Joss Whedon’s 2013 Wesleyan commencement speech:

So here’s the thing about changing the world. It turns out that’s not even the question, because you don’t have a choice. You are going to change the world because that is actually what the world is.

You do not pass through this life, it passes through you. You experience it, you interpret it, you act, and then it is different. That happens constantly. You are changing the world. You always have been.

And now it becomes real on a level that it hasn’t been before.

The full transcript.

In the Firefly episode “Out of Gas” (1x05) Wash wires up a large, red button for the captain to press if he needs the crew to return to the ship. When he shows it to Mal he says, “When your miracle gets here, just hit this button.” When Alan left the Firefly(2002) set after the series was canceled, he took that button as a keepsake. When Joss Whedon announced that he would be searching for a way to bring the show back as either a series or a feature film, Alan sent him the button with a note that said, again, “When your miracle gets here, just hit this button.”.

10 reasons to watch Buffy.

1.) Strong Female Characters (yeah that’s plural I know shocking there’s more then one)

2.) Well Written (It’s Whedon what do you expect?)

3.) Life Lessons (Ex: other people’s strength does not diminish your own, recognizing weakness doesn’t make you weak, the power of addiction…etc)

4.) Characters who grow and have more than one side 

5.) Prioritizing Plot over fluffy Romance

6.) Complicated relationships 

7.) Social Commentary

8.) Old School Whedon (back when no one knew who he was and he just kinda did what he wanted to and wrote what he wanted to write)

9.) Humor used right!

10.) It’s like a well written supernatural where a character doesn’t die every episode and come back the next and it you have 2X chromosomes you aren’t condemned to die on sight!

I cannot believe that Joss Whedon deleted his Twitter account.

Actually, I can, because I would probably do the same thing if hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people were sending me death threats

If you are one of the individuals who sent Joss Whedon [or anyone for that matter] a death threat, you are a disgraceful human being.

As much as I love Avengers…it’s a MOVIE. You have NO RIGHT to send a message like that, just because the movie wasn’t written/directed how YOU wanted it to be or how it was “supposed” to be.