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Burnout Measure

You can use this measure to track how you’re doing this semester. If you start to get burned out, take a break! 

Rate these items using the scale below:

    1                 2              3             4               5            6               7
never    almost never  rarely   sometimes   often   very often   always

1. Tired
2. Disappointed with people
3. Hopeless
4. Trapped
5. Helpless
6. Depressed
7. Physically weak/Sickly
8. Worthless/Like a failure
9. Difficulties sleeping
10. Telling yourself, “I’ve had it”

Scoring: Add your responses to the 10 items and divide by 10.


  • >2.4 - you’re doing just fine 
  • 2.5 to 3.4 - if you keep pushing you may get burnout
  • 3.5 to 4.4 - you’re burned out, take a break 
  • 4.5 to 5.4 - very serious burnout, reduce commitment and increase self-care right now  
  • 5.5 - seek immediate professional help

Malach-Pines, A. (2005). The Burnout Measure, Short Version. International Journal Of Stress Management, 12(1), 78-88. doi:10.1037/1072-5245.12.1.78

5 Questions to ask your Interviewer

If the interviewer does not ask you if you have any questions, you need to ask them if you could ask a few questions! When you ask well thought out questions, it impresses the interviewer and helps you ace out your competition for the job.

In the ISS (International Space Station)

America *Writing*: It’s just mostly me and Russia up here… We seem to do all the work. I don’t mind that. I’ve been hitching rides with the Russians for a while now. 

*Russia enters and passes America, who glances up briefly.*

America *Continues to write*: We’re trying to privatize the space companies to send more Americans up ourselves. Things are getting rocky with Russia again. They seem harder and harder to get along with….

Russia: Good morning, Al. Would you like anything to eat?

America *Outloud*: No thanks, big guy. *Back to writing* But we’ve always gotten along up here. I think we both know we need to, to survive. 

America: *Pauses, then finishes writing.* But maybe it’s more than that, sharing our passions, getting along. It’s… nice, anyways.  


I’m finally halfway through all my exams! I’m reviewing some chem right now, and my sister bought me some hand cream recently and I just wanted to go an entire spread in my bujo inspired by it (and by @charlenestudies)! The colours are so nice :)

To everyone in IB, we’re getting closer to the end!!


9/3/2017 • “You can never be overdressed or overeducated”

This week’s spread. I’m really loving the blue theme 💙 And the quote really speaks to me, especially since it was international women’s day. Women can be strong and independent and have academic excellence while wearing a full face of make up if she wants, wear something revealing if she wants.

No one tells her what to do.  

**A Former Journalist’s Perspective on the Above:

Ok guys, let’s stop for a second and break this down–

Things Rian has said:

–There will not be a Han-Leia TYPE romance.
–I.e. this will not be a frustrating, unrequited love type thing.
–This TYPE of relationship dynamic will not be a centerpiece.

Things the VF writer assumed from Rian’s statement:

–That this somehow means there will be no romance at all.
–They assumed that just because the romance wouldn’t be the unrequited type that that somehow means no other kinds of romance at all. That is NOT what Rian said.

I used to work as a journalist for a massive international news network, and let me tell you- the number one mistake we were NEVER allowed to make was *assume* something from a statement- ‘assumptions’ being the hallmark of American journalism.

If I were responsible for writing or researching this story for my past job, I’d have had to get a direct quote saying “there is *no* romance in 8″. Hands down, if I did not have that direct quote, I would NEVER have been allowed to make such a statement. But not only is that quote NOT here, but the writer makes the egregious mistake of *assuming* that one type not being there is equivalent to NONE being there.

This, my friends, is most likely going to backfire. A bit like how JJ let slip that Rey’s parents weren’t in 7 and then badly tried to backpedal in a later statement.

Basically I think Rian will come back and personally amend the article’s assumption, either through twitter or in another interview. Because going by his quote, this is literally ALL you can *actually* take from it:

Things that Rian ACTUALLY said according to his statement, without the writer’s assumptions tacked on:

–The TYPE of romance Han and Leia had, i.e. grump vs. lovable cad, is not a type we’ll see here.
–That type of romance seen in the OT will not be a “centerpiece” to this trilogy”

Things Rian did NOT say according to his statement:

–There will be no romance (he did not say this!! He only specified a certain type!)
–That there will be no Rey-Kylo romance. (he did NOT say this! Again, he only specified a certain type! Not a pairing)
–That there will be no Finn-Poe romance. (again, he didn’t say this! Stormpilot wouldn’t even have the potential to fit into the angst dynamic Rian describes anyway)

Keep in mind the writer’s reporting bias!

The writer specifically pointed out ships by name. This is a person who has at least read a buzzfeed article about different types of SW ships, and yes, if you don’t think journalists read other peoples’ work for leads on their own stories, you’re dreaming- we do it constantly. If this person was out to debunk all ships, considering the writer works for ‘Vanity Fair’ and NOT a news outlet, he could swing Rian’s “not this TYPE of romance” statement in any direction he personally wanted to. And it seems he took it and turned it into an assumption of ‘no romance’ when Rian clearly never said that, is not quoted as saying that, only said that a certain TYPE of romance we’ve seen in the past wouldn’t be there. 

