The right friends will grow with you and not be threatened by your new frequency, energy, and vibration.
—  Lalah Delia
the Great North Road

Keep on, drag on,
rope tethered and slack,
mail sack and feet hanging
over over moss, soil and sod
as together they plod across
those thresholds of heather,
with weathered oiled leather,
he cracks down the whip,
dips his cap to the ladies
that pass by his purchase,
adjusting cloak and coat,
torn, faded, tattered,
singing a auld tune, yea,
set to the rattle of his oak seat,
a silly, whimsical thing,
from when it all mattered.

“Rise in the heart, and gather to the eyes,
In looking on the happy autumn fields,
And thinking of the days that are no more.”

― Tennyson


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“No matter what happens… know that I love you. Always.”

SNS appreciation post

I really wanted to say thank you, to everyone in the SNS fandom you guys are the best bundle of people I have ever got to met so…….. here goes. I hope you can handle the fluff. I am going to attempt to write some of the nicest ish about the people who make up my sns family.

Dear SNS family…

@kuramaknows: you are litteraly the cutest bundle of joy to know, your life is literally my goal and your so preeeettyyy HOW THE FUDGE? I know we only recenlty started talking but you inspire me with your writing and you personality is literally infectious.

@sns4life: you are my beta bae and you are a blessing to my bad grammar. You blog is beautiful and i need to embody your smartness because i will never be as smart as you.. please transfer your knowledge to me.

@philosophy-and-coffee: your fic was amazing and creative and you have such real skills, i miss talking to you :(. Your mind is a fanfic temple, please bless me with your talent.

@tomato-x-ramen: girlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll you are soooo frickin talented, your art work is honeslty so beauitful. Never ever ever stop sharing your work because it is a blessing from the gods. I honeslty respect you so much as an artist, your digitial art is beyond awe inspiring.

@jaimeejaeger: you are a blessing to my life, you are a preety angel who came down to earth and hit me in the face with happiness. You are goals, your hair is goals, your life is goals, your dog is goals. You do such great things for the fandom and your personality is literally the most infectious thing in this world. Trully amazing person <3

@bean-paste-man: you are preety much a semi-god of the sns fandom, you are all our mum and I appreciate the level of commitment you have to this fandom. You bring such creative and innovative sns content to this fandom and for that i bow down at your feet. I respect you sensie, please teach me your ways true sns master. 

@cantgetoversns: You are the cutest pile of fairy dust to this fandom, i actually cant believe how long its been since I talked to it :( Hit me up gurl :P But honeslty your drawings are so cute and amazing and beautiful and your blog is a pile of happiness. Honeslty your like the sweetest person in the fandom, i am pretty sure everyone in this fandom thinks the same of you. So thank you for always being so nice to everyone and welcoming others joining us. Never ever ever change.

@yuurei-cosplay: I think you are one of the best sns cosplayers ever, we used to talk quite alot. Your photos/cosplay are just getting better and better. I love how beautiful and well thought out your cosplay, photos, setting, everythinnngg is. You trully are an inspiration and i wish you nothing but the best and please keep posting because your updates give me life.

@hotmessmuffin: I left you for last for a reason. You are one of the first tumblrs I had ever became friends with and I will never ever regret the day we started talking to each other. You are such an inspiration to me, your ability to write is impeccable, you literally take me places when you write, I have laughed and cried reading your work, please I beg of you never stop and let the world see all your head canons because girl your mind is a literal sns gold field. You have moved past the stage of being my friend on tumblr to my literal wife. I love you. Literally. I wish nothing but happiness for you, please never be afriad to post your work because everyone and i mean EVERYONE needs to see the level of pure awesomeness that is your writing/mind. You are one beautiful person with a very interesting and complex soul, who ever wins your heart is one lucky person. Girl honestly unleash all your ideas and work to the world, please. Plus i cant wait to work on this collab together. you will forever be my sns wife <3

wooooooo… holy crap, that was alot of fluff in one go. But honeslty you guys plus many more have made my sns experience phenomenal. You guys in some way have been part of my sns jounrey and I want to say thanks, from those who welcomed me into the fandom to those who stuck around and stayed in my heart. Thank you! I hope we all continue supporting our boys and keep providing great content to the sns fandom!! 

Dianne has finally just arrived in the Kanto region, after so much boat travel. She actually was very grateful to be back on solid ground, clearly not in the best of moods due to her slight wobbling. Ele, her Braixen at the time, was helping her a bit to stand and walk. And even when she got to Cinnabar Island, she still had more traveling to do in the water to get to Pallet town. She’s gonna just stay here a day and take on the gym next time she traveled here. Because she knew full and well she did not have the ability to defeat this gym yet.

