journal of a 7 year old

Dear Future Husband...(Nam Joo Hyuk)

Type: Fluff Angst

Request: Can you do a Nam joo hyuk scenario which you can see the future in your dreams.I mean you can see your wedding your husband your children and the beautiful memories in your dreams and then in reality when you see your future husband you know who he is but he doesn’t who you are.Happy end please.Thanks a lot.

~Changing it slightly! Hope you don’t mind!~

~Also this one is pretty long because of how I wrote it haha~

Since you were young you could remember dreams like this. You swear as a preteen you saw what you would look like when you were an adult and now you could see you looked just like you did  when you dreamed. Then their was the blurry faced man who was always there as well. His tall slim figure as you two hung off of each other. You always smiled in your sleep according to your friends when you had your dreams like this. You could see your son, your daughter, the adorable baby bump you could hear your mother’s voice cooing out “they look just like their father” which made you want to just stare at them and build a perfect face of your husband. 

That’s when you started writing down in a notebook your thoughts about this guy, your future lover.

Dear feature husband, 

What did you do today? Did you have a sweet dream like me about our life together? Mine was a time when you took us, our children and I to the carnival. I wasn’t sure why you did that though. We have two. A boy and a girl. Our daughter can’t even walk yet and you’re wanting her to ride rides. So cute. Our son is a few years older than her, maybe 6 or something like that and he’s a lean boy just like you!!! With a black mop top on his head. 

 I don’t know the name yet of our babies but I think our son’s name starts with a D and our daughter’s starts with a T. We have such cute babies, you know? Chubby cheeked and and chubby little tummy, you know they will be super gorgeous when they grow up. My mother says they look just like you and since they are so cute. I know you have to be too. 

It seems so lame to write to you, like you would see these. I would die if you did. It’s embarrassing to think these things about you. But it helps me relive my dreams of you and I together as the days go on and the dreams become clearer. I’m only 12 there’s no rush right? I won’t meet you tomorrow, Will I?


Y/N  Age: 12


Dear future husband,

This boy in my class asked me out today, I almost told him I was taken by you haha. Just not yet right? I don’t have much to say today, I didn’t dream of you last night sadly. But I think I started dreaming of us before the happy memories I had a 12 year old. :(


Y/N  Age: 14


Dear future husband,

I’m actually really disappointed in you. Today you left me. I told you I was pregnant and you left telling me you weren’t ready to be a dad :( why though? Don’t you love me? Didn’t you want to start your life with me someday? You left me. Do you get it? My sweet little boy. I finally know his name, it’s Daeyeon. I only know it because you made me sob so hard that I was crying to my baby boy. 

How did you make me forgive you? How could I trust you would stay the rest of my life?


Y/N Age: 15


Dear (maybe) future husband, 

I haven’t dreamed of you in a year, that’s why I haven’t been writing much to you. Up until this one I’ve been writing to Daeyeon. To show him his mommy loves him. Even though he’ll never see it…hehe. 

Daeyeon looks like he’s almost a toddler now. Knowing you still aren’t back hurts still but I’m writing this because I met someone else in my dream tonight…he’s really really handsome but I know he’s not the one I end up with because his face isn’t blurred but he’s so kind to me and Daeyeon. I seemed so happy today with him then I saw you. Well you know everything but your face. You had your arms around some other girl and you looked so happy with her. We said our hellos and you told me something that broke my heart so much. You were engaged! I just smiled the whole time, I didn’t want you to see my pain. 

Now I’m really questioning if I really ever forgive you…

The broken hearted ex,

Y/N Age: 16


Dear Man, 

I’m calling you man now. You have become a horrible thing to me. You had the guts to invite me to your wedding. You even hand delivered it to me. I was really proud of myself though I told you to wait and I picked up a pen and marked ‘Not Attending’ and I can’t believe the only time I saw your lips was when I made you frown, when I shoved the invitation into your chest and told you to never come near me again. That I hated you so much. You looked like you were trying so hard to tell me something but I just slammed the door in your face.

My life seems like a Kdrama with you. Are you really worth all this?

Not so happy, 

Y/N Age: 16


Dear future husband, 

I guess I can call you that again. In my dream today it was raining so hard, it made me happy though because I knew it was your wedding day with her. But a cute moment between Daeyeon and I happened when we played in the rain, he was wearing such cute rain boots and jacket. We played until I was soaked because I wasn’t dressed like him just simple clothing. 

We went back inside after that and took a bath together (it was still cute because he’s so young) until the doorbell rang. I answered it in a robe after I wrapped Daeyeon up(can’t leave a child in a tub unattended, he could hurt himself). You were there. Soaked head to toe. Shivering heavily. You told me you couldn’t go through with it. Inviting me was a way to see me, to see Daeyeon again. That you couldn’t stop thinking about me. You told me you didn’t leave when you were saying your vows though, you left when you were at the entry of the reception in front of everyone. 

