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Happy National R&L Day!!!

Enjoy some lesser known (or just forgotten!) Rhett and Link facts:

Rhett McLaughlin

  • once threw his back out while eating a sandwich (x)
  • got bitten by a puppy while filming and now has a scar on his ear (x)
  • has been kicked off a ride at Legoland for being too tall (x)
  • “stole” batteries from Walmart because he left baby Locke in the car (x)
  • as a kid, he wanted to grow up to be an architect (x)
  • R&L were on the same soccer team as kid, and Rhett punched a teammate in the gut for making fun of Link (x)
  • likes to tell people that his 7 year old son was 7′3″ (x)
  • claims that the reason he can make squirrel noises is because he was bitten by one as a child (x)
  • dumped by a cheerleader in high school through a cheer (x)
  • keeps a dream journal (or at least used to) (x)
  • created the first and only rule of GMM - never talk about Justin Bieber (x)
  • says he’ll never reveal what his favorite color is (x)

Link Neal

  • as a kid, he wanted to grow up to be a weatherman (x)
  • one of his first teenage jobs was barning tobacco (x)
  • wears women’s deodorant (x)
  • he and his wife’s song is “Stuck on You” by Lionel Richie (x)
  • once hooked his son Lincoln in the back of his head with a fishing pole (x)
  • seriously accident prone - broke his pelvis snowboarding, scraped up half his body when he tripped and fell while filming an episode of Commercial Kings, and has crashed on his mountain bike (x) (x) (x)
  • threw up at his 9th birthday party (x)
  • was 2nd chair trumpet player in school (x)
  • doesn’t have any video or pictures of his wedding because he hired his friend to do it and the camera battery died (x)
  • went to summer camp for a week and didn’t poop the whole time (x

Thanks @rhettandlink for being the bestest of bestest friends (x)

it’s extremely weird to think about how i’ll be turning 25 this year and that i’ve been on this website since i was 18……. my blog is 7 years old already what is this

why am i getting so old why is time going by so fast wHY IS IT THAT I’M ONLY 5 YEARS AWAY FROM TURNING 30?????

May 7, 1922

Hard to believe I’ve kept a journal for ten years as of today.

How vividly I remember first setting quill to that ratty old thing someone had donated to the orphanage!  It had been at the bottom of my trunk all year.  I’d forgotten about it, really.  But there I was, a first year facing down her first set of end-of-year exams, worried to death about how Queenie was faring without me (and of course the little devil hadn’t written me in weeks to let me know), rummaging frantically through my trunk for some lost notes, and there it was.  That little book I could pour it all into.  And I ignored the fact that May 7th was on the wrong day, and that part of June was missing pages, and I just… wrote.

Ten years.  How insignificant that little girl’s problems seem to me now!  Yet in ways, I wouldn’t trade places with her for the world.

To think that Queenie might be tagging along with me to the Ministry in a few months’ time!  How can she be two months away from taking -her- last exams?  If I’m honest, I wasn’t entirely sure she’d make it this far, and let’s face it, I can be perfectly honest because she’s never going to read this.  For one thing, there are no pictures, and for another thing, why would she when I’m already an open book to her?  Funny.  I suspect others would think Queenie would be the one with a diary.  But she would never have the attention span.  Me, though.  I can’t live without one.

Especially tonight.  I’ve been with the Ministry 3 years, and there are times I feel like I’m going backwards.  Wonder if I’ve got what it takes to be in law enforcement.  Times I feel like a phony, like I’m either one move from everyone discovering what an idiot I really am, or they already know, and they’re just too nice to mention it.  Maybe I should cut myself some slack.  I’m sure none of them were perfect right off the bat, and I did well enough in my training.

But then something like today happens, and I can’t help wishing I was back in Ilvermorny with Queenie, my whole future fresh before me.  Would I make the same choices?  God, I can’t believe I ran right up on that guy - by accident! - and then let him slip through my fingers.  I can’t record too many details of classified investigations here, of course, but suffice it to say there are times when I should trust my instincts and times when they just get me in trouble. 

