10.21.16 • New washi! I was feeling spontaneous yesterday and I took a trip to Hobby Lobby to see if they had come out with any new tapes. I ended up buying the Halloween pack, a Christmas pack, and a regular pack with little deer heads on it for November. I’ve covered all my bases! :D this haul ended up costing me about $9 which is CRAZY. Such a good deal!

Coffee shop

Your life is full of shitty ups and downs and you may not be able to see straight sometimes. Yet, you are so much stronger than you can ever imagine. Do you remember that time we sat in the coffee shop while it was raining on a Tuesday fall afternoon, and you gazed at the street and the trees? You were so effortlessly gorgeous in the way you held your hand against your chin. The steam from the coffee fogging up your lenses, and oh god that laugh. The way it reverberated off of your tongue and into my ears, filling me up with happiness and light that I got drunk off of it. You may be stubborn or lazy and you try and try to keep that warm smile on your face. The way that you can be asinine and defensive and still be strong to stand for yourself and what you believe in. It was in that coffee shop on that Tuesday fall afternoon that I realized just how complex you are. The leaves outside rustling from the wind; your hair perfectly cascaded down your right shoulder while you held your cup of coffee with one cream two sugars. You are so beautiful….the way you try.

Just a reminder to peeps never to do design contests where they only offer you several hundred dollars as a prize. I’ve seen contests where a big name company, nationally known held a rebranding/logo contest to college students and would have only paid them 500$. 

Thats what you would make -before taxes- working one full week at $12.50 an hour.

Stuff like that is what companies would normally pay thousands of dollars for minimum to rebrand, so don’t settle. Always read the fine print. Most contests I’ve seen, the artist gets shafted to some degree. Always consider the hours you need to put in, the value of the work you’re doing, and the value of the company (based on their size is the pay they’re offering stingy or reasonable?), and if you win or submit your work if they’ll get all copyright to it to do whatever they want with it. 


(via Dailygreatness Journal: A Practical Guide | Dailygreatness AU)

This actually looks really amazing?? I love my planner but I’m really bad at sort of working out my steps and what I want to do when to *achieve my goals* and all of that mess. I just sort of make goals and then they happen or they don’t. But this looks like it breaks it all down for you and helps you along the way.


Hey Daily Greatness if you like you can send me a review copy :D 

EDIT: here is a review showing what’s in the journal