I was ready to give up bullet journaling and just buy a pre-made planner, but I simply couldn’t find anything suitable to all of my (perfectionist) needs. So…. I am starting a new bujo instead, using this lovely shinola journal that I got as an early birthday present.
I’ve been beyond stressed, so I’m hoping that a blank slate might help me get organized and find my groove for this new term.

I can’t sleep. He’s on my mind. He’s on my mind and I can’t shake it off. It’s 5:41am and all I want to do is sleep. I’ve been doing so well lately. Now, all of a sudden my feelings just start to come rushing in at once and miss him so much. His voice, his smile, his eyes. Everything. Why? Why does he keep me up at night? I’m sure I don’t keep him up. I doubt he even thinks about me as much as I do of him. I can’t move on. I try and I try and then I relapse in a week or two and start the process all over again. I deal with the same pain over and over. And I would think it would get easier each time, but it doesn’t. I need closure to move on. I need a goodbye. I never got a goodbye. All I ever needed was a goodbye.

Spread for 9/22-9/24. 

So, last week sucked. But as always, things got better. BTS is back, I got asked to homecoming, and things just overall improved in life, which I’m always thankful for. It’s going to be a really work-filled weekend which isn’t fun but hopefully it will pay off. Everyone have a great weekend!

i don’t usually study on saturdays but somehow i woke up feeling motivated and decided to rewrite my accounting notes and update my bullet journal (and some pages of my random journal).

also, drumroll please, this is my first ever post! it’s the first time i’m using the tags #mine and #studiespolly so

I discovered something scarier than white pages.
Τhe average.
-mpl0u // fears


Ανακάλυψα κάτι πιο τρομακτικό από την λευκή σελίδα.
Το μέτριο.
-Μπλου // φόβοι