so fucking excited for cap 3 , i am so glad its being released to recover and rebuild the character development of all those affected and personally victimanised by joss in aou. speaking directly to you natasha

You know I love all my children, but the second season always stands out for me because it was the first time we as a writing staff realised what we were capable of, that we really realised the nature of the show, soap operatic elements, continuing stories, what we could do. There was never a better foil for Buffy than Angel - although Faith came close - because Angel hit her where she lived and nobody else ever did and the audience had so much invested in him. Plus there was Spike and Dru and Cordelia… I mean, it taught us what this show could be. And so this season has that place in my heart.
—  Joss Whedon on which Buffy Season he likes the best (SFX Collection: Influential TV, 2006)

Sometimes I just remember Cordelia in Helpless and I just get really emotional about how fantastic she is??

Like when Buffy tries to help her out from the gross dude and the dude knocks Buffy aside and Cordelia just attacks him as best as she can and then when Buffy asks for a ride and without question she’s just like “Of course”

Cordelia’s development in Angel is fantastic but if you don’t think her development in Buffy was too then think again

Things that will probably happen before Dr Horrible Sing-Along Blog 2:

- Sherlock Season 4

- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

- A woman Doctor Who

- The Avengers 7

- Supernatural Season 25

- Pigfarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It’s on Mars

- A real Jurassic Park is opened

- The invention of teleportation

- Doomsday

- The raising of the Crab Empire

- Leonardo DiCaprio will win an Oscar

- An attack from the Fire Nation

- Joss Whedon dies of age, but is brought back to life as a Cyber-Man by the new technologies.

- Sherlock Season 5


“I’m going to show you a world without Sin.”

“It’s about the right to be wrong. It’s about the idea that you cannot impose your way of thinking on other people, even if your way of thinking is more enlightened and better than theirs. It’s just not simply the way human beings are. And you take that further and say that Sin is in fact outmoded, it is in fact more archaic than anything Mal believes in. When he says he is a fan of all seven, he is saying Sin is just what people are. It’s been codified, it’s been given a name. But all those things we take as faults are also the source of pleasure and decency and we should perhaps rethink it.” - Joss Whedon

friendly note @ joss whedon

when minority groups say that something you’ve done offends them, no matter if there are others of that minority group that say that they specifically are chill, you apologise, or you at least admit that you could’ve done a better job and take it into consideration for the future.

you don’t throw a fit and quit twitter because you’re being “bullied” by supposed death threats that no one saw being sent. you don’t block people that legitimately and appropriately criticise you.

this is especially for you, joss whedon, because you refused to listen to the exact group that you repeatedly say you pioneer for, namely women involved in geek culture. you lose your legitimacy for this group when you denounce their feelings about issues that they know more about than you, which in this case is their actual lives. when you block people and then later quit twitter because you don’t agree with people’s criticisms of your writing of natasha, you are saying “i don’t believe that women can be taken seriously if they are offended by this.” you are minimising how media portrayals affect their actual lives, and how twitter is a safe space where they can actively and directly communicate with the creator who they are upset with and explain their feelings.

and by quitting twitter and blaming “those crazy feminists” you are perpetuating the harmful stereotype that feminists are inherently bullies instead of people who can rationally think through issues.

 It’s just a short two page thing in EW, but I thought you guys would enjoy it.

Becoming Ultron

Nothing is worse than a know-it-all teen. That potent mix of angst and arrogance is how the makers of Avengers: Age of Ultron see their villain, a fledgling AI program that consumes the whole of human knowledge and then determines the world would be better off without us. Ultron never asked to be born, but here’s how writer-director Joss Whedon, producer and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, and actor James Spader brought the character from the 1968′s The Avengers #54 to electric life. –Anthony Breznican

» So Wrong He’s Right

The director had his heart set on Ultron as a villain for the sequel before even signing on to the first Avengers. He liked teh idea of a baddie who can upload his consciousness—and therefore can’t be destroyed by a mere smashing.

Joss Whedon: It had to be Ultron. He’s a massive Avengers foe. Among the most massive and constant—and dangerous. A guy that hates them that much, wants to destroy them that much, I’m like, ”There’s something wrong with him. I can write that!”

