Jour de Fête (Jacques Tati - 1949)

The movie was originally filmed in Thomson-color, a process that became extinct before prints of the film could be shown and was previously only available in a black and white version that was filmed as a precaution, in case the color process was not perfect. In 1995 the color copy was restored and published by Tati’s daughter Sophie Tatischeff, and cinematographer François Ede.

This is the first Jour de Fête movie poster. Notice the fluent (moving) drawing style.
Designed by René Péron.

René Péron (1904-1972) established himself and his art deco style in the 1920′s and never looked back as he designed posters for some of the era’s most memorable films (King Kong, 1933), mixing his rich, vibrant colors and elegant portraiture for six decades.