I know I would forgive you there but I knew it was the start.

Slightly happier. 

Y/N Age: 17


Dear Husband,

Yay! I’m calling you this because we finally married!! I’m dreaming of you less which worried and excites me. Maybe we meet soon! Who knows. I’m kind of glad though, I don’t want to know my whole life with you, I want some mystery. Last night I felt your lips on mine when I woke up, it tingled so much! So much love was there but back to the actual dream!! 

You looked so handsome in your suit. I felt like a princess when all eyes were on me when I was walking down the isle. Daeyeon was our ring bearer. He isn’t sure yet what to think of you but I think he knows you his daddy, that makes me happy. I learned your name started with a ‘J’ as well. I know now that when I meet you, I might not be able to know for sure you’re my ‘J’ until I feel the tingles on my lips when I finally kiss you. I’ll be waiting for you now and think this is the best way to end my letters to you.

Forever your love,

Y/N Age: 19


You closed your journal as you glanced around the park smiling. It wasn’t your first journal, in fact it was like your 4 or filth filled with your dreams from yours since you were 12. Your life with ‘J’ was growing closer. At least you prayed it was or spend your youth dreaming of a man you would never have or meet. You rested your face on your hands as you took in everything completely and you were glad you did because a frisbee with throwing star-like accuracy hit the spot of where your head used to be positioned. “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry!” a voice calls as you were offered his hand as you stood up locking eyes with him. 

A sweet smile crossed his lips as he looked at you “my name is Joohyuk” he said as you couldn’t contain yourself and pulled him in for a kiss. He didn’t pull back either as he simply melted into the kiss, the world seemed to disappear around you two until you sadly had to pull back for air. Lips tingling the whole time you rested your forehead against his. “I’ve waited so long for you” you whispered “what?” Joohyuk panted as you smiled pulling him in for another long kiss with a lack of protest again as you pulled him down into the grass where the kiss continued until someone kicked him. 

“Dude you ditched us like 10 minutes ago to suck on this chick’s face” the male told him as Joohyuk looked at you before reaching behind you tossing the frisbee out. “Sorry I’m gonna stay here with…” “Y/N” “Y/N okay? Okay, see you later” he said waving him off his friend who rolled his eyes and left as you were pulled in for another kiss by him. It was much short but you ended up straddling his lap “this feels really right for some reason” he whispered as you chuckled. “You don’t even know” you tell him before you kissed him again. His hands rested on your back as he tugged you closer to him. 


Joohyuk looked through many boxes in your closet looking for the box you had marked as baby clothing just in case. In this case it was for your third child. Swear words left his mouth as one of the boxes tipped from beside the baby clothing sending the box to the ground. Sighing he caught sight of the bright notebooks, he couldn’t make out what they said so his curiosity was even more peaked than ever. 

He walked the box over to your bed with the journals on top before he grabbed the top one. He noticed the messy writing on it but could still tell it was yours. The first one had hearts around the title ‘Dear Future Husband’ he smiled largely before grabbing the next one the hearts went to ‘:/’ beside the same title of ‘Dear Future Husband Daeyeon’ he grabbed the next frowning as he saw the sad face clear on it and grabbed the next where he saw it was happy again.

He glanced at the open door before grabbing the first journal again and opening it to the first page. ‘Dear future husband’ he smiled as he could hear your cute little 12 year old voice ring through his head before he continued reading.


You carried your 2 year old daughter Taehee to her room. Her legs were swinging different ways as her limp passed out body was against you. You opened her door and tucked her into bed before you heading to check on Daeyeon the ever so cute 7 year old who was passed out on his bed as you turned off his light, tv, and saved his game before shutting down his gaming device. Your hands pressed to your belly as you waddled slightly entering your room. 

You caught Joohyuk wiping his eyes as he sniffled “baby what’s wrong? You’ve been in here for hours. Did you not find Daeyeon’s old clothing?-” “I’m so sorry” he spoke as you looked at him in concern. Your eyes drifted to the journal in his hands before he sniffled again. “You weren’t supposed to know about these” you mumble as you sat down on the bed. “This all came to you in dreams? Your future husband, our life played out almost exactly like this” he starts as his voice wavered and eyes welled again. 

“You knew all the horrible things I was going to do to you somehow” he said as tears slid down his cheeks. You fanned your face feeling the warmth take over and the fear you were going to cry take over. “Why?” he asked as you gave a shaky smile cupping his cheek rubbing some of the tears away. “Sweetie, I knew that in the end we would have a great love” you whispered as he took your hand. “I wish I never hurt you. I wish I stayed with you told me about Daeyeon. I missed so much about him” he rambled as you shushed him “I don’t wish anything different. because I have my dear husband” you say pulling him in for a kiss. “I love you so much” he whispered as pressed his forehead to yours. “I love you too Joohyuk” you told him.