Mr. Graves was predictably not pleased, though I can’t imagine he could be any less pleased than I was (and I stealthily omitted the part where I lost my wand for a good five minutes).  I expected him to yell.  Maybe even fire me.  But he just coolly told me he supposed I’d never make that mistake again, reminded me to file the report in triplicate, and dismissed me without another word.

I rather wish he would have yelled.  

I managed to make it to the bathroom before I broke down.  I know Mr. Graves already thinks I’m silly and incompetent, and it doesn’t help that I get so nervous around him that I usually end up proving him right.  But god only knows what he would do if I cried in front of him!

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24/7/16 This week’s bullet journal spread in pictures + a close up. (Bullet journal inspo: @sushi-studies / another studyblr that I can’t remember. Sorry!) 

Well, I’m new to this whole study blog thing, so please excuse the awkwardness of my introduction (?). Hi! My name’s Vanessa and I’m a 17 year old girl living in Australia. I’m currently a year 11 taking units 1+2 studio arts, methods, specialists, english and chemistry and units 3+4 biology. This is my first post as a studyblr and I made this blog to motivate myself and others (hopefully). I was inspired to make this blog by @smoinerd, @baekstudies, @tbhstudying@studeying & by multiple other blogs (keep up the amazing work guys!!). And I don’t really know how to end this so… bye!!

Day 44- April 6 1998

          The titanik was a vere big ship. the titanik hit a isebrg and sunk.

I know Titanic the film came out in November 1997 but MAN did I like the Titanic. I hadn’t even seen the full movie until about a year ago so apparently that was long overdue.

Educhums, does anyone have an example of a short, factual recount that I can use with year 2s (7 and 8 year olds)? They’re sort of familiar with the concept from journal writing already, but I’d like to be able to use something fun with them as an example to start formally looking at them as a text type. Because they’re little, we’re really pushing the stuff about chronological sequencing, including using connective words like next, then and after, which really limits what I can use.


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RULES:  tag 9 people you would like to know better.

1. How old are you? 


2. Current Job?

don’t have one, i’m in my last year of high school

3. Dream Job?

journalist/reporter, making documentaries etc.

4. What are you talented at?

not really talented at anything lol

5. What is a big goal you are working towards/have already achieved?

graduate high school, get a drivers licence 

6. What is your aesthetic?

pastel colors

7. Do you collect anything?

when i was little i used to collect stickers lol now i have a journal where i collect quotes i like

8. What is a pet peeve of yours?

when someone chews loudly when they eat or when someone is generally very loud

9. Good advice to give?

don’t compare yourself to other people, everyone moves in their own pace

10. Recommend 3 songs or more.

poppy - lowlife

hey violet - guys my age

hey violet - brand new moves

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Do you have any headcannons for cleo aNd deuce

I do!

  • They HATE the cold weather. Deuce is a reptile like dude. Cleo spent centuries in Egypt. They won’t whine about the cold if caught in it, but they will do what they can to avoid it.
  • -Newest HC. Cleo has a secret Deuce journal. I like the idea of her remembering some of the ancient times she’s had, but not having the most perfect memory for it because brains can’t log every single detail 100% after 2,000+ years. So she wants to remember time spent with Deuce as best as she can another 2,000 years from here. Deuce will understand when he’s 116 and forgetting what life was like when he was 7 years old.
  • They won’t have kids. No deep, soulful reason other than they don’t feel like it and people don’t have to have children. If they do have kids they’ll love them and be good parents, but they’d just rather not and only focus on each other.
  • They can easily spend nights together without sneaking around. Ramses is off on business a lot with his relics and Nefera’s failed modeling career has her traveling to different cities and countries. Medusa’s a single mom, idk what I think she does but it requires her working some nights.
  • Cleo is turned to stone by accident at least twice a year. Deuce always feels badly for it, it’s only for a few minutes, but it’s so easy for sunglasses to get knocked off that it happens.
  • Deuce has skateboarded with Cleo via piggy back ride, and she didn’t hate it.

theblacknessdyer  asked:

1 and 7 for the adulting meme, if you like!

