My precious son, the Jotag that’s pretty much MCU Peter Parker.

Just like Peter, he’s overeager , snarky during fights, cannot stand by and let something bad happen on his watch and never gives up….THE ULTIMATE SHONEN HERO. Therefore, he deserves best girl, NEWSPAPER CLUB MEMBER

And he will be known as Joter Jorker

I just imagine a series of pictures of all the Jotags and they’re kids while Jor-el and Futaba are like “WE STILL HAVE MOONEEEY BITCHES”

All the other Jotags,spouses, and kids are looking at them like

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Look at what you do, the people, they've gone crazy with Jotags, if you would have just had Akira, and just him, and ship him with everyone, male and female, it would be calm and chill, I'm shutting this operation down before it's gets worse

I’m afraid I can’t allow that

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Who's the toughest, most badass jotag, my money is on Joscelin, and I'm just saying that cause she can kick my ass(I'd let her kick my ass any day)


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Jotag with Ohya does a 1950's film noir-esque narration of EVERYTHING he see's/does, but it's in real time so people often wonder why he just stands stands there staring at someone like a crazy person.

So I imagine Sojiro being a bro let’s the Jotag and their significant other be alone with each other for one last night.

Like Hifumi hugging Jozsef right before they do it, saying she doesn’t want him to go or Jor-El and Futaba just watching anime together.

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Can you make a jotag who is socially awkward as fuck and therefore single, but has a magic power which lets him see into the lives of all the other jotags, and as a result is jealous of all of them over their super awesome social skills?

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So yer tellin' me all the other jotags are being cucked? if they're in the same universe that is.

Naaah each Jotag has their own universe. If you were to get them together it would be like


Minus Joshikage

Updated the about page with everyone’s about page. I FINALLY DID. THEY’RE ALL DONE. I CAN CLEAR OUT ONE OF MY GOALS IN MY WHITEBOARD.

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Ok so we have all the Jotags, the real question I want to know is, where is the REAL Akira at, what happened to him, did you do something to him *looks at suspiciously*

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Decided to go back and replay persona 5 for the 4 time, this time as Jon to get that Haru end, over 300 hours with the first 3 play through, is it easy to say I'm addicted to the game

Wait are people actually going through playthroughs and naming their characters one of the Jotags? Because that’s pretty awesome/funny