Reunited Siblings

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Warnings: AU. Fluff-ish, mentions of kidnapping

Pairings: Thor x sister!reader x Loki, Frigga, Odin, the Avengers(no one mentioned by name)

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After centuries of being a prisoner, you had finally escaped the clutches of the Frost Giants. They had taken you captive when you were very young. Your only company at the time had been your brothers and they were not strong enough to stop what happened. You remember being pulled away from them and them crying out your name. Beyond that, nothing but cold pain.

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Jotun Love: Chapter 3

Loki led you into an abandoned warehouse, there was a truck that sat in the middle of the warehouse, you could hear faint voices talking but you decided not to ask questions, Loki led you upstairs into a large room.

There sat an old mattress and blankets and a couch, beside the couch was a nightstand that had a gun on it.

You turned and looked at Loki, “I thought the God of Mischief’s secret lair would be a lot fancier than this…” You muttered softly looking around.

Loki let out a slight growl, “Perhaps The God of Mischief doesn’t like always living in luxury…” Loki muttered softly taking off his helmet sitting it on his desk, Loki than rested his scepter against the wall.

You looked at the walls of the room seeing stolen art pieces from museums all over the world, “You like art?” You asked.

Loki nodded taking off his green cape hanging it on a nearby hook.

You saw Loki pick up the gun and load it.

“Midgardian amourie? Why would you need that?” You asked.

Loki put the gun down, “For precautions…” Loki looked at you and sent a slight glare at you, “So? Do you wish to be a loyal member of my army?” Loki asked smirking.

“I don’t seen an army…” You crossed your arms.

“That is because they are in another universe you fool! Dr. Selvig is currently working on how to open my portal, we are to go to Stark Tower soon and open the portal so I may release my army!” Loki smiled.

“Who would I be if I were to join your army? A general? A loyal friend that would fight at your very side? Or a queen or princess… what would I be?” You asked turning looking at Loki.

Loki got lost in your eyes than quickly shook his head knocking himself out of the daze.

“Besides? What is the point of this army?” You asked.

Loki stood and walked up to you, “I am the rightful King! Of Asgard and all the nine realms! Not my filthy Brother Thor!” Loki growled angrily.

You looked at Loki shocked but also slightly worried.

“What did your brother do to you?” You asked looking at Loki’s once sorrowful eyes that were now full of anger.

“He always gets all the bloody attention! The All-Father loved him more than me! That’s why Odin chose him not me! Because I’m a filthy Frost Giant! He could never have a Frost Giant sitting on the throne of Asgard!” Loki shouted angrily.

You took a step back looking a bit scared from Loki’s burst of anger.

Loki took a deep breathe and looked down sadly, “My brother has made my inner monster come out… it’s all his fault…” Loki cried.

You saw a few tears manage to stream down Loki’s cheeks, you wanted to wipe his tears and hug him, but you had to keep remembering that you had to keep it very professional.

Loki quickly wiped his tears and sniffled, “Do you want to be a member of my army or what?!” Loki growled at you.

You looked down not knowing what to say.

“Well?” Loki asked walking up to you, Loki took a piece of your hair and ran it through his fingers, he smelt your hair than looked deeply into your eyes.

“Which planet are you from? You do not act Asgardian…” Loki said.

You panicked, What did he mean by not acting like you were from Asgard?

“My parents kept me at home, my mother is Asgardian, but my father was from uh… Jotunhiem…” You lied.

“So you are half Frost Giant?” Loki asked looking at you curiously.

“Uh… y-yeah…” You lied again.

“Show me than…” Loki muttered softly.
“Excuse me?” You asked.

“Transform into your Jotun form” Loki said.

“I um… I can’t…” You muttered softly taking a few steps back.
“Why not?” Loki asked.

“I can’t! I just can’t!” You said sternly.

“You’ve never seen your true form have you?” Loki asked.

You quickly nodded, you were panicking and had no idea what to say, you were deathly afraid that you might get your cover blown.

Loki smiled a bit and gently caressed his arms around your waist, “Would you like to see what a Frost Giant really looks like?” Loki asked.