In An Instant

Summary: A romantic comedy about what happens when love literally falls through your window.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Ash (aka me), Steve Rogers, Others I can’t remember right now

Warnings: Language, general gross cuteness, some angst, bad writing, bad storylines, possible cheating, but mostly major fluff and feels

A/N: I’m excited guys. This should be a fun series. I will only be taking 25 tags on this series. Sorry, it just gets to crazy with a bunch of tags. I’ll try to make a masterpage with the tag list count. Let me know what you think!     xoxo - Ash

It wasn’t an unusual sound, just an unordinary feeling, that sent you downstairs to investigate.

The wooden staircase creaked beneath your feet, your hand gliding silently down the glossy banister. Three or four steps from the bottom, you spot the curtain blowing in the breeze; the dining room window was open.

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But you’re also Mexican, deep down inside and that’s a wonderful thing. You can’t be anything if you don’t know who you are.

Abraham, Selena’s father in “Selena”

Today, the Selena movie made me realize that I need to accept me.  

Since I was young, I have felt very insecure and unsure of myself. I did not speak up in class. I did not want to learn Spanish. I did not want to fill out my ethnicity on school forms.  I did not like being called Mexican.  I did not want to hang out with my family.  When I got older, I did not want to go out with my white friends because I felt inferior.  I distanced myself.  I stayed in solitude.

American society needs to realize the consequences of negative stereotypes that are placed on minority communities.

I developed a social anxiety disorder and a false sense of pride because of this mentality.

Yeah, Mexicans like to laugh, party, and have a good time. Sometimes we are overly sensitive, prideful, and wild, but it doesn’t mean that we have any less of a value in the world.  Diversity is beautiful.  Each community has its voice.  I’m so tired of pretending to be someone that I am not.

So yeah, I am Mexican and I am beautiful.

I’m free.  I finally understand why I used to dance to Selena’s music at 7 years old. It’s because Selena and her family created a voice for people like me.  

Let’s continue creating a voice for the voiceless. Thank you.


intake 5.11

• coffee & almond seed bar
• quark (didn’t love this flavor) with a smidge of gluten free granola
• creamy lemon braised chicken (as recommended by @exercisecatsandketo ) with skillet potatoes, broccoli, and leftover grilled peppers.
the whole family loved this! but what really cracked me up is my 7 year-old woke up this morning and casually asked if he could have the “chicken stew” leftovers again for dinner, and rated it a 100/10. 😂 VERY out of character for a kid who almost exclusively eats sandwiches.
• big lumpy “california mandarin”
• ½ power crunch, split with my luv

an excellent day, i’d say! 🙂

Adventurer’s Kit: Ruri Valeth

Seven items she would have in her bag at all times:

1. Thread and needle for emergency repairs for her personalized outfits.
2. A small amount of gil so she doesn’t spend it all at once.
3. Her journal and pen with names and descriptions of those she met since she has a bad memory. Also to write down new outfit ideas she sees.
4. Rolanberry flavored candies and snacks.
5. A picture of her wife Iris she painted by herself.
6. Her old collar now smashed from when she was in a different lifestyle to remind her how far shes come these past few years.
7. Her water pistol she uses to play around with friends.

What’s in yours?

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introducing M I K A Y L A:
–26. Luna’s best friend since they were 7 years old. obsessed with makeup. a fashion stylist at a magazine company. lives on coffee and drinks it like its water. an extrovert. loves socializing. a master at small-talk. straight-forward and blunt.  a sweet tooth. loves to journal and make scrap-books while listening to indie music. chews on gum like a maniac. single but a terrible flirt. suffers from insomnia. 

Commander – Part 2

Since I was requested to write part 2 of this + people were asking for more Kylo ren smut in general

Word Count: 1792

Warnings: (badly written) Smut

A/n: I threw in a few Padme x Anakin references bc I MISS THEM SO MUCH GOD DAMMIT (also this is a lot more fluffier than I had planned I’m sORRY I will try to make Kylo more hardcore ?? next time)

You lay in Kylo’s king size bed bored, scrunching up the sheets and playing with your hair. It would be at least an hour before he got back, so you decided to take a walk around his room. I mean, he wouldn’t allow you to stay here if he was hiding anything he didn’t want you to see, right? You slowly waltzed around the area, picking up certain objects that peaked your interest. Most of his room was bare, apart from a few books and trinkets that littered the shelves. You felt yourself begin to shiver from the cold air, deciding to ransack Kylo’s dresser before you begun snooping. You chose a large white t-shirt that smelt strongly of his scent and draped it over your naked body. It was like a dress on you, due to you being so much smaller than the broad-shouldered man. You hastily made your way back to the bookshelf, reading the titles aloud. You then came to a halt as you saw a plain leather-bound book, picking it up to find that it was a journal with the name ‘BEN’ etched onto the front.

