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Yes, I know I have a lot of pens. My EDC in my purse. Which is not a large purse; everything is just neatly and efficiently crammed in it.


what’s in my pencil case

i try to take the bare minimum to uni, and this is what i carry in my tiny soft herlitz pencil case:

1. adonit jot pro stylus to keep my ipad company

2. edding 89 office liner for my bullet journal

3. cheapo black ballpoint pen bc you always need one of those

4. stabilo pointvisco roller pen for my everyday writing needs

5. random mechanical pencil i’ve picked up somewhere

6. tiny faber castell ruler

7. lavender pilot frixion highlighter for my bullet journal

8. pastel bluish stabilo highlighter for highlighting 

Just a little drawing I whipped up to make me feel a little better.
Made with SketchBook Pro for iPad, used the Jot Pro stylus by Adonit.

“The Arrow & The Rose” (2015)

About time I finished another portrait! So since I am now utterly obsessed with The Walking Dead; who better to stare at for hours than Daryl and Carol, King and Queen of the Apocalypse?

Done in Procreate for iPad Air with Adonit Jot Touch stylus. About 8ish hours.

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nazgullow replied to your photoset:DA:I doodles from the past week All drawn with…

Wow, the details are amazing! Do you use a sort a tablet pen when you draw on tablets?

Thank you!

The Note 3 comes with its own patented stylus, using Wacom’s pressure sensitivity tech which works well with apps that accommodate it such as Sketchbook Pro:

Sure, it’s only 1024 levels of pressure, but it gets the work done. Plus it’s nice to be able to work on preliminary sketches while on the move, to be touched up or finished once I’m back at my PC.

In comparison, I also use a pressure sensitive Adonit Jot Pro stylus with my iPad when using Procreate 2, but it still feels clunky to me. Nothing beats integrated pressure sensitivity, IMO <3