You looked at Loki and slowly nodded.

Loki closed his eyes, Loki’s skin turned an icy blue, when he slowly opened his eyes, instead of being the always emerald green, they were now a blood red.

You gasped and looked at Loki, you slowly put your hand to his cheek, Loki’s skin was ice cold, “Extraordinary…” You muttered softly amazed.

“Most people are scared of us…” Loki sighed sadly.

“Why?” You asked.

“You know why…” Loki sighed, “We are monsters… no one likes us and we will never be accepted” Loki said sternly.

“That’s what this is all about…” You muttered softly looking at Loki shocked.

Loki slowly turned back to normal, “What?” Loki looked at you curiously.

“Your foster father Odin, he took the casket from Jotunhiem… he took you because he wanted to use you for a secret weapon, when you found this out you were so broken, you than decided to destroy Jotunhiem to show your father you were worthy of being king… but Thor stopped you and broke the bridge, you fell into the unknown but someone else found you” You said.

“How do you know that?!” Loki growled.

“But you father would never allow you to be the king of Asgard, he could never have a Frost Giant sitting on the throne of Asgard, he hated the Frost Giants and he eventually began to hate you, but you couldn’t bare to accept that and yet you saved him from King Laufey” You said looking at Loki.

Loki growled angrily trying his best to hold back tears.

“You cannot bear not being king, you want to prove to yourself, your brother, the All-Father and everyone else who did you wrong that you can be a true ruler, so you have an army, your going to use that army to kill The Avengers and people who do not deserve to die, you than want to rule Midgard and soon take over all the nine realms like you’ve always wished…” You muttered.

Loki slapped you and grabbed you by your hair pulling you up to your feet, “How do you know that?!” Loki demanded to know.

“Your doing this out of anger… just anger… but inside… you just want to be loved… you just want to be cared about, you don’t want to be abandoned… you want to be accepted…” You choked.

“Shut up!” Loki growled angrily.

“You think your the only one who feels like that… your not the only one Loki… I know how you feel being abandoned…” You muttered lying.

“Explain than!” Loki shouted.

“I lost my family!” You screamed.

“How?” Loki asked.

“They were murdered! By your stupid brother!” You lied.

“What?” Loki let go of you, “He is not my brother!” Loki growled angrily but helped you up off the floor looking at you shocked.

“Thor killed your family… why?” Loki asked.

“T-They got in his way… when he was on a quest…” You lied, you really hated lying to Loki, but you had to to keep your cover.

“I’m sorry to hear that…” Loki muttered.

“My family didn’t care about me anyway, they tortured me, I starved for weeks on end” You said letting out a growl.

Loki pulled you close, “I never thought I’d meet someone similar like me in ways…” Loki smiled and kissed your cheek.

You let out a sigh, you felt so guilty lying, you never lied to anyone and you hated starting now, especially to a man that you felt bad for, not to mention you were beginning to have quite a crush on him.

The Nine worlds”

In Nordic times they believed in their own Gods and Goddesses. Like in the Christian theology earth was created by a God, the Vikings had their own belief on how the world, the human world “Midgard” aka “earth” was created. There were other worlds/realms, not all was created by the Gods, in the beginning, before the creation of Midgard there was Muspellshiemr “world of Fire” and Niflheimr “Realm of frozen mist” between these two worlds was a void “Ginnungagap“.

The first giant named Ymir was formed from fire and ice and who lived on Ginnungagap. While the giant slept, the sweat from his arm pit formed out a man and a woman and one of his legs formed a six headed giant, and then there was a block of ice forming into a cow named Audumla. While Ymir lived off of Audumla’s milk by suckling on her, she was licking a block of salty ice form into a man. Days later the ice melted and the first God named Buri was born. Buri than had a son named Borr. Borr fathered Odin, Vili and Ve. The three sons created the universe by slaughtering the giant Ymir.

“Out of Ymir’s flesh the earth was formed,

And out of his bones the mountains,

Heaven from the skull of the frost cold giant,

And from his “sweat” [blood] the sea.”