James Spader: Kevin Feige and my agent, Toni Howard, had been on the phone with each other. She also represents Sam Jackson, and I had said at one point, “It might be fun to do one of those comic-book movies.” I have three boys, and I had never really chosen any films for the kids. I said to [Marvel] in that first meeting: “I am aware that you get one entrance into this world… If I’m going to do it, I want it to be something that’s really fun and great.”

Whedon: I’ve never seen a robot who’s as expressive as a person. That’s why Spader is the guy for it. He’s very idiosyncratic, very charming, very volatile, and also sort of hypnotic himself.

»Mission: Get Spader

To recruit Spader, head of visual development Ryan Meinerding and the Marvel team drew up a new version of Ultron’s skull-like visage, incorporating elements of the actors own face.

Whedon: Ryan painted this extraordinarily beautiful close-up based on an old picture of James. You wouldn’t know it if you weren’t told, but just the look in the eyes, and the sexiness, sadness, regret, and coolness—we’re like, “Oh, yeah. That’s our guy.”

Spader: [It was] more about the eyes than anything because, after all, he is made out of metal. I then reiterated: “My only apprehension is what I can bring to the table, because a great deal of this is CGI, and I want to make sure I can provide everything and more than a filmmaker wants. Otherwise I’m not the right person.

»Man Becomes Machine

When Spader learned Ultron would require more than just voice acting and that he could perform on set with the other actors, he was sold.

Spader: They put me in a suit and had me do a range of motion in front of these cameras. Then they processed that into the computer, and all of a sudden, these monitors were live-streaming my movements. I was able to see my physical movements as that 8-foot robot.

Whedon: [Ultron] is definitely a child. Sometimes he’s a teenager, some times he’s an infant, sometimes he’s a very old man. He looks at Tony Stark like a father, brother, everything. It all gets muddled in there. At the same time, Spader can’t help but have a very nurturing, fatherly tone. He’s fairly patronizing with the Avengers, except I can’t say he’s totally wrong.

Kevin Feige: Every movie goes through the visual-effect process of “HOw do we do this? How is it going to work?” Then it goes to “Okay, is this working?” Then it goes to “Oh my God—it’s not going to work!” And then it gets to the area we’re in now, which is “It works! It worked.” Those are the shots that have finally started to come in, and we go from biting our nails to “Can you play it again? I love it.”

Whedon: I have a crush on Ultron.

  • appropriate reason to dislike aou: "idk man there was too much action, and seemed a little repetitive. and I don't like how they killed of quicksilver i mean c'mon! it just wasn't what i was hoping for. oh well"

I made this to remind people to vote and to please truly consider the choice you are making. This election has me incredibly concerned. I really don’t understand how people could even consider voting for someone who is so insanely  dangerous. Someone who has no respect for women, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ, the disabled, ect. As said in Joss Whedon’s Save the Day video “we cannot pretend both sides are equally unfavorable.” I understand that Hillary may not be your first choice, and yes she has made mistakes which shouldn’t be disregarded but she is lightyears better than someone who has no respect for our own country as well as others. We need someone who is intelligent, respectful, and ready to make the challenging decisions and that is why I proudly vote for Hillary Clinton. “if you care about your future, vote for it.”

***I understand that you may disagree with me, and you are 100% entitled to your own opinions, I just ask that you please be respectful of mine. 

(quote from Hamilton)

Season Finales & Their Ships

Tonight was the season finale for two of my shows: The Originals and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – not series finale like Star Crossed was - Yes, I’m still sore about it–

Starting with Shield:

I’ve been a big Skyeward fan since the beginning and I’m still one even though Ward has, as of right now, no redeemable qualities. However, I’m willing to stick with it because no one does a redemption story like Joss Whedon (remember Spike people?)

Tonight saw Ward being taken into custody after May decimated his ass which was kinda awesome. Skye’s setup for it was awesome too:

Skye: I have a weapon much better than a bomb that will absolutely destroy you.

Ward: Why’s that?

Skye: Because you slept with her. She’s really pissed off.

I do truly hope for a redemption story line for Ward. Also, Nick Fury’s cameo was awesome….true hero moment.

