here is round 2 of christmas sketches.

1. the transforming zoroak, AKA @dipschtick, josr we may not talk but when we do it fun, you are a hard worker and everyone you meet loves you and enjoys being around. you have a great imagination and love for drawing it is a pleasure to meet you 

2. the gelatinous alien girl, AKA @nine-doodles, Nine i havent official talk to you but i can tell the people we both know you love you and that reason enough to consider you friend. your art style is awesome and great you have such imagination.

3. the fire wizard of delphoxs, AKA @shaprite, tony when we first met you supported me on Flipnote Hatena, now you are a great friend with a great imagination. im glad you are my friends.

4. the firey mighthyene, AKA @sapphireliz, lizzy i have known you for sometime and i can see you have some amazing ideas, your art style is both cute and noticable. i drawn your newest pokesona out of respect for your decision to change it. you are a nice person and i respect that.

5. the fighting dino, AKA @9andrew5, Andrew i first met you on Hatena and i regret not talking to you in the 4 years hatena has been shut-down. so im going to make up for it by talking to you more often.

if i missed anyone please tell me because i cant remember names but i can remember the things we did. now i say one more thing tomorrow