My Top 11 for P101 S2

(as of 170530)

I’ve seen a lot of people do this and it’s interesting to read what people write. My top 11′s been jotted down for a while and I just want to give my 2 cents.

My Top 11 (in no particular order)

  1. Kim Jonghyun - THE LEADER WE NEED BUT DON’T DESERVE. The dude’s been team leader THREE TIMES (someone said that MNet should just give him a shirt with an L printed on it since he’s pretty much the leader by default). Great personality, hard worker, ridiculously humble. Raps and dances well.
  2. Kang Daniel - One of the most solid all-rounders and DID I MENTION HOT??? Basically he doesn’t lack anything. Fierce on stage and soft backstage. He has a good relationship with the trainees and they say he’s really nice.
  3. Hwang Minhyun - BOYFRIEND MATERIAL. Can sing beautifully and dance. He has a “know-how” and sensibility that was recognized even by the instructors. Really positive and considerate. VISUALS AND HEIGHT TO SPARE.
  4. Ong Seongwoo - One of P101′s top meme picks. Amazing at singing and dancing. Great stage presence and facial expressions. And he’s HILARIOUS. How he’s fine with making himself look dumb as long as others laugh is one of his most wonderful personality traits.
  5. Park Woojin - MY PERSONAL TOP PICK. HOW CAN A GUY WHO IS SO QUIET BACKSTAGE BE SO CHARISMATIC ON STAGE??? Honestly, he was born to perform. All his expressions while dancing are on point. He’s constantly gaining new fans. Amazing versatile dancer. Great at rap. His snaggle tooth is so cute I could die. His determination and drive are incredible (how did he perform with shingles??? Like???) He’s dreamed of being an idol since he was like 2. Kid needs to debut.
  6. Kim Jaehwan - Vocals. Need I say more? His singing is HEAVENLY, definitely one of the best on the show. A lot of people doubt him and say he’s better off solo, but he proved with Sorry Sorry that he can adapt well (I personally D.O. sounds like a solo artist but he fits with EXO). Lacking in dancing experience but he’ll be fine.
  7. Park Jihoon - He’s basically the face of P101 right now. Not just a “visual” trainee. I mean, yes he’s absolutely adorable and charming and lovable, but he also dances REALLY well. I don’t know if he raps or sings or both, but his singing wasn’t too bad during Boys In Luv. He’s humble, hardworking, and great at self-promoting. A fan-attracting magnet.
  8. Lee Daehwi - A literal walking fluff. Cute inside and out. I love just love his energy. His skills are solid with great singing and dancing. Not to mention he can also COMPOSE. He’s very charming and know how to show it off on stage. He’s so young and far from his family, and he’s endured so much hate TTTT I admire his strength a lot
  9. Lai Guanlin - Baby chick’s skills aren’t up to par with the rest, but his spot in the top 11 is pretty much cemented. I actually like him a lot as a person, and there’s a lot of potential in this guy. It really came out during Fear (his lyrics crushed my heart TTTT). Visuals for days and a clean image to boot.
  10. Yoon Jisung - One of my faves since the very beginning. He has such a bright and positive personality. He’s one of the funniest and entertaining trainees and is a natural at variety. Mood maker. It’s obvious that all the other guys absolutely adore him. His vocals are really good, and the instructors said he was the most stable one during Downpour. He takes good care of the younger guys and he was so supportive of Hyunbin during the position evals. A wonderful human. NOT JUST A MEME.
  11. Samuel Kim - Need I say more? Undeniable high skill level. One of the best (if not THE best) dancers on the show. But his chances of getting into the top 11 seem pretty low atm :( Still, we can hope


  • Bae Jinyoung - He’s not one of my favorites, but I wouldn’t really mind if he gets in as long as my top picks are there too. He’s voice is very different (deeper?) from the other vocals, which would add a nice variety of tones in the group.
  • Jung Sewoon - Adorable Ponyo. Great at singing and also not to bad at dancing since he trains at Starship. He has such a cute image that idk if he’d suit mature or sexy concepts if B.O.I. goes that route. Otherwise, he’d be a nice addition to the team, but his rank keeps slipping
  • Lee Gunhee - I just love this guy. He has some of the best reaction faces on the show. He’s tall and cute. and he can SING. I don’t think his vocals get appreciated enough?????? He’s only trained for 6 months! Incredible! And trainees say he’s really nice and “hip” LMAO. His rank is pretty low, thought, but I hope he can at least get into the top 22.
  • Kang Dongho - I love him and he’s a great singer, but it would probably become a big issue if B.O.I. debuts with 3 Nuest members :( Similar can be said with Choi Minki.
  • Kim Yongguk - The new dark horse. His rank rose so rapidly and he’s doing so well in unofficial polls that I actually don’t think it would be impossible for him to enter the top 11. Sings beautifully and has QUITE a nice face ;)
  • Ahn Hyungseob - One of my first baes. Really great stage presence and expressions, and most importantly, a high aptitude to learn. One of the hardest workers. But his rank has fallen a lot. I expect to see him in the top 22.

Regardless of if I mentioned them, I love all the trainees and I hope they all have bright, successful futures!

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