The concept: Reasonably space out my assignments and studying over the long weekend so I don’t stress myself out at the end

The reality: ^Not that

Planned to wake up early to get work done but ended up sleeping through my alarm :/ but you know what, I worked out, took a shower, and now I’m ready to take advantage of the time I have left today. Sometimes things just don’t go according to plan, but you have to work with what you got. Good luck to everyone this week!

Over the weekend

Jennifer’s Grandfather passed away. It was exactly 3 weeks after his wife, Jennifer’s Grandmother passed. 

They were both proud, strong Norwegian farmers and I was lucky to have known them. They say you never die as long as your memory is alive and I know they both will be loved and remembered for a very long time. 

Hug your loved ones my friends - you never know how long you will get to be with them.

snippet from my 2017 March page :D

im new to the whole studyblr community !! 

I didnt really think of myself of a artsy person so?? i hope this is good?? I love lots of blogs here ( @ohlookimstudying @studyquill @stillstudies + a lot more ) & I really love how the community supports its members so i decided to join!! <3