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  1. Today my mom found this old journal she started keeping in 1989. It was mostly just a log of what happened during each day, and she didn’t really keep up with it for long, but one entry from February of that year (when I was about 3 years old) mentions that, and I quote, “Holly was scared at bedtime,” with no context whatsoever. I am zero percent surprised she felt no need to elaborate. I was the most neurotic child and was probably scared 24/7.
  2. Bob’s Burgers is on my tv rn but honestly Bob’s Burgers is always on my tv so.
  3. I’ve been on Johnny Cash’s tour bus. This is less exciting when you know that said tour bus is parked outside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and literally anyone can go on it.
  4. I saw two black lab puppies the other day and it was the greatest day of my life.
  5. Every day that I see puppies is the greatest day of my life.
  6. I have a succulent named James.
  7. I would kill for some pesto mac and cheese right now.
  8. The fic that I started writing tonight has gotten completely out of control in my head. It was just going to be a little ficlet but now my brain is making it a Thing and I very much do not need another Thing right now.
  9. I’m obsessed with this one particular old house in my city and I swear one day I am going to write a story about it.
  10. I enjoy gardening more and more each year and I have accepted that this  means I am officially Old.

Andddd I’m breaking all the rules because I’m lazy af and not tagging anyone but if you see this and you wanna do the thing pls do the thing and say I tagged you. <3
In Sheriff David Clarke's Jail, Water Was Kept From Inmate For 7 Days Before He Died of Dehydration
Prosecutors on Monday launched an inquest into the man's death last year.

Just a few hours into Terrill Thomas’s eighth day in solitary confinement at the Milwaukee County Jail last year, correction officers found the 38-year-old man on the ground and not moving.

He was dead.

Thomas had spent his final days begging for water, inmates later told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, because jail staff had shut off the flow to the pipes in his cell as punishment for bad behavior.

The cause of death was ultimately ruled “profound dehydration” and the medical examiner classified it a homicide – meaning death at the hands of others – an announcement that drew a torrent of rage from Sheriff David Clarke, a tough-talking and loyal President Trump surrogate.

Still, nearly a year later, no criminal charges have been filed in Thomas’s death.

Happy National R&L Day!!!

Enjoy some lesser known (or just forgotten!) Rhett and Link facts:

Rhett McLaughlin

  • once threw his back out while eating a sandwich (x)
  • got bitten by a puppy while filming and now has a scar on his ear (x)
  • has been kicked off a ride at Legoland for being too tall (x)
  • “stole” batteries from Walmart because he left baby Locke in the car (x)
  • as a kid, he wanted to grow up to be an architect (x)
  • R&L were on the same soccer team as kid, and Rhett punched a teammate in the gut for making fun of Link (x)
  • likes to tell people that his 7 year old son was 7′3″ (x)
  • claims that the reason he can make squirrel noises is because he was bitten by one as a child (x)
  • dumped by a cheerleader in high school through a cheer (x)
  • keeps a dream journal (or at least used to) (x)
  • created the first and only rule of GMM - never talk about Justin Bieber (x)
  • says he’ll never reveal what his favorite color is (x)

Link Neal

  • as a kid, he wanted to grow up to be a weatherman (x)
  • one of his first teenage jobs was barning tobacco (x)
  • wears women’s deodorant (x)
  • he and his wife’s song is “Stuck on You” by Lionel Richie (x)
  • once hooked his son Lincoln in the back of his head with a fishing pole (x)
  • seriously accident prone - broke his pelvis snowboarding, scraped up half his body when he tripped and fell while filming an episode of Commercial Kings, and has crashed on his mountain bike (x) (x) (x)
  • threw up at his 9th birthday party (x)
  • was 2nd chair trumpet player in school (x)
  • doesn’t have any video or pictures of his wedding because he hired his friend to do it and the camera battery died (x)
  • went to summer camp for a week and didn’t poop the whole time (x

Thanks @rhettandlink for being the bestest of bestest friends (x)

.... Aria is still A. 5x25 THE REAL CLUES.

OKAY, I am QUITE disappointed in my Aria is A believers/theorists for throwing in the towel and assuming that Charles is A, and for all you people who jumped to theories about this finale and the “twin thing”, HAVE YOU NOT LEARNED?? “Charles” and the supposed twin thing, were HANDED TO US ON A Pretty Little Platter, therefore HE was NOT THE CLUE/clues given to us. It’s no wonder people we SO UPSET about this episode, because HELLO, we already knew HALF of these clues, SO WHY ISNT ANYONE LOOKING FOR THINGS THAT WERE THE NEW CLUES???????? Charles is NOT UBER A. HE IS ONLY A PIECE OF THIS PUZZLE. Not only did WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THESE “clues” BEFORE THE FINALE, BUT Marlene said, A will not be revealed until season 6.   

