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Yeah i know I’m late again but here, have a shitty gif to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the gravity falls finale!
Man it’s been one year and I’m still not over this show… *cries*

This has happened Twice now...

Things tend to happen at the same damn time. Father’s Day and my brother’s birthday always fall around the same time. To that end, I want to be able to afford a gift for them. To that end, I will be offering 5 Commission Slots. I’m already in touch with 2 folks who were looking to get a slot from the last 4, so that effectively brings the available slots to 3. Send me a note or IM if you’re interested.

So, further context, I have my first face-to-face meeting with my Air Force recruiter this Tuesday. I’ve been told the sooner I can get through MEPS and take the ASVAB/AFQT, the sooner I can enlist with a guaranteed job. Until then, I’ll be in limbo. Depending on how long that might be commission could stand to be opened again, no promises though… Ah, life.

Dearest Journal,

  Sometimes I wonder if I would’ve felt better if he was alive.

  Actually, no, that’s ridiculous. Of course I would’ve felt better if he was alive. I guess what I’m wondering if this feeling would’ve been resolved, if he weren’t out of reach anymore. What I’m wondering if these unfinished cuts of nausea and nightmares could’ve found their peace if only I were able to talk to him…

  Over and over, I tell myself I will move on. There are days that I feel like I’ve finally pushed from my past and this ‘trauma’ that doesn’t feel significant enough to harm me like this, but then there are days that I just… can’t move, and can’t think of anything but that. This heavy sadness that won’t lift it’s weight from my chest… even when I think of the happy memories, they’re all ruined because of that one night.

  He’s dead, and I can’t even talk to him. I want closure with this.

  But if I somehow did talk to him, would I really get closure? I just want this to end, truly. I want to put this behind me, and get on with my life. I’m tired of getting caught in this past…

  I just hope that, at least, he can rest more peacefully than I am right now.



This is a reminder, I really need some money, I haven’t got a job yet and I’m in a emergency. I have discount in my commissions or we can negotiate another price.

$0 / $
If I don’t get any before monday, I’ll be unable to upload drawings indefinitely. Also I can’t start uploading my webcomic Furry Fighters, it is now on hold, I have pages done but I wouldn’t be unable to upload constantly


Will draw
Original characters with full body flat color reference
Humanoids: Human/Furries/Scalies/avians/plants
Fancharacters (Pokemon, fangems, monsters, sonic style, etc…)
Fan arts
NSFW (soft, nude, masturbation, vanilla stuff)

HARDCORE NSFW (Ex. vore, exaggerated inflation, rape, etc..)
Underage NSFW
NON-original characters

- The images are done in 1 or 2 days (depending on complexity of the image and communication)
- Sketch is sent before to receive approval to proced to digital inking and colouring
- Can ask for progress at anytime
- Payment before sending the image
- After payment I’ll send the full image without my signature to you via e-mail

♦ Feel free to ask anything if you have any doubts about the commissions
Thanks for reading

Art Status:
Art Status
Commissions: OPEN
Art Trades: CLOSED
Request: CLOSED

Thanks for reading

ICAD 2016 - the prompts were zodiac, magic, Statue of Liberty, and crystal or prism. For the “magic” card - my first thought was the song “Magic Show” by Push on Junior (a Minneapolis band from 20ish years ago - “I want to believe”). For the “Statue of Liberty” card, I went with “An American Tune” by Paul Simon.


For 2016, I decided to start a bullet journal. This was a really hard decision because as a design student I am a sucker for nicely designed planners, but I can never find one that suits all my needs. I’m starting simple and hoping this works well for me. Here are a few of the spread set-ups I have: Quarter View, Month View, Status Check, Habit Tracker, Daily Tasks. I’m trying to let myself be loose and not compare myself too much to other formats that I see around studyblr. It’s important to let yourself be imperfect and do what is best for you and your individual routine and needs. I wonder how many more Star Wars drawings I’m going to do.