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Jobros swapping outfits or styles?

Random Jobro Headcanons #23 (SFW)

A great ask, the kind of ask that makes me wish I could draw well. Anyway, thank you beautiful anon!

Jonadio: In all fairness the two wear very similar styles at least pre-vampire where Dio embraces a very strange fashion. Jonathan would look great in DIO’s clothes but he’d feel a bit exposed in places. Dio looks good in pretty much anything so, the only thing is that the kind of clothes Jonathan wears represent a certain kind of life Dio loathes. Jonathan fits well into Dio’s bizarre clothing even if he doesn’t think so. (Tiddie game is strong with these two)

Caejose: Caesar never really noticed how little clothes Joseph wore until they decided to switch outfits for the fun of it. The scar doesn’t do anything to hide the foot of abdomen showing and the pants that are incredibly tight. Joseph thinks it’s very funny that Caesar has so many accessories. The headband, the feathers, the gloves and even though he is wearing a little too many layers he still looks hot because well, he’s Joseph.

Jotakak: Well they both wear school uniforms but Jotaro hates having to be contained within the restraints of the school uniform he is meant to wear. Where as Kakyoin is overwhelmed by all that goes into the uniform never feeling comfortable in the much bigger jacket and its weight not to mention he can’t get rid of the feeling of guilt he has for breaking the dress code.

Josuyasu: They would totally do this, out of curiosity. Josuke would do his best to fit into Okuyasu’s tight fitting uniform but would ultimately fill it out pretty good and would still look really cool with it on. Okuyasu loves Josuke’s clothes and feels a bit honored that Josuke allowed him to wear his precious uniform. Between the nipple zippers and the giant pendants he understands just why Josuke feels like a badass. They would totally compliment one another on it too. There is some great fan art for this too!


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