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I was watching my brother play xbox when I realized... professional sports teams have video games. With avatars that look just like the players and have their stats. Sooo professional exy teams could have a video games.. and when Neil and Andrew went pro they would see their little video game selves

okay so listen:

  • andrew never pays attention to literally anything going on with his exy career
  • like seriously? he goes where they tell him and does what he’s contractually obligated to do 
  • so when he had to wear a weird suit and pretend to block a bunch of fake shots he thought it was probably some weird form of monitoring his health or muscles
  • of course he doesn’t tell neil about it in their nightly skype calls becuase it’s unimportant in his mind
  • unknown to andrew, neil also did the same thing but doesn’t much care for video games so he also says nothing
  • basically a literal day after it’s happened they’ve both forgotten about it 
  • but then the game comes out 
  • and everyone starts tweeting them about it
  • and making funny vines with 6-foot whatever kevin day being checked by 5′0″” andrew minyard
  • (it’s probably some thing where you can just like assign the players any position for fun idk)
  • neil picks up on it an favorites a bunch of videos on twitter
  • (poor boy didn’t know other people could see his likes)
  • and of course matt calls neil the day it comes out
    • “neil! you didn’t tell me we’d both be in a video game together?!? how sick is that! you totally have to come over and play, bro”
  • basically neil loves it because he gets to play as andrew and ends up mimicking him as he does it 
    • “my names andrew and i squish garbage in the can until it’s too full and i refuse to take it out”
    • “hey guys, watch out! i have the ball and i’m not afraid to beam it at your ankles if you look at me the wrong way!”
    • “i’m andrew and i pretend to hate the cats but wheni think neil’s not looking i make kissy noises at them and hold them in my arms”
    • “neil’s bothering me so i’m going to pretend he’s a vegetable and pretend he doesn’t exist”
  • of course andrew catches him doing it one time when neil thought he was home alone and was playing online with matt
  • (he was home alone but had jumped into a monologue as andrew and was too distracted to hear him walk in for his weekend visit)
  • of course andrew decides to get him back by doing the same thing as neil
    • “my name is neil and i’m an idiot who has no self preservation”
    • “watch out kevin, i’m here to steal your one true love away, the court”
    • “did you guys know that i leave my socks all over the apartment becuase that’s where they belong?”
  • it definitely turns into a way for them to get out their petty aggression on one another
  • and if one of the foxes just happens to post multiple videos of it online and create a small phenomena, then that’s between them and the thousands of views

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andreil + sleeping on the couch together and matt kinda scares andrew awake and andrew has a tiny panic and shoves neil off the couch and neil smacks his head against something and scrapes his cheekbone and andreil ends up sitting in the bathroom with neil sitting down and andrew making sure his boy didnt break his nose or have another fucking concussion

Hey! Thanks for the prompt <3 I hope you like what I came up with! this turned out a lil angsty, yikes.

Keep the prompts coming, folks! I have exams and need a distraction. (Everyone’s been giving me prompts in which Neil gets hurt? :D poor boy)


They’ve cuddled in on the couch, Neil in front of Andrew, which is a rare occurrence as it is, but it’s even rarer at the dorms. But Andrew has been sniffling and sneezing lately, and Neil’s legs feel like lead from night practice and so they dozed off while watching tv. None of them is really deeply asleep, both of them in a state somewhere between sleep and rest, but it’s more than enough to startle the shit out of them when suddenly the door slams shut. 

Andrew sits up, body stiffened immediately, curtesy of too many times when a noise like this meant very bad things were coming, and whips his head around, only to see Matt, one hand still on the doorknob, wincing guiltily. “Fuck, sorry, guys. The wind caught the door.” Then he peeks around Andrew, “Um, is Neil-”

Andrew scowls at him, and growls “Leave.”, Matt just lifts his hands apologetically and hurries off. When Andrew turns back around, he is momentarily confused for a split-second- where is Neil? But then he hears a groan and realized he must have pushed Neil off the couch when he jerked awake. Neil is already sitting up and rubbing his face. 

“…ouch.”, the striker mumbles sleepily and looks up at Andrew with bleary eyes. Andrew is about to lean down and pull Neil back up, but then, Neil pulls his hand back, and there’s blood on his palm and on a cut on his cheekbone. 

Andrew’s world constricts for a moment, and then a sticky, disgusting feeling spreads through his body. Neil is hurt. Neil is bleeding. He pushed Neil off the couch and now Neil is bleeding. Fuck. 

Neil looks at his hand in awe, still sleepy, and then wipes it off on his jeans. It’s so little that it barely leaves a stain. But Andrew’s gaze is focused on the cut in his cheekbone. 

“Andrew, I’m f-”

“Don’t.” Andrew’s voice is sharp and then he’s up and dragging Neil into the bathroom while his stomach is churning. Neil keeps insisting that he’s okay, and the cut isn’t even deep and he’s barely bleeding and he’s had so much worse.

