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Week 15 & 16 Spreads! 🌞

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve literally just been chillin and taking it easy - but I know that’s not going to be the case starting next weekend.. it’s the last stretch so here’s to hopefully not procrastinating! 🍻


Last week bujo spread, I do 5 days in 2 pages, I been liking this way better than others, is creative and simple

IG: inkdcanvas

last week bujo spread,
i change my bujo, i was using a lleuchtturm1917, but it was so big for me
so i decided to go back to my trustful moleskine, and i been loving it

im trying to go as colorful, pinkish a doodler possible, i hope you like it

IG: inkdcanvas 
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next spread setting up
i love to create different themes every 5 days
this week is plants and coffee, two things that i love

no filter photo, lately all my original photos are natural light, i create the atmosphere just with my camera, and i been liking it more




>>>> Hi friends, it’s been a while!

Happy April!

After an incredible spring break excursion to Calgary, Alberta (airbnb’s are so interesting, wow) my friends and I spent a day regrouping and looking ahead to the final 7 weeks of the semester. Then I kicked it with a stack of film theory books I borrowed for an essay I have coming up!

Typically, at the beginning of the month I look through all of my syllabi and map out major assignments and required events. Then I look at the event and guest lecturer schedules to see what other cool things I can make it to.

**if you haven’t picked up The Art of Living Other People’s Lives, I recommend it. It’s light, but also thoughtful and funny and generous. I’ve been using it as a palette cleanser in between film theory!