1. What did you forget to pack when you moved out?

Goodness, that was a while ago. Ummm…the only thing that comes to mind is the embarrassing shit. I definitely left all my old journals full of whining and bad poetry. I also left the disk that had some sexy lingerie selfies I took on it. I found all of these things a few years later when I went home for a visit and broke/burned them all so they could never be found again. But I have no idea if my parents noticed them in those intervening years.

7. Name something in your apartment that would make your parents shudder.

Heh, probably the dragon tail whip hanging from my door. That or the ceramic gun dildo

yesterday’s journal pages consisting of stuff stuck in and ramblings about other stuff and none of my own drawings at all really ^^ 

(art on the left page: credit to 7 year old charlie who is really good at drawing super hero vikings and snakes as you can see)

Day 55- May 11 1998.

          The lock nest monsta is relle. Plese if you are golfing and you asedentle hit it in the lack donot trie to get it.

Translation- The Loch Ness Monster is real. Please, if you are golfing and you accidentally hit it in the lake do not try and get it.

random facts i remember about sharkboy and lavagirl:

  • writer/director created the movie based on his kid’s ideas
  • the actors that played both young sharkboys (like 5 year old sharkboy and 7 year old sharkboy) were the writer/director’s kids and the older one actually had his teeth filed down into points to look like shark teeth for the movie
  • taylor lautner choreographed his own fight scenes
  • a running gag in the movie is that a character puts something in their mouth then immediately spits it out. since the movie was in 3D, it looks like the character is spitting on the audience when this happens
  • a lot of the movie was shot in front of a green screen
  • miley cyrus originally auditioned for lavagirl but ended up taking the lead role on hannah montana instead
  • the writer/director is credited for fourteen different things in the movie
  • at the end of the movie linus/minus was seen drawing a “hero” type character called “mr. positive”
  • the wrestler dean roll filed a lawsuit against the movie, claiming he had already copyrighted the name “shark boy”
  • there two spin off books about the movie: one is a re-telling through sharkboy and lavagirl’s point of view, and the other is a spin-off about sharkboy trying to find his father and lavagirl attempting to remember where she came from
  • there is also a movie story book written by the author’s kid
  • the dream world is called planet drool

All I ask is that you take care of her for me.

She’s like a 5 year old, she might be a junior in high school but she wants attention 24/7, she wants you to stroke her hair or hold her hand or kiss her face.

She wants to know you’re there. That you love her. And I hope you do. I really hope you do.

Whats not to love though? Shes so easy to love. She will tell you that shes difficult and annoying and that you’re going to leave her, and it’ll frustrate you to hear those words all the time knowing it’ll never happen. But it’s happened to her before.

Please be different. She needs different.

She will never understand the way that other people look at her. I saw it though.

You should feel lucky everyday in her precense, I know I did.

I also knew that I didn’t have much time with her, simply because I saw it coming after the first time I lost her. Though I always treasured holding her hand and feeling her thumb rub against mine. I never took for granted the way she stared into my eyes with pouty lips begging for a kiss.

I knew I didn’t have long, so I kissed her.

I loved the smile that wouldn’t go away once you gave her what she wanted.

I hope you do the same.

Don’t tell her she’s clingy or obsessive. It will destroy her. She just wants your love and your time. She just wants you.

Never make her feel like a burden for simply loving you. You should feel grateful that she even loves you in the first place.

I mean, she’s just so beautiful. Not just her looks. Not just the way her eyes sparkle and the way she bats her eyelashes to get what she wants. Not just her cute laugh.

It’s the way she really looks at you when you speak, its the way you catch her staring at you, it’s the way she sings so loudly in the car, that you can’t help but be annoyed but also admiring her, wondering how on earth you were so lucky that she chose you, it’s the way she can’t go very long without touching you, it’s the way she always wants to wear your clothes because even when you’re apart, she can still feel close to you, its the way she tells you that nature reminds her of you. It’s the way that she looks at the world. It’s her mind.

