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It hasn’t been easy for journalists covering the 2016 presidential race. While doing their jobs, they’ve had to confront unprecedented threats, abuse, bans and accusations of conspiracy and bias.

Journalists from other countries who are covering the election have confronted their own set of challenges. The foreign press corps is low on the food chain during any U.S. presidential race, and perhaps never more so than this one. Since foreign journalists’ audiences rarely include U.S. voters, campaigns don’t consider them a priority. Access, particularly to Donald Trump’s campaign, has been a challenge and a source of frustration. Some journalists have redirected their focus to U.S. voters themselves.

“Americans are not aware of how closely we follow what you guys are doing,” says Matthias Kolb, a reporter with the German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung. “We are so obsessed with America, it’s like the North Star, sort of. There is so much connection and attachment.”

How Foreign Journalists Here Try To Explain The U.S. Election Back Home

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Do you stay up late waiting for recaps of Game of Thrones or The 100 or The Mindy Project to go online?

Do you love taking a deep dive into weekend box-office figures? Are you still completely obsessed with Harry Potter? We’re all entertainment geeks here at EW, and we’re looking for recent graduates who are passionate about pop culture and well-versed in at least one of the areas we cover (TV, movies, music, and books). 

Daily responsibilities include some usual entry-level tasks, such as transcribing interviews, assisting with research projects, and maintaining our databases, but a motivated intern can dispatch those in short order and move on to more exciting tasks: writing blog posts and TV recaps, reporting stories, covering red carpets, attending movie screenings, and so on. 

Interns are expected to pitch, not just to the editors but to print editors as well. The ideal candidate lives and breathes pop culture; is self-motivated; will have impeccable research, reporting, and writing skills; and will already have completed at least one internship.

WHEN: (March 2017 to August 2017); 40 hours/week at $10.50/hour

WHO: Recent graduates interested in a career in entertainment journalism

HOW TO APPLY: Please send a resume, cover letter, and 3-5 previously published clips to and

DEADLINE: Feb. 10, 2016

valentine’s day was a blast with my friends! settling into the ib programme with your friends’ support is sososo important and reassuring 💫 the week has been tiring but hopefully it’s also been fruitful :’) rest up over the weekend everyone!

I just finished filming my first “Plan with me” video! Its basically a tutorial for my monthly planning for October. It includes my setup for my monthly, sleep&mood tracker, expenses and weekly spreads. I’ll be uploading it on my birthday (28th Sep) so stay tuned :) 

🌲45/100 days of productivity🌲
🌂14/02/2017🌂Despite it being Valentine’s Day I spent my time on a trip to the International Criminal Court with my Global Politics class. Although we only got to see a small part of a trial, I managed to get some good points down!


So much has happened in the last few days.
I feel as if, I’m back from the dead.
I lost myself a long time ago.
It took her leaving to realize my life had stopped.
When she left, I reconnected with friends and family.
I reconnected with myself.
I’m happy again, and I know part of it is because of her.
But it’s also because of me.
I realized where I am, isn’t where I am supposed to be.
Who I am, isn’t what I want to be.
So it’s time to find myself again.
The cheesy, hopeless romantic, funny, adventurous person I was years ago.
It’s time to stop living in my doubts, my fears, and my regrets.
The lights are on, but this time, someone is home.

new studyblr/langblr looking for related blogs!

Hi, tumblr people! I’m Hayley, and I’m looking for other new and established langblr/studyblrs/editor blogs out there to follow back. My dash is absolutely rife with content unrelated to study and editorial work. 

  • I’m about to start a distance-learning MA in linguistics at the University of Nottingham. Can’t wait, and am getting a head start by watching all the online lectures I can get my hands on, and reading as many of the materials as possible before the course starts.
  • My research interests are in endangered languages.
  • I love bullet journaling and gorgeous, illustrated notes. When I was at university I never used to write things I learned down, but I’m a big fan of doing that in an artistic way, now. 
  • I’m bilingual in German and English, with some French. I have a BA in German and an MA in translation/subtitling. Yes, this is my second MA, with intentions of doing a PhD later on.
  • I’m 24, and Canadian by passport, but grew up in Switzerland, where I completed my International Baccalaureate. 
  • I work as a magazine editor in London, and I love love love my awesome job. :-) My magazine is about bikes (of the push variety)!
  • I have a cat, and like most of tumblr, I love all furry animals.  

Much love! Let’s be friends! I follow back!


Bullet Journal? I don’t think so.

A couple of weeks ago, almost one month, when I discovered the perfect world of Studyblrs and that stuff, I FELL IN LOVE. But there’s this thing that I don’t like about them: they are basically the same. They copy each other so they make a massive Studyblr. I can’t even see the difference.

Aaand there is a strange fashion called Bullet Journal that is just a customized agenda. I can’t consantly write on it and the notebook mountain in my room thinks the same.

But as I did when I was at 8th grade, I’m making kind of a diary (my real IB diary), where I’ll put aaaaaaaaaall my IB things. Even the exams.

I hope you like the idea, because I’ll post pictures of it. G’nite! :0