my first year of college, I’ve decided that using this planner as my bullet journal instead of my usual bullet journal set-up would be a little easier on my heart. don’t worry; I’m never giving up using my old bullet journal! I love it way too much. I’ll probably still use it for special spreads and journaling that I don’t want to put in my school planner. but I’ve realized that planning in my old bullet journal has become way too time-consuming as I really just want to focus on my studies at the moment. I hope you understand xxx


“A friend of mine bought me the first journal about five years ago. They’re all collections of lyrics, notes and poems. I love travelling with them now, finishing one and getting a fresh one. I take them all with me to the studio and read through everything at once.” credit for floral/bottle doodles! (+)


Bringing you guys this week’s bullet journal spread a day earlier than my usual posting day bc I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post tomorrow! The first week after graduation was kind of weirdly motivational in a way, so I’m glad I had time to hang out with my friends and make some art before I have to leave for my trip later tonight. Hope your summer is going swell! (PS be prepared for me to quote the new Lorde album in every single journal spread bc Melodrama is amazing and I’m never going to shut up about it)

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Want You Back- HAIM

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Perfect Places- Lorde

Alone- Halsey


WEEK 1 // very first week of college is done! it was okay? kinda fun? but i was more excited to work on my spreads (≧◡≦) finally, there is something to write about. i just couldn’t see why i should journal on my summer vacation when all i ever did was take naps, watch films and shows, eat, and just chill. i think it’s just a waste of ink lmao. my summer isn’t just exciting as yours, guys :-( but here i am again! trying out some new stuff, what do you think?

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