It’s everything. She’s everything.

But all I ask are these things..

Create a safe place for her to talk to you about anything. She never had many people to talk to about her problems or her thoughts, be that person for her now that I can’t.

Make sure she knows shes beautiful. Tell her constantly, make her sick of hearing it. But at least she knows, at least she knows how you see her.

Listen to her when she speaks, remember all the dates, remember the little things and surprise her with it. It’ll warm her heart to know you cared enough to remember the things she thought you wouldn’t care enough about.

She’ll remember everything. She’ll ask you questions about yourself just so she can keep them in the back of her mind until one day its useful. She wants to know you. She never wants to stop learning you.

If you force her to watch a scary movie, let her cuddle up to you and cover her eyes when you know there is a scary part coming up.

Never make her feel like what shes feeling is invalid. She will never speak about her feelings again if you do. And she’ll let it rip her to shreds.

Be honest with her. If you’re not wanting this anymore, then tell her. Don’t lead her on because once she knows the truth it’ll ruin her to know that you weren’t always happy. That she couldn’t do that for you.

She cares more about other people than her own. So make sure you can really give your all to her. Its about time someone does.

She loves the feeling of being protected. So if someone stares at her the wrong way, be protective. She wants to feel safe. I hope you make her feel that.

Most importantly, love her. Love every part of her. Her emotions that are like on and off, her fears, her insecurities. Just love her now that I’ve been forbidden to. Love the parts of her that shes scared to love herself, the parts of her shes too scared to show anyone else.

Be honored everyday you have her.

I hope you don’t have to wake up everyday in fear that this could be the last day you speak to her, like I did.

I love her but needs stability. Be good to her, please.

—  To the next one that loves her

Day 31- March 9 1998.

             the lochest Monstr is a thing that Mene pe pol hv not sen. It is a lejind. Sum pe pol bulev in it and sum pe pol dont. 

Translation: The Loch Ness monster is a thing that many people have not seen. It is a legend. Some people believe in it and some people don’t. 

That is true, 7-year-old me! 

The first day of kindergarten I dove in cognizant of the three most important things. My name, how to read, and 8773 Silas Deane. Sizing at 29 pounds and standing an inch shy of 3 feet my four-year-old self relentlessly repeated the last one in trembling fear that one day I may get lost and need help finding my way home.
Three years later I began the third grade standing confidently with a solid 7 inches and 15 pounds supplementing my appearance. My new teacher attempted to teach me time tables and how to divide 100 by 5 but I was solely focused on learning one thing, 8864 Pembroke circle, the address to my new home.
With the years passing by quicker than an arrow being shot from the finest archer, my older sister fell ill and I was forced to move in with my aunt and learned a song to remember my new home. “Walk down the block stop and look at your clock and come the 44th minute you’ll be in shock because the fisher is richer than the whole block.” 44 Fisher Street.
My middle school days came to an end shortly after and 3 months into my freshman year of high school, I was dictated to take a practice SAT exam, which required my address. Once again I had a new home, this time in Virginia with my mother, 13120 Forest Mist Lane.
A week into my sophomore year I moved again, but with my father. That is when I met you and the most impactful thing I learned that year was that your eyes are my favorite color and your laugh is my favorite sound.
Springtime swiftly rolled around and I got invited to my first high school party and woke up the following morning sensing that my ride was too hung over to drive me home so I insisted that I would be fine walking. Needless to say I woke up face down on the sidewalk covered in my own vomit with a kind woman named Clara, who luckily was passing by, helplessly shaking my body. Eventually, when I came to she asked me were I lived and if I needed help getting home and the only sound that raspingly scraped out of my throat was your name. And that is when it hit me that home is not a place where one frankly lives, but rather a place that possesses their heart.
—  please come home