jotun tony

Sketch for a little fic wich we wrote together with my followers from Maybe oneday I’ll translate it into English.
This story tells how Tony got lost on the slope of a ski resort on Halloween night (Samhain night). Loki found him. They talked a lot and felt love for each other. However, after the kiss, everything disappeared. And after that, Tony found out that a long time ago in the mountains a forest keeper was killed from the cold


“curled up? in your puny lap? just how much did you drink already?”

good thing aesir!tony is about as strong as he’s stubborn and even just sitting like this looks pretty uncomfortable for both of them

click for the close up pic (cuz there’s actually an extra zoomed-in pic in the photoset but sort of hidden)

Loki ~ Thor / The Avengers

Well … A very strange cross-over ideam from captbexx and me xD

Loki lives with Thor and the Avengers to show Odin that he can do good.
There Loki meets Granny Stark, Tonys Grandmother.
She helps Loki to learn that he is a person who can be good too and is loved by his friends. So she sings “dig a little deeper” from “princess and the frog” xD

Happy birthday, @to-the-starkcave! I hope you feel sufficiently bad for making me rewatch the Jötun parts of Thor for reference, causing me to have a resurgence of feelings about bb!Loki, as if I didn’t have enough of those. Shame on you. I hope frost giants crash your party and steal your cake.

Tony is in Jötunheimr for one of two reasons: either he snuck in to get something he needed for his inventions, or he was banished from Asgard for rocking the red cape too hard and upstaging the crown prince. Either way, he took the wrong exit off the Bifrost interstate and found himself in some blue dude’s backyard. Naturally, they engaged in a gentlemanly bout of asskicking, which did not go as planned.

Tony’s impression:
I thought Jötuns were supposed to be big, haha baby frost giant wait shit he’s kicking my ass

Loki’s impression:
Foolish Asgardian, you will regret the day you wait shit nobody told me these things were contagious no no abort abort abort

All in all, a most successful meet cute.