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This moment actually really spoke to me. Because I’ve been exactly where Jou is right now.

I’ve seen a fair amount of people talking about how Jou was able to balance his schoolwork and his being a Chosen Child in 02. How it doesn’t make sense for him to be struggling with this. But Jou himself says it best:

“Even though you get over it once, the same questions return.”

I’ve been there. I keep going there, and on some level, we all have. What you seemed to be able to handle once, what you seemed to have all the answers for once before, suddenly isn’t so easy. That’s not regression, that’s not backsliding - that’s life.

Jou is not in the same place he was in in 02, either. He was still a teenager then, and while there was pressure then too, his childhood is coming to an end and all of it’s becoming heavier. His grades aren’t as good, competition is harder, and the onus is on him to succeed. Old anxieties can return, situations can change, and sometimes you’re not always ready for that to happen as much as you might have been before.

I think that’s a valuable lesson for people. Even as you grow and mature, you’re going to continue stumbling and falling. You shouldn’t be judged for having to “learn the same lesson all over again”. Life isn’t a video game where completing one challenge means you never have to go back to it.

Sometimes the path you take leads you right back to where you were before. And it’s not a bad thing if that same problem isn’t as easy as it used to be.

I don’t know if it’s a running gag in Japan, but when I was watching Digimon Adventure on niconico (for the countdown before the first pv), the screen was spammed with people screaming JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO whenever he made an appearance x’D (probably echoing gomamon’s voice)

So I’m gonna give it a try.


Jyoumi Commission by @labjusticaholic

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Psst! Doesn't that look like Joe's wearing some kind of ice skating costume? With all the glitter and stuff? And Mimi wears one, too? So... maybe this is our Yuri on Ice AU??

in reference to this

[ someone please draw jou kido as yuuri katsuki please someone please. here’s his eros face okay thanks bye ]


Digimon Adventure and ZeroTwo boys.

Taichi, Yamato, Koushiro, Jyou, Takeru, Iori, Daisuke and Ken.

part I (adventure, zerotwo and tri girls)

part II (tamers, frontier, savers and xros wars girls)

part III (adventure, zerotwo and tri boys)

I’ve seen complaints against Tri , mainly because the lack of action and lack of 02 kids. Fanservices and love triangle aside, with all the messages in it, I am very sure Tri is directed for people who grew up watching the first season as kids... And is expected to already become a teenager or an adult at this point. You are not expected to enjoy it with the mentality of  child. Tri is not the kids anime where the heroes recklessly barges in and as long the baddie’s ass is kicked, everything is done. No. Tri was meant to show you the struggle of a teenager leaving behind childishness and forced to embrace adulthood. Also the promotional materials already make it clear that they already cast the 02 kids.  If you want more action, if you want the 02 kids back, then Tri is not for you.

I would like to remind you all that what inspires the directors to make this movie is the gap between Belialvamdemon’s defeat in the 02 children and the grand finale where everyone already become adults and have their own career. What is the gap  between a child and an adult? Teen age. And that is exactly what Tri is about. How the 01 Chosen Children walks the bridge called teen age to get the other side of the bridge that is maturity.

This arc words explains it all:

“We cannot remain as children forever.”

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