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Daily Doux: 10 Best Person of Interest Episodes

10) God Mode

The one where Root and Harold went looking for the Machine while the Mayhem Twins earned their name. 

9) Witness

The one where Keith Mars turned out to be a very bad man.  

8) Deus Ex Machina

The one where Sameen Shaw cycled all the way to New Jersey to protect Root. You know, for the mission. 

7) Pi R 

The one where Finch goes solo and saves the day while John is locked up. 

6) The Crossing

The one where all our hearts were broken.  

5) Cura Te Ipsum

The one where we were left wondering if Reese straight up murdered that guy.

4) Terra Incognita

The one where Reese was visited by the ghost of cast members past. 

3) Many Happy Returns

The one where we found out what happened to Jessica and Reese sported a truly terrible fake beard. 

2) Relevance

The one where met and fell head over heels in love with Sameen Samantha Shaw.   

1) If Then Else 

The one where Shoot shippers everywhere lost their shit.