People tell you all these romantic things. You know, ‘I’ll always be there for you.’ ‘I’ll walk the earth for you.’ Whatever. But then you need a ride home from work or someone to talk to on a Tuesday night and they’re too busy. I don’t want anyone to walk the earth for me. Not unless I can come too.
—  mikel jollett

(I didn’t go to Paris this week, but a girl can dream, right?) // This week had it’s ups and downs. I went back to school this week and started my first few days of senior year; the stress of SATs and thinking about college is already getting to me. I think that what I really need to do is start slow- study when I can, complete my yearbook editor duties, spend time with friends, and get as much rest as possible. Trying to be optimistic is really, really hard… but it’s definitely a work in progress. I’m willing to try if you are.

You’re going to be by yourself a lot, didn’t they tell you? You’re going to go to doctors visits alone, you’re going to eat your dinner alone, you’re going to tuck yourself into bed at night all alone. You’re supposed to grow up. You’re supposed to be brave. There’s an entire world out there you’re supposed to join. You’re not supposed to be afraid. Didn’t anyone tell you?
—  Kill Manual


I’m so far behind on FMLS90, like all week, I think. I’ll try my best to catch up tomorrow. I’m exhausted now and think I’m gonna try to go to sleep early tonight. Thus far today I’ve:

  • Gotten a massage to loosen up my back so it would adjust easier
  • Gotten my back adjusted by the chiropractor
  • Spent about an hour with my friend at the Assisted Living Facility and brought her flowers
  • Got my work done and to the post office
  • Did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen
  • Folded the laundry and put it away
  • Did 22 pushups! 
  • Watered all the potted plants I have
  • Filled up all the bird feeders in the yard 
  • Re-potted some plants that needed it
  • Went to a 100th Birthday Party for the mom of one of the ladies at Jazzercise. (She looks so good and is bright and engaged! Really amazing!)
  • Went to Jazzercise and got sweaty
  • Packed up all my stuff for my trip to the farm.
  • Waited for the torrential rain to stop … and waited, and waited.
  • Went grocery shopping at Sam’s and Walmart
  • Drove an hour to the farm in off and on rain showers
  • Put away all the groceries
  • Made a mug of tea and have my eyelids propped open.

So, yeah, I’m exhausted. Long day. Gong to bed. I’ll try to catch up tomorrow. 

Goodnight, tumblr.

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И вот один оутлайн одного разворота из “Уничтожь меня”. Под шарами стоит (с лева на право) прошлое, настоящее и будущее:) В этих шарах и будет само выполнение задания(Рисуй линии когда ты в движении, в автобусе, в поезде или при ходьбе). Сегодня с самого утра, примерно с 9.00 начала сортировать всякие школьные бумажки и огромную ненужную кучу выбросила. Теперь у меня порядок в полке:) А ещё мы сегодня узнали расписание уроков, сколько возмущения было у моих одноклассников, эт ужас😂 А мне как-то всё равно было… Вот так❤❤❤