A Winter Kiss -

I needed more Thorki or Thunderfrost xD
And Jotun Loki because… I can. This is an AU obviously.

It’s kind of a continuation of these pictures:

Thor going to Jotunhiem to visit his betrothed Loki of Jotunhiem. Thor and Loki stroll through the snow talking of… Whatever when a sudden snow flurry starts up. Loki drags Prince Thor under an ice cave where Thor takes him by surprise planting a kiss on that lovely face.

I sketched this around 7pm. Finished it 5 mins ago and it’s 6am. //Whos an Idiot? Me.

I like how it turned out. :P

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Art/Picture © LeopardXCrow/ //
Thor and Loki © Marvel



After I created that scenery of Jotunhiem with Loki I was like… Fuck it let’s do Asguard. 
Well. I hate drawing golden citys. So I cropped it xD
The only part of the city left is the stuff in the bottom corner on the right. Then there’s Thor on the Bifrost (Perhaps going to see his Prince Loki in Jotunhiem? I mean the crow could be Huginn or Muninn; Odin’s crows)
So uh. Yeah. Maybe someone or me can write a fic to go with the two scenes xD

Part of my Story (Part One) Here:

Do you ever just think about random things really intensely like if Odin didn’t take Loki from Jotunhiem, Loki would have died, Thor would have been king, maybe led Asgard horribly, Coulson wouldn’t have “died”, the attack on New York never would have happened, and the Avengers maybe would not have formed all if Odin hadn’t taken an abandoned baby Frost Giant wow