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2017.03.18 🚴 Short Bike Ride

Didn’t feel like doing much of anything, to be honest, but I needed to do something, so I did a short bike ride. It was a bit windy, and I probably would’ve gone longer if not for that. I really dislike riding in the wind.  It’s all fun and games while it’s at your back, but eventually you have to turn around.  Plus, the book I was listening to ended about half-way through. The struggle is real. haha!

This is my old, heavy, too-small bike, also, which I could really feel in my quads vs. my new bike.

I got my 5/5 day workout goal in with this, so that’s also good.

Anyway, got something done, which is more than I felt like doing. Go me.


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ghoooooooooooooooost  asked:

aurora and halcyon!

halcyon: name ten things that make you happy.

  • hmmmm BUT I HAVE MORE THAN TEN!!! im going to DOUBLE IT and make it 20 bc happiness means ur so happy u gotta say it all 
  1. my gf (@pfeffersteak)
  2. my succulents not dying on me 
  3. yellow, esp yellow shirts
  4. my best friends (i will LIST THEM, @calicrow @silverope @imaizumi and @sayakas)
  5. cats
  6. mystic messenger, esp……707……
  7. photos of peoples animals
  8. ghibli movies
  9. fresh cut roses
  10. when vegan pizza is done right 
  11. art from my friends
  12. rly cute shirts
  13. bullet journals
  14. skincare products 
  15. saving bees
  16. salad with good greens like spinach/arugula or romaine, not iceberg lettuce 
  17. the thought of going to numerous countries in asia one day (if ur curious, the philippines, china, thailand, india, malaysia, japan, south korea, singapore, and vietnam are all….very high on the list….SO MANY I WANNA SEE) 
  18. aesthetic blogs
  19. shiba inus
  20. when ppl rly love their bodies/skin/hair and are all confident n happy about the way they look