I have constantly million old pics on my phone… often I’m afraid of publishing them, or I’m just “too buzy” (this mean that I find something completely unnecessary that I absolutely “MUST” do) to do it… and the final result is a little me covered in photos that I don’t know what to do with.
So… I’m gonna stop this! It’s the moment to get courage and “jump” with decision in a new direcion!

Say “hello” to my little parrot friend!!! ♡

IG: hristinasview

Here’s my bujo page for July 1st ft. basic mountains and the ever beautiful Cloud Strife! ^_^

I apologise if it looks tacky compared to my other bujo spread (which is almost at 2k notes so thank you!) but I’ve been experiencing some hand tremors and haven’t been too well. Hopefully, I’ll get better soon!

🎧 Kitsch - Tekken 4 OST

you are more than wet pillows from crying, tear-stained journals, clouded thoughts, sad playlists & sad drunk texts. you are more than your thunder and rain, and soon enough your sun will shine.