Short FAQ:

Q: But wouldn’t LF/Disney have to approve the article before it’s published to make sure it’s accurate???
A: NO. This is not how journalism, even the type VF does, works. I’ve had people in the past ask me for advance copies of stories to ‘approve’ and we’ve always politely told them no and subtly that that was an absurd request. SW also has a VERY long-running relationship with VF, which would mean an even more hands-off approach anyway.

So Let’s Make Our Own More Educated, Objective Assumptions (since the fandom aren’t journalists and allowed to):

–Everyone is STILL outrightly dodging the topic of discussing the Kylo/Rey dynamic. This is significant. This is the type of bone you want to chase. Clearly nobody’s being allowed to. Remember who is depicted on the teaser poster!

–Since only a certain TYPE of romantic dynamic we’ve seen in the past won’t be happening, that leaves us with a whole slew of others. If unrequited love isn’t on the menu, then the opposite of that is REQUITED. If it won’t be “burning”, then it could be MEANINGFUL. All Rian’s done is scratched one potential item off the menu- it doesn’t meant the rest of the menu isn’t still there! When you look at most of our fanfiction anyway, is it really unrequited love? Or is it almost always an underlying understanding of “Oh god, this is happening- this is scary but it’s almost fatalistically inevitable!” We may not have been barking up the wrong tree here on how this will play out.

–When Carrie was asked at the 2016 Wizard World con in Chicago if any of the characters would be friends with Kylo (who she kept calling “her son”) the FIRST WORDS out of her mouth were “Well Rey is very forgiving…” but then after the slip (yes, slip!) she immediately tried to backpedal and say “He’s an asshole”. THAT, my friends is solid- Carrie was asked about friendship with Kylo, and the first person she names is Rey. No, she did not say directly that they would be friends- she CAN’T say something THAT specific. Saying something like that would be extremely specific. But the fact that she named ONE character in a POSITIVE vein with regards to Kylo is the closest she can legally get to saying “Rey and Kylo will have a working, friendly relationship at the minimum” without the Disney lawyers coming after her, which is why she amended with a negative statement by calling Kylo an “asshole”.

KEEP IN MIND: Production for the new SW films is slippery as fuck. They will wrap you up in semantics if they think they can make your brain redirect, and then when something actually DOES happen later, smile enigmatically, shrug their shoulders, and quote obi-wan by saying “Well by a certain point of view!”

So to recap on the highlights:

-DON’T let a writer’s possible anti-shipping bias influence you
-DON’T let poor assumptive journalism confuse you- again, making assumptions without the blatant facts to back them up are a classic hallmark of American journalism and international journalists are VERY keenly aware of this problem and have to work around it constantly
-DON’T take Rian’s statement about ONE TYPE of romance happening to mean *no* romance is happening because that is NOT what he said!

Personally, I’m not that concerned- I do not feel that reylo is impacted by this guy’s assumptions nor Rian’s statements because all he’s said is that OT-type unrequited love won’t be a main strain of the story. Well that leaves a bazillion other juicy possibilities. This writer has made some assumptions that *cast* members have already somewhat contradicted, and personally I’m more inclined to believe them than some dude writing for VF. I also do not condone supposedly reputable publications twisting around quotations from production and making *massive* assumptions, because what this guy has done is exactly that. It’s *massive* to sweep *ALL* romance off the board when Rian didn’t even say that!! This clear bias and disregard for what was actually said makes me question the validity of the rest of his articles. If I were still working in journalism looking for story leads, I’d take things this guy has said with a grain of salt and tread very carefully after reading a good word twisting like that. Those are the sorts of things that make reporting very unreliable.

I’m not sure how to end this, so I’ll just say that I hope this has helped, I hope this has also shed some light on how these things work and how they SHOULDN’T work, and frankly, KEEP SHIPPING, GUYS because I don’t think anything has been killed or debunked or anything like that. If anything I feel like if unrequited love isn’t happening, the requited love is that much more of a strong possibility and BOY should that make the ants quake in their boots with fear. >:3

Credit to @sleemo for the above screencap and for letting me use it- thanks friend.

I just finished filming my first “Plan with me” video! Its basically a tutorial for my monthly planning for October. It includes my setup for my monthly, sleep&mood tracker, expenses and weekly spreads. I’ll be uploading it on my birthday (28th Sep) so stay tuned :) 

valentine’s day was a blast with my friends! settling into the ib programme with your friends’ support is sososo important and reassuring 💫 the week has been tiring but hopefully it’s also been fruitful :’) rest up over the weekend everyone!

My mother always told me
What’s meant to be will always be
She loves unconditionally
Forgives easily
Laughs loudly
And lives selflessly.
That’s what a strong woman looks like to me.