The young woman sat down on a bench she was able to find, looking up at Ele with a smile on her face. “We’re finally here.. I’m sorry to have made you help me walk for a while. I just can’t stand staying on a boat that long.” “Braixxxen” She will get over the seasickness within a couple more travels across regions so she will be fine. She then started to wonder if there was anyone around that could assist her in traveling to Pallet town. As much as Marie is good at swimming, it would be impossible for her to take her all the way there without a break, and it was nothing but sea on the way there.

By Arceus, she was hoping Marill will evolve soon. But until then, maybe she can hitch a ride. Dia lightly patted Ele’s head before looking around. There weren’t many people around, and the ones that were seemed busy. Well, other than that one boy. He seemed to be around her age as well.. better try than just give up. She got up from the seat she was sitting on and carefully walked over to him. She learned from last time that not everyone was exactly nice for strangers to ask for assistance. Maybe Kanto was different.. hopefully. Ele stood beside her as she smiled a bit nervously. “Hello.. do you happen to know where you are headed next? I need a ride to Pallet town but Marie won’t be able to take me there by herself.”



Dc animated movie watch - Son of Batman

Ok I am back on track with watching all the DC animated movies.

Son of Batman was my first introduction to Damien and while he may be a little shit I can’t help but like him. He’s a messed up angry boy and I understand why considering how he was raised. But I like his jounrey and the story was full of excitment and great fights.

I love how Damien and Nightwing interact, that battle of what makes a true son and they have the brother relationship down. Damien has so much to learn and discover for himself but there’s no doubt he’s a brilliant fighter and smart kid. I like that it also brings up struggles for Bruce and the struggle between being a father and the Batman. I also love seeing Slade the Villain and his amazing fight skills.

I may be a bit in love with Nightwing too!

Precure Jounrey


Spoilers and Opinions ahead!

(If I don’t talk about an episode I just don’t have much to say)

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash★Star Episodes  31-40 

Ugh, it was filler really. It was entertaining filler with most of it just character building.Just being honest, I liked them but besides nothing really happened. 

So after restoring the last fountain we meet the next villain, I know he has a name but I call him Bradley from health and fitness (He reminds me of my friend). Cause he’s best moments is giving life advice to the Cures so they can fight him.

Besides him we get a solid episode of learning of Saki’s cat which was cute and I loved it and I assume the cat is magical or something cause of how the fairies like him and he came from the magic tree. 

(sad Saki with baby kitty) So adorables and sad. Also of note the softball episode.I didn’t care for it too much but it was interesting seeing as I wasn’t expecting them too lose at the finales it was generally a nice turn of events.

(This scene ended up in the first all star movie, I remember which is cool I guess) Can we take a moment to ask how dumb the people of  the show are though that they never notice any of the weird shit that go on. Seriously like wtf? In episode 39 the people literally see fairies and get persuaded they’re not real via puppets….I have to believe people aren’t this stupid.

(Saki you have joined your senpai in the hall of great faces. Thank you)

Last thing I guess, Episode 40. This episode was one funny as hell. As well as adorable as Saki is trying her hardest to just finish her picture for Mai’s birthday. One, my shipping bone for the two, especially after I was forced to sit threw them shipping Kazuya and Saki, but anyway it great. 

Anyway, we have 9 episodes left and the movie.


Hello all! Welcome to my new blog! I hope that you like it here and decide to stay a while!

I created @emilygoesgreen to document and chronicle my jounrey away from consumerism and towards a more sustainable lifestyle. On this blog you’ll find posts on veganism, plastic and waste reduction, eco friendly activism, news articles, and tips on how to be more environmentally friendly yourself! This blog isn’t intended to be negative, judgemental or preachy: it is purely away for me to chronicle my own journey, and hopefully insipre you too. If you have any tips, advice or suggestions as to what you want to see on this blog - let me know!

So, A little about me for those of you who don’t know me… I’m Emily, I’m from the UK and I’m a university student - studying Archaeology. I’m a pagan witch, and I run the blog @spooniewitches on here! My craft and spirituality inspire the way that I live my life, and I try to respect every living thing, doing as little harm as I possibly can. As such, I’ve been a vegan for ethical and environmental reasons for nearly 2 years. I was raised in a household where activism was a normal and necessary part of life. And so I am also heavily involved in social activism within many branches, including left-wing politics, disabled people’s rights, LGBT+ rights, animal activism, support for refugees etc…

Modern capitalism and consumerism has always been something that I am intrinsically averted to. So I thought it was time to make some changes in my life so that I can live more in line with my ethics (as far as is possible in a western country in 2017).

A family member recently started trying to live a ‘zero-waste’ life and after a while, her efforts inspired me to do more in my life to reduce my consumerism and wastefulness. 

Anyway, I think that’s it! Please feel free to message me, I love speaking to new people!