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/a rant about the ouat fandom and racism

i came across this post where someone said regina gets better treatment than other pocs on the show because of the privilege of being a white latina – and i mean, i guess if by “better treatment” you mean she’s not dead and/or forgotten about, then sure, she does get better treatment. but that better treatment comes from her being a main character – a very popular main character at that, so getting rid of her isn’t really an option.

saying that she has some sort of racial privilege over other pocs on the show just because she hasn’t been written off just comes across as really callous to me when it’s pretty blatant that as the show’s only main poc, regina being held to a set of standards that only apply to her, and are completely contradictory to the values this show claims to be pushing, is nothing short of racism (and sexism) – writing her off the show might not be an option, but these writers sure are doing their best to make life for her hell, and i see no privilege in that.

You know what I’m really gonna miss?
1) Catching your lollipop fastball,
2) Listening to your feminista rants,
3) And the way that you constantly interrupt me,
4) And oh, that horsey laugh.
          Right there.
                    I’m gonna miss that.
                              Especially on the plane. 

1) I’m gonna miss your crankiness,
2) And your eye-rolling,
3) And your over-the-top speeches.
          They are far too long.
4) And, mostly, I’m gonna miss your backhanded compliments.

—  And the beard. You’re gonna miss the beard. - Never. - Maybe a little.