Midheavens- Sign on the Tenth House Cusp.

Aries- Law enforcement/forces/Protecting vulnerable people/anything active that causes adrenaline.

Taurus- Finance/economics/business/gardening/conservation. Then on the other hand, anything creative such as writing/art.

Gemini-  Creativity/Humour/Languages/Communications/Media/Journalism.

Cancer-  Healing/psychology/creativity/vulnerable people/children.

Leo-  Could go into entertainment, theatre, working with vulnerable people, law, humanitarianism.

Virgo- Any serving job/healthcare/assisting/something where patience and care is needed.

Libra- Law/mediating/communications/creativity/aesthetics.

Scorpio- Psychology/Criminology/researcher/journalism/therapy.

Sagittarius- Teaching/Comedy/philosophy/science/researcher.

Capricorn- Business/economics/politics/finance/collective causes.

Aquarius-  Science, engineering, philosophy, politics, humanitarianism, law, yet they can also seek unusual status paths in life.

Pisces-  Metaphysical/healing/spiritual practices. Or anything creative actually.

What the Ilvermorny Houses study in college

Thunderbird: Biology, Ethnic Studies, International Relations, Music, Global Studies, Archeology, Photography

Pukwudgie: Nursing, Non-Profit Management, Peace/Conflict Studies, Social Science, Human Resources, Psychiatry, Social Work

Wampus: Journalism, Political Science, Gender Studies, Military Technologies, Strategic Intelligence, Physics, Athletic Training

Horned Serpent: Chemistry, Education, Philosophy, Mathematics, Classical and Ancient Studies, Medicine, Astrophysics



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ID #96599

Name: Hema
Age: 18
Country: Canada

Hi! I’ve wanted a penpal for a while, I figured I would start! I love the read and write, and I keep a regular journal. I’ll read anything, but lately I’ve been trying to get more into the classics (I started Anna Karenina recently). I’m beginning my bachelor’s degree in political science in September, and I speak French as well. I’m trying to learn Spanish too, but it’s going veeeeeeery slowly. I think it would be really cool to talk to someone from far away!

Preferences: Preferably under 30, any gender, any race, any sexuality

i was tagged by @possiblygod to answer some questions. thanks for thinking of me, dear. 

1. how old? 31, and sometimes 12

2. profession? stay at home mom and social drop-out 

3. dream job? something i’m happy spending the next 40 years doing, and can still spend quality time with my family. i’m hoping to go back to school in the fall and take some writing, journalism, and political science courses. i’m a chump and still don’t know what i want to be when i grow up, though.

4. is there anything you are talented at? slipping puns into conversation at the worst possible moment

5. are there any big goals you are working towards? school. not being afraid of going back to school. not being afraid of myself. not being afraid of people. turning back into the type of person who gave everyone the benefit of the doubt. sticking up for myself. patience. better communication with my loved ones. 

6. what’s your aesthetic? basic.

7. do you collect anything? those dumb pop vinyl dolls. steven universe stuff. kitschy animal figurines. empty journals. rose quartz pendants. bills. debt. do tattoos count?

8. is there a topic you always bring up in conversation? usually my kids. feels like the safest topic in most conversations, and i’m pretty damn proud of them. if i’m comfortable with you, and/or drunk, it’s open to anything that has nothing to do with my feel-bad feelings. 

9. pet peeves? not using a turn signal when merging/turning. talking over me. talking over me to tell me i’m wrong, especially when we both know i’m right. when i hold a door open for someone and they don’t say thank you (i’m aware it’s not required for me to hold a door open, or for someone to say thank you, but fuck me for believing people should be polite to each other for 2 bleeding seconds). sand in my sandals. hair caught in my fingers. 

10. any advice? believe in yourself and the amazing things you are capable of. always be aware of the terrible shit humans are capable of, but don’t let it harden your heart against the good in the world, or prevent you from contributing to the good. never stop learning, never stop imagining, never stop creating.

11. recommend 3 songs?

  • delirium trigger – coheed and cambria
  • better son/daughter – rilo kiley
  • car radio – twenty one pilots 

i tag @drearydaffodil @superfluoussincerity @abirdfulbox @sirpupkingston @simply-pure-garbage @adamantseal @shentoncarrington @seearielwrite @typicalpoet and anyone else who wishes to answer. :)


Hi, my name is Amy and this is my new studyblr! I’m a high school junior from Maryland, USA. I want to study journalism and political science when I go to college in the fall of ‘18. I was inspired to make this studyblr by these lovely accounts (you should follow them, they’re amazing!) @emmastudies @tbhstudying @katsdesk @leostudies and @studypetals . I hope to make masterposts and origional content posts in the future but for now I’m just getting the hang of things. Enjoy my blog & leave something in my ask if you’d like to be friends :)
Lester Holt's Moment
For NBC's Lester Holt, who took the anchor chair after Brian Williams was caught exaggerating, Monday's presidential debate has big stakes and bigger risks.

Monday night’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be the first time the two square off directly during this general election campaign. At such moments, the stakes are invariably characterized as high for the candidates, their presidential prospects on the brink of success or ruin.

Or maybe not. As the Dartmouth College political scientist Brendan Nyhan recently wrote in the Columbia Journalism Review, “political science research suggests that [debates] rarely cause a significant change in the polls.”

Here’s someone to whom Monday’s event will matter a lot: moderator Lester Holt, the lead anchor for NBC Nightly News and the third person on that stage at Hofstra University in Long Island.

Holt is something of the accidental anchor. He ascended to the top role last year after Brian Williams’ self-inflicted career sabotage, when Williams was found to have spun inflated tales of the perils he faced reporting in Iraq and New Orleans.

Holt has been the dependable Mr. Everything for NBC News: the host of Dateline NBC, former co-host of the weekend Today show, the longtime anchor of the weekend edition of NBC Nightly News. But Williams is two months younger than Holt — a transition from the former to the latter simply was not envisioned.

I want to go to Harvard and study Journalism and Political ScienceOn your way to being…? Christiane AmanpourWhy do you wish to be Christiane Amanpour? Well, I don’t wish to be her, exactly. I just want to do what she does…travel, see the world up close, report on what’s really going on, be a part of something big…Maybe I’ll be a journalist and write books or articles about what I see. I just want to be sure that I see…something.

In elections we choose someone to speak on our behalf, to take our place. We exclude ourselves. We create a separation between those who represent and those who are represented and we freeze it in time, giving it a duration, excluding ourselves as subjects until we have an opportunity to confirm the separation in the next elections. A world of politics is created, separate from the daily life of society, a world of politics populated by a distinct caste of politicians who speak their own language and have their own logic, the logic of power. It is not that they are absolutely separated from society and its antagonisms, for they have to worry about the next elections and opinion polls and organised pressure groups, but they see and hear only that which is translated into their world, their language, their logic. At the same time a parallel world is created, a theoretical, academic world which mirrors this separation between politics and society, the world of political science and political journalism which teaches us the peculiar language and logic of the politicians and helps us to see the world through their blind eyes.
—  John Holloway