There were SO MANY CLUES towards Aria in this episode. HONESTLY, I was shocked when I came on Tumblr after watching and NO ONE WAS POINTING ANY OF THEM OUT. My “Aria is A” believers REALLY let me down. Now, I don’t know how many of the clues that I have found are super big, but when you are able to find so many, I think its important, therefore I am posting about everything I noticed. Also, Marlene did say:

Lets dig in.

-In the van, Spencer was commenting on the fact the police think Ali is the leader and they were all following or something to that effect, and Aria says, “Does that make us the little pigs, or little red?” Connection to Pigtunia? Or Redcoat? Was redcoat small? (Spencer to Aria in the Season 2 finale,” You’re little, but you are big.”) Uber A? (screenshot was too dark to post)

-Hanna was telling the girls about jail, and said “They treat you like you’re a criminal, and its hard to remember that you’re not one.” When Hannah says this the camera goes to Aria’s face and she makes a nervous face and bites her lip (another lip and teeth connection.) Why would she bite her lip? If you were nervous about jail, I would understand the look, but biting of the lip signifies some feeling of guilt.

-It has been pointed out that the guy who took the girls from the van, looks like Andrew, and its true, it could be Andrew, but not because Andrew is “A”. I think, if anything, it points another finger toward Aria being in charge. We know for a fact that he pledged his loyalty to her in the last episode, and they have shown him being obviously sketchy lately, which makes his another piece, but I believe it is Aria’s game board.

-The GIRLS ROOMS: Okay so when the girls first get into the rooms, we obviously see them all in their rooms. That would be way to noticeable to not see Aria in her room. HOWEVER I noticed that Aria’s room was a little off. Where Aria’s closet door(S) usually are, there is only one door. And If you watch closely as the camera turns and shifts to make the “creepy” affect, where is Aria’s dresser that lies between the closet door(S) and her bedroom door? Not only is that missing from her room, but another thing that is missing, IS HER IN HER ROOM AGAIN. We see her go into her room several times at the time the girls go into their rooms, but we don’t see her IN HER ROOM again. We see Hanna, Spencer, and Emily at night OR we see their rooms being monitored on the “A” screens, but we never see Aria’s. Maybe the girls being watched is another significant clue. Remember those photos of Aria sleeping? Well maybe she wanted to watch them sleeping.

-When the girls meet up in the middle of the night when the generator goes off for a few minutes, like clockwork, Mona says, “It blasts the siren until you’d rather DIE than listen to it one more second.” Again, Aria’s face does something without checking with her first, and she makes a face of guilt.


-Aria Montgomery music committee. NOT ONLY DID ARIA KNOW WHERE TO WALK BEFORE THE VOICE EVEN STARTED TALKING, but she reads her card saying SHE was in charge of picking music for this dance. THERE IS A WHOLE LIST of songs from 7 years ago, but who chose this important  clue the “Unwritten” song, ARIA. Question is why? IS ARIA WRITING THIS STORY? If so, FOR HOW LONG? Lets not forget that Aria’s old babysitter mentioned her intense journals. After all, according to Ella in the last episode, Aria has had an eventful 4 years. HOWEVER, we have only been following the girls lives for 2 years. The show has been drawn out for us as viewers but the girls have gone through ALL OF THIS, in two years. (Read more about Ella’s interesting wording in my previous theory.) Let’s also not forget that in the Shadow Play episode, Aria tells Ezra, “the story is changing..” She says she is getting fascinated with the villain. Ezra asks “Does your villain win in the end?” and she replies, “Sometimes the villain wins.” Now where else have we heard about the story changing? OH, that right, the writers have told US that the show is about to change. “It started as one thing, but now it’s changing..” Marlene has also promised us a ENDING to THIS story in the first 10 episodes of season 6.
Moving right along to our next clue.

-At the “Ali” station, Mona writes to the girls on a ballet asking if they received a gas mask from A. The camera pans to Aria and ONCE AGAIN we see the most guilty look on her face, SHE EVEN TURNS HER FACE AWAY. As if, she wasn’t expecting Mona to ask the girls that, or even mention it. But WHY? We know the EZRA wore a gas mask in the Ravenswood episode, it’s possible that Aria gave that mask to “Ali” and asked her to wear it because of the Ali/Ezra connection. OR there is some super twisted Ali/Aria connection that we don’t know about yet.

-As Spencer and Mona are talking about the PROM POSSIBLITIES, Aria looks very intrigued at what they are saying, while the other girls look confused or uninterested. Perhaps they were pitching the idea to her RIGHT THERE. I tried to grab a screen shot of her little tiny open mouth smirk that she does, but I couldn’t it was so fast. If all that’s not enough, when the girls look up at the camera, ARIA FREAKING SMILES at it. It’s not a fake smile either. It is real.


