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holy shit, i figured out why i hate whedon. okay, bear with me,

he’s fine when it comes to writing his ocs, cause those are his, you can’t really give concrit

and when it comes to other people’s characters, he’s good at voice and making a character SOUND like themselves!! he’s good at banter and making exchanges fast and fun, he’s good at action scenes and choreography and keeping things exciting

BUT he’s terrible at personality analysis, his character development arcs are confusing at best, he shoves his ooc pairings in everyone’s faces, and talks bad about everyone else working with him


joss whedon is a bad rper

May Ch. 1

Okay, guys. Here we go. This is my very first (posted) Chris Evans Fic. I love love love Evans (who doesn’t honestly?) and this is a much needed break for me. Thank you all so much.

Title: May

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Fluff (eventually), Reunion

Chapter/Oneshot: Chapter 1 l Chapter 2 l Chapter 3 l Chapter 4 l Chapter 41/2 l Chapter 5

Characters: Chris Evans, Kaylen Eira-May Ellis (OC), Chris Hemsworth, Kat Dennings, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Joss Whedon, Rupert Gray (OC), and Miv (OC) 

Summary: During the filming of Thor 3: Ragnarok, Chris runs into an old friend, one he never thought he would see again, reminding him of things he thought he had moved past. How much has changed? Will she slip away again? Can he let her? 

“Ouf.” Chris huffed, a grin breaking across his face as Tom smacked his arm that was still sore from falling on set yesterday. There was bound to be a nice sized bruise on his upper arm, but thankfully there were no shirtless scenes for at least two weeks. 

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