But Andrew feels like his hands are going to clench so hard that he’s going to break his own fingers if he can’t make sure Neil is really, truly okay right now. He swore to protect him and now he hurt him. Neil, especially Neil’s face, has been through enough already. 

Neil keeps protesting, but Andrew makes him sit down on the edge of the tub, and then searches the bathroom cabinet for desinfectant and a band-aid, throwing everything else out into the sink carelessly. Neil has stopped protesting, and watches him quietly now. 

When Andrew’s found what he’s been looking for, he steps in between Neil’s legs, and takes his face in his palms, turning Neil’s head, looking at his pupils, his nose, his lips and teeth. Nothing else seems hurt, and that makes the sticky feeling in his chest the tiniest bit better. 

Quietly, he wipes the cut clean, and puts a band-aid on it. Then he steps back and takes his hands off Neil as if Neil burnt him. 

Neil looks at him and Andrew wants to punch him or pull his own hair out because the way Neil’s blue eyes focus on him and his lower lip stands out a little makes his heart go faster and it sucks and Andrew just hates him so much. 

“Andrew…” How can someone’s voice be so soft? Fuck Josten and his soft voice. Andrew turns around and goes to the door. Neil lets him. 

And hour and half a pack of cigarettes later, Neil finds him on the roof. He doesn’t say anything, he just sits down next to him and steals his cigarette. 

He finishes it while Andrew stares off in the distance. After Neil has stubbbed the cigarette out, he slowly turns to look at Andrew. 

“Andrew, I’m okay. Things like this happen. You didn’t-”

“Stop talking.”, Andrew says without looking at Neil. Neil obliges, but he doesn’t take his eyes off Andrew. 

After two minutes or five or ten, Neil opens his mouth again.

“…you could kiss it better, if you wanted to.” His voice is a low purr, and Andrew just hates how easily it makes the sticky feeling turn differently sticky, hot like molasses, from his neck to the bottom of his spine and his lower abdomen.

Andrew slowly turns his head and leans in just a little. The eagerness with which Neil shifts towards him and the way his breath hitches just a little makes the feeling Andrew’s dealing with right now even worse. Or better, maybe. 

“Next time you say something this cheesy, I’ll throw you off the roof.”, he growls, and then closes the gap between their mouths.  

“You all fell short of my expectations.” Kevin Day said after the first time watching them practice.

“Was that a fucking short joke?” Aaron asked while Andrew just pulled out a knife.

Three years later Kevin said those exact words and Neil just fucking climbed Andrew to smack Kevin’s face.

run away days

Some how Neil escapes both the Feds and the hospital. It’s mindblowingly amazing that after being tortured and kidnapped and held under surveillance that he managed to slip past the Feds and out the front door (the security footages showed him just walking on out, barely upright. He had stolen new clothes and nicked some baseball cap but anyone who knew Neil knew that desperate set in his shoulders.).

Andrew was livid.

Neil had panicked and fled, face torn up and body a bloody mess. He hadn’t even taken a phone with him, or his duffle bag. All that he had left behind was a scrap piece of paper that he had written im sorry on in his own blood.

The Feds were searching and Andrew was combing the streets. Neil was smart enough to avoid the train station and the bus station along with the main roads. He knew Neil well enough to know that he would migrate towards an airport.

It was stupid, seeing as how he had no ID much less a passport and Andrew was going to handcuff him to his own wrist the moment he got his hands on him.

He was driving down one of the back streets seething in anger, hands gripping tight to the steering wheel.

Neil was hunched over on a street corner by himself and Andrew slammed on the brake the moment he caught a glimpse of him.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” He demanded as he slammed the car door hard. Neil gave a violent flinch, looking up with a panicked expression. “Thought I told you to stop playing rabbit.”

He got a shrug in response and a chance to take a look at the hospital bandages. Blood was showing through at a few spots and he frowned hard.

“Old habits.”

“Figure out how to break them.”

His anger, much to his dismay, was slipping away. Andrew made an attempt to pull Neil up but was rejected, arms lifting to cover his face as Neil leaned back out of reflex. “Pretty stupid sitting in the open like this. Thought you had survival instincts.”

Neil looked up at him blankly. “I don’t think I want to anymore.”

Ah, Andrew frowned. Neil was waiting for someone to pick him off. Do the majorly post poned job and kill him. Gun, knife. Nothing overly new. This wouldn’t stand.

“Yes or no.” He asked and waited for the slight jerk of Neil’s head, half unaware and half exhausted. Andrew placed one hand on the back of his neck, waiting for the anxiety to die down a bit before using his other hand to grasp Neil by the elbow and force him to stand up.

Neil winced, standing. His legs trembled with the effort and his skin seemed to burn. Suddenly Andrew was herding him towards the still running car and for a moment he tried to push away and flee but was blocked. It was a subtle repositioning of stance, Andrew shifting to prevent Neil from slipping past and instead had him seated in the car, buckled in and contained.