-The liars start to make this prom happen and they look up at the camera for some affirmation that it looks ok, and when she does, we again see something VERY interesting from Aria. 


-As the girls walk back to the rooms, something VERY INTERESTING happened. I will put up some screenshots so you can see what the director chose to catch in this scene. The girls get to their rooms to find PROM dresses (theory coming soon). Aria turns and says to all four girls, “A thought of everything.” She looks at the liars, and they all walk into their rooms. The doors start to shut and Aria has this weird “hopefully they like them” look on her face. Then her door closes.  

**I think how they chose to stage this scene, speaks VOLUMES. With all four of them in 1 shot and Aria “at the head” in her own shot.**

Now for this next clue/connection lets head back to jail.

-As Ali is describing  the “A that stole the game from Mona” to Mr. and Mrs. Hastings, she uses the words “puppet- master”. Now from what I can remember, that term was never used until this episode where creepily we have seen a LOT of puppets. Even the promo pic that was released has the girls on puppet-strings. Now how does this have anything to do with Aria? Marlene recently posted a picture of Aria holding her pig puppet (on her hand like a puppet) and captioned it, “BEWARE of the Pig. You have not seen the last of Pigtunina.” Now with the clue above about the little pigs, and the fact that since that clue came out we haven’t seen the Pigtunia, again, and now the phrase “puppet master” has been used, can we assume we are to beware of the puppets MASTER? AKA Aria! If the clue WAS about Pigtunia, then why have Aria in the picture? She could’ve posted a picture of JUST THE PUPPET, but no she posted one of the ONLY TIME WE HAVE SEEN ARIA HOLDING THE PUPPET CORRECTLY, like a puppet master.

Now back to the dollhouse:

-That night, when the generator kicked off for a few minutes and the girls met up again, Spencer and Mona were talking about what they were going to build and Aria looked SO confused, and asked nervously what they were talking about because, she wasn’t aware earlier that they were talking about a machine, and not a kick-ass prom.  

Now those were all the HUGE clues that had to be pointed out and thoroughly explained, but some repetitive clues are these (some have pictures to go along, but some pictures have been used above):

-Aria’s door shut last everytime.

-Aria seemed VERY AT HOME in this dollhouse. The past few episodes she has been ANYTHING but calm, but in this episode she seemed, calm and confortable.

-When Aria would look at the camera(except the first time) she would smile at it. Sometimes it would be noticeable, others it was faint, but it was there.    

-Aria’s face did a LOT of weird things without asking. She said so herself.

-When Aria did look scared, she looked OVERLY scared, like it was an act.

-In this episode Aria really stays pretty quiet. She usually has a lot to say and sometimes she “guides” the liars in a direction with what she says about clues, but she really listened to their plans and let them hash stuff out. 

-Past Aria clues, and Marlene clues, that were connected to Aria haven’t yet been touched on, therefore, she could possibly be the Uber A that won’t been revealed until season 6.

 Now THIS theory was SPECIFICALLY for Aria. I HAVE A COMPLETE SEPARATE THEORY FOR THE PROM AND THE ENDING, THAT I WILL POST SOON. I actually have SEVERAL theories about this episode that will be posted soon. A LOT was reveAled in this episode. I watched it SEVERAL times before making theories so I could find as much as possible and evaluate everyone.


Kisses xxxx

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May 7, 2017

My name is Lindsey.
I’m 24.
I’m 152.2 lbs according to an old scale in my mom’s bathroom and that shouldn’t matter to me, but it does.
I’m addicted to caffeine, alcohol, instant gratification, beating myself up, and art.
My best friend in the world recently started talking to me again and that is the best thing that’s happened to me in a while.
I have an embarrassingly bad crush on Mac Demarco.
I’m still in love with the boy I fell in love with 5 years ago. I’m dating someone else.
I’m severely depressed.
I have an appointment with a doctor to get on meds for the second time on May 23, 2017. I hope they will help.

I want to change everything about myself.

This has been sitting on my desktop waiting to be colored for a while now so I decided to just shade it and be done with it.

Anyway, for a while I had this scene on my mind where Stan came to the house in 82 with Molly as an infant. Now in most verses Molly would be around 6 or 7 at this time, so it’s fairly different when it comes to when Stanley met Carla and had Molly. 

Anyway, basically When Stanford opens the door he finds himself pointing his crossbow at his brother who is wearing a sling with a baby in it. It shocks Ford, and upsets him even more, because he can’t expect his brother to become a target when he is responsible for a child who hasn’t even started on baby food yet. 

Ford freaks out, and Stan basically gets him to calm down by getting Ford into the kitchen. Once Ford sets down, Stan puts Molly in Ford’s on and tells him to hold her while he fixes her formula. This gives Ford a few minutes to focus on the breathing of the baby and on keeping calm and not dropping her. By the time Stan gets done with the bottle Ford is calmed enough to talk, and he explains everything that has been going on. They formulate a plan to deal with it together, and to find Fiddleford and help him so He can help them deal with the Portal.

