Have some sketches!

The first drawing’s of Ayasha and Discord from:

The other three are fan art for Ponies with Pockets (PierceSmoulder)‘s  eighth episode of Doctor Whooves and Assistant “Terror." Their episodes keep getting better and better! I really loved this one, and I thought their way on integrating the voice actor change into the story was very clever.

Jot’s Journal Episode 1 Stream @ 6:00pm (CST) and 9:00pm (CST)

Jot’s Journal Episode 1: Change

Stream starts at 6:00 pm (CST) time and will encore at 9:00 pm (CST). The episode will be posted on Youtube next Saturday. Fans are free to send in art for the video before it is posted.

Episode Synopsis:

Jot and Shamrock are lead by mysterious, enchanted pages to the Changeling Forest, finding that it is just as dangerous as they anticipated. They are greeted by both foes, as well as friends…?

Stream will include:

-First part of Episode 1 in full with finished music score.

-Finished production art.

-Pt 2 sneak peek. 

-Pt 1 Bloopers.

-Will be accepting fan submissions for a week.