The window went down a few inches and Andrew kept an eyes on him, even as he drove him back to the hospital.

Everything was a mess there, nurses up in arms with the Feds and the foxes up in arms with everyone. Kevin was hunched over in the waiting room drinking what appeared to be a combination of protein powder and vodka while Matt was on his phone calling out what sounded to be a description of Neil-“he’s really fucking short, and I love him so find him”- before catching sight of Andrew gently guiding Neil into the area.

“Where did you find him?” Matt demanded, getting close but not to close because Neil looked like a nervous wreck, half leaning towards Andrew and half trying to stumble backwards out the doors. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” he whispered, words like plastic against a face covered in bandages and misery.

“Bullshit,” Aaron announced from where he was perched on a bench. “You need bandages changed, probably pulled some stitches. Ever think maybe taking it easy instead of pulling off an escape might be a good idea?” Dan hummed in agreement as she waved over a nurse.

Suddenly people were swarming and Neil was pressed up against a wall with Andrew standing guard. Feds were talking loud and fast and he could barely keep words straight when Andrew moved to block one man with handcuffs from touching him. “Don’t even think about touching him.”

“We were very clear what would happen if you tried this. He’s had his warning, now please move out of the way.”

“What exactly has he done wrong?” Allison demanded, elbowing her way through the collection of nurses to get closer. “He’s just a witness who got scared off. Technically you’re more at fault for letting him just walk on out those doors.”

“He needs protective custody. Nathanial isn’t in a strong mentality to be left to make his own decisions.”

“Neil,” Andrew said loudly, “is staying right here.”

“He’s dangerous to have around.”

“I’m more dangerous than you’d think.”

Neil was skittish, trying to find an exit to escape the crowd of people and Feds were pushing in to much and suddenly Andrew had backed him up towards a wall of solid muscle, Matt who gently put an arm around him and stood tall towards anyone who dared to blink in their direction. Renee was up beside Andrew and Kevin was close to Neil, hands curled tight.

Suddenly the world was hard to focus on much of anything and he slid down to the floor.


“You’re idiot boyfriend over exhausted and dehydrated himself.” Aaron told Andrew. “Next time he decides on fleeing pack him a water bottle.”

He was hooked to an IV and had his wrists restrained until it could be proved he wasn’t a danger to himself. The moment Neil had collapse the nurses descended, sending him deeper into the hospital. Matt had followed with Aaron while the rest of the foxes stood off to the Feds. It had been three hours of point blank refusing to agree that Neil had any potential of danger (beyond what Nicky called his oblivious cruelty to his attempts at flirting with the striker)

“Shut up.” Andrew said smartly.

Neil’s name was to be legally changed to Neil Josten and nothing was to change at all. He would attend trial for Lola’s crimes as well as testify to the extent of his father. He would remain a fox. He would remain their own.


After his release Neil was a bit different. His sessions with Bee were weekly mandatory sessions and he refused to cooperate at all. Andrew got into the habit of escorting him to and from, as well as sticking around to monitor the situation afterwards. Neil sometimes became flighty and unpredictable and Andrew had found him after the second session packing and unpacking his duffle bag over and over again.

He said stopped using lighters anywhere near him and there was an unspoken promise between them. Neil would try to cope and Andrew would handle what Neil couldn’t. If that meant to force him to not run away or to drag him to the therapy sessions, Andrew was fine with it.
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Neil woke to sound of Nuit growling and pixies chattering about intruders, his hands scrambling for the knife he kept beneath the soft pillow Abby had given him when she realized that he barely slept in the set of rooms assigned to him and legs twisted in the thin quilt. As he became more aware, more awake, he picked up on a sense of unhappiness and exhaustion as well as a disgruntled voice – Kevin’s voice.

“Call them off, Neil! Call them – dammit, we’re not going in there! Andrew, do something about these things.”



Yeah, so I managed to get the chapter done! It hit a good ending point so there you go. Probably won’t be a new chapter for two weeks, though, will post prompts and the such until then.


Hi!! since i get this question often im just going to make a text post LOL

I will try to restock them soon (hopefully mid july 2017) and will make a post about it for you guys to know about it/preorder your charms

Im more active on twitter so if u want to find me and chat THATS THE PLACE TO DO IT im sorry for not replying promptly on tumblr i just… dont log on very often T_>T

sometimes i wonder if the people making height jokes about andrew and neil like,,, have stood next to someone who is a different height. I am 5'9 and my best friend is 5'0. the only time i have to physically tilt my head down to make eye contact is if we are standing legitimately toe to toe, and in american culture that’s not even a romantic distance. no, standing that close is a threat. a display of dominance. and you mean to tell me neil would do that to andrew? sis i did the reading but that’s not in my cards???

the day neil josten does one (1) thing to make andrew minyard feel subservient is the day the good lord can drop kick my fat ass into hell