I don’t feel any shame, I won’t apologize
      When there ain’t nowhere you can go
           Running away from pain when you’ve been victimized
                Tales from another broken home

Mathematical Learning - He Kakano Research

A lovely diagram from the NZ educational research into Maori Education (He Kakano loosely translates to ‘the seed’).

The diagram is designed to look at Early Childhood Mathematical Education, but I think it is very relevant to later Mathematical thought. I can imagine that these strategies and ideas would be productive for all students, not just Maori.

At the moment I have particular interest in 'storying’ and the relationship between that and another strand - 'noticing, recognising and constructing relationships’. I’ve started using a journaling system with high school students in Maths, with some interesting stories of progress and learning. 

Is anyone else finding success with journals in Mathematics?

I am a big fan of journals and notebooks. I have a crazy stash of notebooks and journals, some notebooks left over from high school, some journals I’ve bought and haven’t even thought of a purpose for yet. I like books not just as repositories of material but as objects and art in and of themselves. Not every journal needs to be used for writing. Apart from writing, I also like to crochet. I have a crochet stitch “bible” with a hundred different stitches in it, some I know well, some I’ve never tried. I am working my way through all of them (that lay flat, at any rate) and making a sample, and then I am sticking them in a book. So I know what they look like. When i first started crocheting, I couldn’t read patterns, but if I looked at a piece, I could replicate it.

Oftentimes in mysteries or other genres we see hollowed out books as hiding places, or books in bookcases that are the trigger for a secret door. What other fun uses can books be put to? Be creative. Chances are the book-loving characters in your fictional world love books as more than repositories for words and stories. What would someone illiterate do with a book?