But I think the Joss Whedon award for:

 should go to this guy here:

Fitz’s act of complete selflessness saved Gemma’s life at what cost to himself is unknown…all we can say for sure right now is that he is alive.

There was also a few very noteworthy scenes with Fury and Coulson:

1. Fury gives Coulson a weapon which, if you saw the avengers you know its significance, and Coulson’s reply is: ‘I know what it does’

2. Garrett is going on and on about how he and Coulson are the same and that they’re brothers. Fury looks to Coulson and says, “You didn’t tell me he’d gone this crazy.” Coulson, without missing a beat replies, “He’s really stepped it up a notch.” These two doing these comedic lines together are brilliant.

3. Coulson finally gets to yell at Fury about what he put him through with the T.A.H.I.T.I. project. 

Fury: It was a 'break glass in case of emergency’ situation.

Coulson: Yes, but that emergency was supposed to be the fall of an Avenger.

Fury: Exactly.

I paused for a moment thinking I might cry a little at that.

And to end on a funny scene….after Garrett had been 'killed’ he gets back up and gets new cybernetic crap put on him and as he’s making this monologue speech of evil to himself Coulson blows him up with the 'device fueled by evil’ from episode 2.

Now onto The Originals.

Needless to say (just realized its kinda funny how people say 'needless to say’ but end up saying it anyway…food for thought) when that little witch bitch slit Hayley’s throat I was a little freaked that one half of my OTP had died. Then I remembered about the hybrid crap and figured she’d probably be okay. With me calmed down from that I was able to enjoy how well Daniel Gillies played out Elijah’s pain. It was beautiful.

Now I don’t wish pain on anyone but it was a really nice change of pace to see Klaus truly grieving while holding Hayley’s body after his child had been taken. He wasn’t shouting out vengeance at the world, he was sitting there silently, almost like he was in shock.

Another thing to adore is after Elijah sort of breaks down he and Klaus have this nice little moment where Klaus is comforting him and acknowledging his feelings for Hayley in a completely non-mocking way. It was very sweet.

And so, yes, Hayley does wake up and the moment comes when she finds the brothers. Elijah looking like he’s almost afraid to believe she’s standing in front of them, touching her to make sure she’s real.

Then the trio go to save the baby….very badass angry mamma flanked by her boys.

Unfortunately they end up not facing three witches but hundreds, as the three are connected to the ancestors. Elijah gets Genevieve out of the way where Hayley kicks some ass. They end up being held at bay until Klaus spears one of the little witches. Evil witch bitch Monique is about to impale the poor baby when who shows up for the save?

That’s right, its Marcel to the rescue! And lets be honest…who here was not waiting for someone to kill that girl?

Though Marcel does take the baby right after there was no doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t harm her. He just needed Klaus’ help, which new papa Mikaelson gladly gave. 

On a sad note, because they knew that the baby wouldn’t be safe in New Orleans or anywhere else Hayley, Klaus, and Elijah agreed to fake the baby’s death with Marcel’s help. Where would said baby go then you ask:

With auntie Becks of course!!!

I’ll be honest, it made me cry. Klaus doing, probably the most unselfish thing he’s ever done in his life, and saying goodbye to this little girl 'Hope’ whom you can tell he loves so much. Even though in his soft speech to his daughter he’s basically saying he’d totally slaughter anyone who tried to harm her, you can’t help but think she couldn’t have a better daddy.

It really was just such a bittersweet episode.

Other mentions:

1. I’m not a Klayley shipper and frankly that’s not really what I appreciated in the first scene, which appeared to be a flashback, between Klaus and Hayley. What I loved was how hesitant and somewhat bashful Klaus is when Hayley allows him to feel the baby kick.

These are the moments that make you completely blank out on any horrible thing he may have done in the past.

2. Props to Marcel for giving Josh all that remained of Klaus’ blood. I love Josh and I’m so happy he’s sticking around. 

3. Davina. I’ll admit when Mikael first showed up and Davina was all like 'I’m gonna bring you back’ I was like, 'you’re seriously thinking this is a good idea?’ Then she did and I’ll admit I was calling her stupid in my head. Then the end came and she revealed that she didn’t just bring Mikael back, she made him, for all intents and purposes, her little bitch. 

One word for you darling: Brilliant.