Originally this was just going to be a sort of scene overview, but now I think it would be one of two really good options for the Mystery dads version of the “Better World” dimension. The other option would be that Ford had to take Molly in after Stan died, and in that Ford would decide to delay the portal because he felt it was too dangerous to deal with while raising a seven year old. I like this one better though I think, even though I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t work out in real life.

oh, Tate is still between 7 and 10 in this verse, like he is in the Journal. So though usually he’s only a few months older than Molly, in this one he’d be her big brother by several years. (Crap now I want to draw 20 year old Tate taking care of 10 year old Molly O.o)

Photo by Lynsey Addario/VII

“As I was finishing my shift at 7 a.m., the ambulance rolled in with a 17-year-old pregnant girl in a coma…” Betty Raney, an MSF OBGYN, spent 6 months working in Sierra Leone. Read the latest excerpts from her journal:

The Unsolved Mysteries of Gravity Falls

With the identity of the Author reveled everyone has been wondering… what’s next? What’s left for Gravity Falls? Well, we’re here to tell you that there are still tons of unanswered questions, so much more of Gravity Falls to explore, and there’s still so many unsolved mysteries left!

With the new episode only about a week away, we feel it’s time to tally up all the mysteries in the show we still have yet to solve. We’re counting down the top 13 unsolved mysteries of Gravity Falls!

Note that this may or may not contain every single mystery the show has to offer. For the sake of brevity, we’re just counting those that are the most mysterious…

Gravity Falls is a show filled with mysteries, and, it comes as no surprise when the vast majority of those mysteries remain unsolved.

The show’s greatest mystery, who wrote the Journals?, has been solved. Now lets see what has yet to be solved… and what is soon in store.

The Top 13 Unsolved Mysteries of Gravity Falls:

13. The Monocle…

Journal 3, since its first appearance in Tourist Trapped, has held many mysteries within its pages. One such mystery is a monocle that seems to be attached to the journal’s spine, which has yet to be explained. The existence of the monocle is quite puzzling considering the Author wears glasses and has no need for a monocle and it doesn’t seem to belong to any other character in Gravity Falls. Or does it…?

Thus the monocle remains a curiously unsolved mystery of Gravity Falls.

12. The Cliffs…

Another mystery found in the Journals, the Floating Cliffs are a familiar yet mysterious formation which can be seen many times on the show. A cipher on the Cliffs’ page in Journal 1 (in Not What He Seems) teases the possible origin of the cliffs’ strange appearance, and adds to the general mystery:


One thing is certain, the Floating Cliffs are a good possible source of future adventures on the show.

11. Dip and Mab’s Parents…

In the first episode only their arms are shown, and they are rarely mentioned. We have yet to see the twin’s parents, and there’s a strong chance that this mystery is one that will remain unsolved.

Speaking of a yet to be seen parent on the show…

10. Wendy’s Mom…

There’s not much to say on the subject of Wendy’s mom because there’s not much to go on. Never has she once been mentioned or alluded to on the show so far. 

What most fans want to know is: what happened to her? Did she die? Disappear? Luckily, there’s a good chance this mystery will be brought up and hopefully explained in a possible Wendy story arc delving into more of Wendy’s history. 

9. Dipper’s Real Name…

Here’s something we’d all like to know… 

We know that Dipper is a nickname, as it was mentioned in passing in Double Dipper. We may never find out Dipper’s actual name before the series end, but here’s hoping. Better place your bets now.

8. Robbie and Grenda…

Robbie and Grenda both seem like simple, straightforward, comedic characters. But there’s been some strange hints on the show that there might be more to them than meets the eye.

Let’s start with Robbie. In Boyz Crazy he accidentally hypnotizes Wendy with a mysterious CD (or was it really an accident…?). One major question is where could he have possibly gotten it? Does he have some sort of tie to the supernatural? He does look a lot like a zombie, at least according to Journal 3…

Grenda is another character with a possible supernatural tie. She is a big and strong twelve year-old girl with a manly voice. Kinda weird…And in Sock Opera, Bill, who has pretty much been proven to be an all knowing creature, called her a monster. Plus her favorite age-inappropriate romance novel series is about a werewolf…(if that means anything) Her being a monster could explain a lot, especially her strength and voice.

Speaking of monsters…

7.  The Shapeshifter…

One of the shows most terrifying monsters yet. But the scariest thing about him is that his origin is shrouded in mystery. Nobody knows where he came from. The Author writes in Journal 3 that he came across a mysterious egg which hatched the Shapeshifter. But where did the egg come from? Is the Shapeshifter an alien or just another supernatural creature found in Gravity Falls, as per the norm? The world may never know…

6. The Clones…

In Double Dipper, two Dipper clones steal Robbie’s bike and disappear, never to be seen again. All the other clones were destroyed by the episode’s end, except those two. Which begs the question, what happened to them?

