It’s quite sad seeing myself go on and on about changing the world’s ideals and ways while here I am still unable to have a connection to the people who are right in front of and/or beside me. If I can’t even have the power to influence them or can’t even barely talk to them about how life is, then what’s the point in all of these? Maybe sometimes, we just want to be the right person to the people who matters and not just a mere hero to the world and everybody else.

(Screenshot of Episode 39 of Gintama series—an episode I watched like 30 times already)

 Rereading recently this specific panel , I noticed something really interesting about Zura…. He didn’t use any honorific -san , when he addressed Hijikata during their conservation …In Japanese culture, the lack of honorifics means that the speaker has permission to address the person in a very intimate way. Usually only family, spouses, or very close friends have this kind of permission.. Something we can see clear, when Zura always addresses Gintoki by his first name.  But when that intimacy hasn’t been earned, it can be very insulting…. 

When it comes to Katsura’s character , who always appears very polite , usually adding the honorific “dono”, who comes from the word “tono” which means “lord" (It is an even higher level than ”-sama" and confers utmost respect )  to people and even Sadaharu, taking great care as not to offend any person or pet…It speaks volumes about how zero fucks Zura trully give’s about any kind of authority !!!

Often the fandom mistakenly potraiys Katsura as a pure cinnamol roll , but personally Zura is nothing like that…. In many occasions during the show , he appears to use manipulation to get what he wants, against his enemies and even his allies …just like when he black mailed Gintoki to join the joui ,during their first meeting after years , using a delivery bomb…. He is also a long life terrorist , blowing up embassies for more than ten years disguised as a traveling monk.. Heck he fought a war ( been one of the most important catalysts of the rebellion) and he actually tried to cut down Tagasugi ( his oldest friend ) during the Benizakura arc , with a single blow and the merciless phrase “ I always hate you  ..! + Plus he is a master Poisoner , using his talent against Ikumatsu’s shop lifters and unsuccessfully to Saito ( in the famous creepy smile scene ),  during the Afro arc ..:D

And here in this simple panel , even though he is now a comrade of the Shinsegumi ( his old enemies )  he didn’t even resist to be rude , addressing the superior of the Shinsengumi in front of all his men without a single honorific ..A move who actually demonstrates his superiority over Hijikata as a war veteran and a jouishi leader … And this is fachinating for a character who usually appears to luck of common sense ;) !!!