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Might as well put it here too. ( posted on my Twitter )

I’m making a proper comic for her! There will be some more of the same good ol’ happy slice-of-life cuteness as well as more… Maybe not as cute stuff. Depends on how far down the rabbit hole you wish to go(/read).

Currently working on jotting down the script before I start drawing. Will probably release pages in small batches as I progress. :3


Blacks Sails Favorite Quotes - Part One

fightsthatdragon  asked:

(s8, post) [ sits enclosed by an array of his physics and medical texts in the middle of their library. reading glasses perched at the bridge of his nose, he slouches over one of his personal journals, jotting in small script. a strain of an aerosmith classic hums out from his headphones. ]

     dinner being ready is the only reason wilson indulges in wanting to interrupt house. the problem is when he gets to the library, leaning against the doorframe, he can’t help but admire the unguarded mess before him. rumpled hair, wrinkled clothes, books upon books everywhere – most of them well beyond wilson’s ability to understand what they’re about. more than all of that, regardless of how endearing they are, it’s house being at ease that plucks at his heartstrings and warms his gaze.

      the moments he catches glimpses of a burden free house are few and far between. shadows lurk everywhere for him. sometimes, he willingly welcomes them in, too. but here in the safety of their library, he’s just greg. wilson’s greg; his rumpled bookworm. 

      picking his way through the littering of books, wilson all but crawls up next to him, peering over his journal before kissing his shoulder. gently, he plucks at his headphones and when house turns to him, plants a kiss on his nose. 

      “want me to bring dinner in here? you don’t have to move. it’s not messy,” he can’t help himself and the need to steal a kiss is just as important as trying to preserve the peace house has found in here. “and you can tell me about anything interesting you’ve found. i want to hear all about it.”