-Norse Mythology by John Lindow, page 322.

They used Ymir’s body creating the whole universe, comprising the nine worlds. Ymir’s flesh as earth, his sweat and blood for the sea, his skull used to create heaven. The Gods used the glowing sparks of Muspell to create the sun, moon and stars,

than they used Ymir’s eyebrows was used to create a world of humans “Midgard”, his brain as the clouds. One day the Gods saw two trees with their roots ripped away from the earth, so the Gods made them the first man and woman. The Gods gave the man and woman gifts, Odin gave to them spirit of life, Vili gave to them sharp wits and feelings and Ve gave to them sight and hearing, they were named Ask (ash tree) and Embla (elm tree) and the Gods gave them Midgard to live in and every race and nations everyone is descended from them. The Gods made Jotunheim for the giants to rule over.

Night and Day; Night is the daughter of Narvi (giant) and mother of Day, Odin sits them in their chariots and sends them into the sky, they were to ride around the world every two half days. Than there were two beautiful children they were named Sun and Moon, the Gods took them and put them into the sky to guide the chariots, Sun guiding Day, and Moon guiding Night, and they are the light that shines Midgard. Sun and Moon were always in a hurry, that is because they are chased by two wolves. Skol chased Sun and Hati chased Moon, and when the time of Ragnarok comes they will both be both be run down by them.

The Yggdrasil (World tree/Tree of life) it’s the life force of the universe and it’s roots holds all nine worlds, which are;

Midgard: World of humanity.

Asgard: Home of the Aesir Gods and Goddesses.

Vanaheim: Home of the Vanir Gods and Goddesses.

Jotunhiem: world of giants.

Nifleheim,:world of icy mist and the home of Hel (Loki’s daughter.) .

Muspelheim: world of fire.

Alfheim: Home of the light elves.

Svartalfheim: home of the dark elves.

Nidavellir: Home of the dwarfs.

Places you should know in these worlds:

Valhalla is located in Asgard, it is the hall of the slain. Where warriors die in battle and to be chosen to enter into this hall. The warriors fight on Vidgrid fields by day and drink with the Gods in the hall of Valhalla by night, it is a ’happy’ place for warriors. It’s something like “heaven” in Christianity. They do this till the end of the worlds ‘Ragnorok’.

Helheim is a kingdom in Nifleheim, this is where Hel keeps the dead, the people who have died from illnesses, they are to serve her and she treats them kindly. Though people who where impure are burned in the river called Hvelgelmir or they get eaten by the Nidhogg Dragon, who also gnaws on the roots of the Yggdrasil. A squirrel (Ratatosk.) runs up and down the Yggdrasil to send insulting messages between the Nihogg dragon and the eagle. The Norns feed the roots of the Yggdrasil water from the Mimir well, healing the roots that the dragon chewed on.



After I created that scenery of Jotunhiem with Loki I was like… Fuck it let’s do Asguard. 
Well. I hate drawing golden citys. So I cropped it xD
The only part of the city left is the stuff in the bottom corner on the right. Then there’s Thor on the Bifrost (Perhaps going to see his Prince Loki in Jotunhiem? I mean the crow could be Huginn or Muninn; Odin’s crows)
So uh. Yeah. Maybe someone or me can write a fic to go with the two scenes xD

Part of my Story (Part One) Here:
The Dragon Egg

It was early morning on Jotunhiem and young Loki Laufeyson was walking through the caves far from home when he came across a strange sight.  A single dragon egg half buried in the snow.  He went over to it and dug it out.  "Strange.“  He picked it up.  It was heavy but nothing he couldn’t handle.  He turned it over in his hands, his fingers tracing the markings.  "Pretty.”  He smiled and cradled it on his arms, heading back home.

He was able to avoid his father, Laufey, and head straight into his room.  He sat the egg on the table by his bed and went about his day.  That night he climbed into bed, unaware of the crack already forming in the egg’s surface.  When he heard a loud crack later that night, his head snapped up, surprised to hear anything coming from it.  He sat up to watch it.