Did they die the next time it rained, did Robbie kill them, or are they still out there?

And will we ever see them again?

5.  Stan’s Tattoo…

Stan has a tattoo, and it’s mysterious. That’s about it.

He doesn’t want anyone else to see it and the same symbol is on the side of the portal’s control panel. Also, Bill seems to think it to be of particular importance, considering it’s one of the first things he thinks of when Gideon mentions Stan Pines in Dreamscapers.

Is the tattoo important? It looks like it. And do we know what it is and what it means? Of course not! This is Gravity Falls we’re talking about. 

Hopefully, though, the mystery of Stan’s tattoo will be explained in future episodes.

4.  Bill’s Plans…

Since his first appearance in Dreamscapers, Bill Cipher proves to be one of the most fascinating and dynamic characters on the show. He also proves to be the most mysterious, in origin and incentive. Bill is just an endless source of questions. What is he? Where does he come from? And, most importantly: what does he want? 

What are Bill’s huge, mysterious plans that have been alluded to time and time again? And, what’s in it for him? What will he gain from all this?

And what, exactly, does the Bill Wheel mean?

Only time will tell, as we patiently wait for the next mention of Bill on the show, and the next clue to his grand scheme.

3.  The Portal…

“The portal when completed will open a gateway to infinite new worlds and herald a new era in mankind’s understanding of the universe. Plus, it will probably get girls to start talking to me finally.”

One of the biggest unsolved mysteries of the show is the portal. Just… the portal. What exactly, is it for? What does it do? And where does it go? Obviously it leads to somewhere because that’s where the Author was trapped for three decades. And it’s a place that is at least livable, considering he’s still alive after all this time. But as to where it leads (another dimension, planet… etc.) is still a mystery.

2.  The Author…

This seems to be one mystery that is solved. Yes, we know who the Author is, Stan’s brother. But, what remains a mystery is his life, and the events prior to his disappearance. Although we know who he is, we don’t know much about him, like why he hid the Journals, or where exactly he’s been the past thirty years. Luckily, most, if not all, of these questions are sure to be answered soon, once A Tale of Two Stans premieres. But until then we can only guess at the Author’s eventful life in the curious little Northwest town he called home.

Which brings us to the number one, biggest unsolved mystery of Gravity Falls

1. Gravity Falls…

…The town itself. It’s no secret that Gravity Falls is… different. It’s the supernatural hub for beasties, demons, ghosts and the like. We all know the town is weird, but, one question remains. Why? Why is Gravity Falls so weird? Why is it like this? What makes it like this? and so on…

This strange little Oregon town seems to be the epicenter for a grand-scale cosmic plot. But, why?

Though it’s the setting for the show it is also its biggest mystery.


So that’s it! Thirteen unsolved mysteries the show has yet to explain. What do you think? Any favorite unsolved mysteries of Gravity Falls that you think should be included?

it’s extremely weird to think about how i’ll be turning 25 this year and that i’ve been on this website since i was 18……. my blog is 7 years old already what is this

why am i getting so old why is time going by so fast wHY IS IT THAT I’M ONLY 5 YEARS AWAY FROM TURNING 30?????


24/7/16 This week’s bullet journal spread in pictures + a close up. (Bullet journal inspo: @sushi-studies / another studyblr that I can’t remember. Sorry!) 

Well, I’m new to this whole study blog thing, so please excuse the awkwardness of my introduction (?). Hi! My name’s Vanessa and I’m a 17 year old girl living in Australia. I’m currently a year 11 taking units 1+2 studio arts, methods, specialists, english and chemistry and units 3+4 biology. This is my first post as a studyblr and I made this blog to motivate myself and others (hopefully). I was inspired to make this blog by @smoinerd, @baekstudies, @tbhstudying@studeying & by multiple other blogs (keep up the amazing work guys!!). And I don’t really know how to end this so… bye!!

I am tired South Africa.
I am as drained as our resources and as close to collapsing as our current economical state.
I am tired of the inequality, South Africa.
I am tired of the racism
I am tired of the never-ending stream of Facebook updates expressing their own self-righteous opinions of our country.
I am tired of the hate South Africa; I am really fucking tired of the hate.
I worry, South Africa.
I worry about the problems a 30 – something me will have to deal with. I worry about my future and the future of my generation.
I worry about the South Africa my 7 year old sister has to grow up in,
and I know I will get my fair share of critique when I share this.
I will have people eager to prove me wrong, educate me.
But I am too tired for racial debate.
So I’m going to make sure my burglar bars are intact, I’m going to put on the alarm and then try to ignore my country bleeding as I get into bed.
I’m tired South Africa. Good night.