2018 Grinch has no edge. He’s got no bite. He’s not even that much of an asshole. He’s just a sassy gay furry with unusually nice teeth despite his famous theme song declaring otherwise.

1966 Grinch? Now that was a mean, scary bastard. He was a crusty old fuck who hated society so much that he only came off his shitty frozen mountain to commit crimes and terrorism out of spite.

Bennyhoo Cumberland Grinch comes down from his mountain to buy groceries.

You can round the edges off a character to make them more “relatable” or whatever, but you also run the risk of losing what defined them in the first place. The end result is bland and generic.

2018 Grinch is a reflection of modern society’s rejection of real character flaws in the interest of being “unproblematic” and in this essay i will

You know what.. your dreamscapes, visions, inspirations. They aren’t higher realities forever transcending your possible reach, they are actually your mirrors. Reflecting you and your possibilities if you so choose to accept them.

How to Fill Your Empty Notebooks

I am going to create a list of Youtube videos, to give you ideas on how to fill those empty notebooks.

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If she chooses you, first and foremost, understand how lucky you are

If she chooses you, don’t get upset when she grows distant, she often gets caught in her own thoughts but she will always return to you

If she chooses you, don’t make her feel that her desire for affection is needy, some days she simply craves to be close, to be reminded that she is wanted

If she chooses you, remind her of her beauty each day, and always kiss her twice because kissing her once just isn’t enough

If she chooses you, give her the space she needs when she’s frustrated and surprise her with flowers on random days rather than out of apologetic flashes or set holidays, she hasn’t been shown that appreciation enough

If she chooses you, call her randomly just to hear her voice, and make sure to remind her of how gorgeous she is on that call even if you haven’t seen her that day, she is always beyond stunning

If she chooses you, tell her she’s doing good and encourage her, because she often feels alone in taking on the world and she won’t ask for help out of her desire to be independent

If she chooses you, applaud her parenting, she often gives all of herself without allowing herself enough sleep or self care and self love to stop and realize how exhausted she is

If she chooses you, understand that she gets excited over random songs and the moments when you listen, she’ll tell you her entire world so long you give her your attention to

If she chooses you, show her patience, she hasn’t been loved the way she deserves and often doubts that her emotions are valid, she will beat herself up for feeling sad or reflecting on her past

If she chooses you, hold her when she doesn’t ask, she will melt into your arms as if she was meant to be there, and it will fill your entire body with love rather than solely your heart

If she chooses you, understand her strength and remind her of it, she has survived evil so powerful it could break a person, yet she still stands

If she chooses you, love her through her past, her present and her future, she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders

If she chooses you, play with her hands and keep your hand on her thigh whenever you get the chance, you’re lucky to touch her and she will adore the soft intimacy of your affection

If she chooses you, understand she’ll tell you about her past in time, and when she does, kiss her and remind her of her value, she is worth more than you or anyone else deserves

If she chooses you, love her for her laughter and the way she throws her head back, it’s the most beautiful sight

If she chooses you, ask her what’s wrong and when she responds that she’s okay ask again because she won’t want to burden you with the thoughts in her mind

If she chooses you, spoil her with more than your affection, she deserves the entirety of the goodness in this world

If she chooses you, take the time to learn about her kids as much as you learn about her, she will fall in love with you for the value you bring to their childhood

If she she chooses you, buy her wine randomly because it calms her from stressful work days, and make sure you hug her and tell her how important she is and how proud you are, it will make her breathe a little easier at night

If she chooses you, scratch or rub her neck, she will love you for the simple things

If she chooses you, make sure she eats lunch and dinner, and even breakfast, because she often forgets or doesn’t make the time to do so

If she chooses you, bring her caramel frappuccinos with a shot of espresso in the mornings, it’ll help her kickstart the day after she’s been up all night being the best mother her kids could have,

If she choose you, never take for granted the honor you have winning her heart, make sure you respect her and you work each to day to get closer to deserving her

If she chooses you, please make sure you don’t let her fall asleep upset, because she’ll wake up the next day feeling as if she’s lost her place, when really she’s the only place anyone with eyes should ever want to be, her and her happiness

If she chooses you, no matter what, make sure you tell her you love her

If she chooses you, please choose her too, she is fragile and kind and she is made of all of that goodness in the world that she deserves,

You are beyond incredibly lucky,

You have the best opportunity in getting her love because it’s the best thing you could get in your entire life

If she chooses you, please don’t stop choosing her

If She Chooses You Part 2 // ARH