My sister is so weird
All grown up yet in some ways a little girl
If there’s one person who can make me blurt out anything, its her
She’s compassionate and funny
And her nickname should have been sunny
Because when she walks into the room
Her smile drives away all the gloom.

My best friend will probably kill me for this
But then she’ll shower me with hugs and a kiss
What would I do without her in my life
If I was a man, I’d make her my wife
So very intelligent yet goofy as hell
She gets all my ideas without me having to sell.

My niece is a baby, so very little still
But look how everyone dances to this angel’s will,
For her, I wish she grows up knowing
What strong women are and how very loving.

All these incredible women
The list is far too long
A very happy women’s day to them
They show me how to be strong.

—  Happy Women’s Day!
Prevention better than cure in Cuban healthcare system - BBC News
Compulsory annual medical check-ups are yielding impressive results in Cuba.

In terms of having healthy people, the Cuban health service outperforms other low and medium income countries and in some cases, outperforms much richer ones too. 

Despite spending a fraction of what the United States spends on healthcare (the World Bank reports Cuba spends $431 per head per year compared with $8,553 in the US) Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate than the US and a similar life expectancy. So how do they do it, and could other countries, rich and poor, learn from the Cuban example? World Health Organization director-general Margaret Chan certainly thinks so. She has praised the preventative nature of the Cuban health system and called on other countries to follow the Cuban example. 

Healthcare in Cuba is free and universal, enshrined in the Cuban constitution as a fundamental human right, guaranteed by the state.
And the foundation of their preventative health care model is at primary care level, the family doctors who oversee the health of those who live around the clinic. And Cuba does have lots of doctors.

Key to the prevention model is the annual health assessment, a full health check-up which every single one of their 1,287 patients will undergo, often at their homes. And there’s no getting out of it either. The data from this check-up allows the family doctor to put her patients into categories according their “risk”. If they’re healthy, the annual check-up is enough. But if they’re showing signs of ill-health, if they drink too much, smoke or have a continuing health condition, they’re seen much more regularly. It’s an integrated, whole-person approach to healthcare, perhaps too intrusive for some, but widely accepted within Cuba. The aim is to stop people getting ill in the first place.

According to Gail Read, executive editor of the international health journal, MEDICC Review, Cuba had to focus on prevention precisely because it is a poor country. "It’s much more cost-effective to treat hypertension by exercise than to do a coronary by-pass", she says. “It makes sense to go upstream, to catch the problem before it begins or very soon afterwards.“ So in this highly centralised country, data is gathered at the local level, fed up to the second tier of healthcare, the neighbourhood policlinic. Here, health trends are spotted and decisions taken about how best to intervene.

Cubans no longer die of infectious diseases because of a hugely successful vaccination programme, so people live longer. And an ageing population presents what one minister described as a "colossal challenge for the nation”.

08.03.17 // celebrating international women’s day by marking law papers!
I would like to take a moment to recognize all the women who worked tirelessly to secure legal rights for women ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

The Real Meaning of Genderism and Genderist



The belief that gender is a binary, comprising male and female, and that the aspects of a person’s gender are inherently linked to their sex at birth.

Genderism is the cultural belief that gender is a binary, or that there are, or should be, only two genders — man and woman — and that the aspects of one’s gender are inherently linked to the sex in which they were assigned at birth.

It can reinforce negative attitudes, bias, and discrimination towards people who display expressions of gender variance or nonconformity and/or whose gender identity is incongruent with their birth sex.

Genderism is of particular relevance to individuals who fall within the transgender spectrum, and is the overarching ideology responsible for transphobia and gender bashing.

In addition, much like how transphobia is parallel to homophobia, genderism is said to be parallel to heterosexism.

Known uses of the word in professional contexts:

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  • Brent Bilodeau, Ph.D.,Genderism: Transgender Students, Binary Systems and Higher Education,

It is also sometimes used to describe Discrimination towards gender variant persons who fall outside of the gender binary; is prejudice towards individuals whose professed gender identity does not fit the gender binary as strictly male or female.

It is a type of transphobia and sexism.

It affects third gender, genderqueer, and other non-binary identified people.

Cisgender and binary transgender people can both display prejudice against non-binary people, and there is discrimination of this sort in the transgender community much like there is transphobia in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities.

When you see someone using “genderist” in reference to trans people, you are immediately notified that they are engaging in hate speech, as they are trying to appropriate the term that describes them for use against the trans community, which holds *precisely the opposite view*.

Right now, here on Tumblr, the “genderist“ tag is being used by transphobic TERFs, Trans critical, and Gender Critical people to malign and insult and engage in violence against Trans people. Genderism, genderists are also being used as well.

Be aware of this, and do not be fooled.

Genderists are the people who argue that a trans woman is a man/male or a trans man is a woman/female.  And the evidence of this use is above, in professional, actual use in legal, political, scientific, and academic standards.