joss whedon i'm looking at you

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why do more people not watch buffy the vampire slayer???? i mean come on buffy is a traditionally girly chick who just happens to be destined with saving the fucking world and looks great doing it (even if she's kinda hella annoyed that she has to in the beginning but whatever that's fucking logical) who doesn't love that??? and don't even get me started on the realistically mildly problematic characters with reAL DEPTH like b r o can you say CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT because i can and obviously so can joss whedon and excuse me but when was the last time you saw a musical episode that great and leT'S JUST TALK ABOUT IT HAVING ONE OF TELEVISION'S FIRST QUEER COUPLES AND NOT EVEN AS A TOKEN BACKGROUND GAY COUPLE
  • also it's all on netflix what the fuck is everyone's excuse

Reminder that you don’t have to feel bad about liking Age of Ultron.

If tumblr is making you feel like a bad person for enjoying a movie you’ve been looking forward to seeing please, please know that it’s okay and you don’t need to feel uncomfortable and brought down because of a website.

This place can be very emotionally detrimental to those of us who are already anxious or have problems with guilt.

Stay safe out there, Avengers.

is there a name for the phenomenon where an up-and-coming artist creates a really inspiring work with radical, progressive themes, and it becomes popular, and they’re pulled to create more work, but as they become more successful they start leaning more to the conservative side and it almost seems like they never understood what made their original work so important in the first place?

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Reblog if you trust Guillermo Del Toro with Pacific Rim more than you trust Joss Whedon with Age of Ultron

So I was just going down the cast list of Guardians of the Galaxy and noticed

I mean honestly was Joss Whedon the casting director for extras in this freakin thing?

Breaking News

 Watching The Gift is as heartbreaking as it was 15 years ago. I may have woken up my neighbor’s cat who was taking a nap next to me with my gross sobbing. (disclaimer: I did.)

anonymous asked:

You're the toxic one, darling. Stop seeing wrongs everywhere you look and start paying attention inward. You would do yourself a world of good if you fixed a bit that nasty personality of yours.

Stop seeing something wrong? Oops, wait, where do I look to avoid this? Help!

Oh look, there’s something ‘wrong’. 

and there’s more here: 

But wait, where else can I look to avoid seeing ‘wrong’ things? 

Shit, i’m seeing all kinds of things that upset me because they are wrong!

God, there must be a problem with my personalty, for finding these things upsetting.

I must be

A horrible person 

For having thoughts 

about current events.

Shame on me, I better look inward before I start giving a shit about how people treat other people. Let me just fix that right up there, for you, the random stranger who knows nothing about me.

I’ll get right on that.