Okay, I just finished reading Son of No One; Even though the book was a little odd, short and everything happened way too fast. I liked it but I wasn’t loved it, it could be that I’m still reeling over Styxx that at this moment I’m expecting a read at similar caliber. Alas, this book was not.

The main characters are new (Jo and Cadegan) but chemistry was there. A lot of new information and a reveal I wasn’t expecting. Still, I did enjoy this for the most part.  

Overall, Son of No One was still a good read. While it is not my favorite of the series I found it very entertaining and multiple times caused me to laugh out loud. Cadegan amused me and I loved their issues with understanding each other since he’d been imprisoned for nearly a thousand years.

Probably this book was needed to connect the general plot of this cycle to the future books (Jaden’s arc)… I don’t complain at all.

I can’t wait for Max’s Book. I’m sure it’ll be full of Sanctuary’s usual characters.


tevin gets some play time before school. then doreen goes into labor. she has baby girl, jossette, but doreen isn’t finished. she then pops out another - baby boy, dorian. i don’t think joe is happy about having another set of twins, but he has no choice but to adapt so he spends some time bonding with the babies. rufus, still upset about joe slapping him up the night before comes by to steal the newspaper.

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“It was 1880 when we moved to the Winding Woods. I was 6 years old at the time. I was sad and I didn’t like it very much. The woods was darker, and filled with strange trees unlike the pines I had spent my first few years of life around. But that changed when Jean was born. Belle did visit from time to time, but Jean was someone I could always play with. As he grew up we became more and more mischievous and inseparable. And as my horns grew in, Father was more willing to let us wander the woods on our own.

We met some of the phantump occasionally. We were always a little scared of the larger pokemon in the woods, but the phantump taught us something I’ll never forget.

They taught us to laugh the scary away. And I’ve carried that motto with me all my life. It helped me get over Uncle Nate’s death. Though they weren’t quite the best influence for two young children who already had a rebellious streak. Father was really strict, so we loved to get away with things when we could.”