Books I’m reading this October (Halloween theme)!

The books standing up are books I’m definitely reading, the one in a pile on the right are books I’m hoping to get to if I have the time (and don’t end up in a reading slump, like the past few months).

Go check out the summaries for these books and if you find any you like, add them to your to-read list for this month! :)

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Sorry Joey, seems that Jerry thinks you’re just a twat with a low IQ like he thinks about us :D

Oh btw coming from someone that doesn’t have a job and lives off of other’s misery money, living in our mother’s basement is a compliment coming from a hypocrite like yourself.

How does the irony smoothie taste? (referring to that previous shitpost about pedophilia *points down*)

You know, I’d find that burn a little more hilarious had you not have been shilling for EA… and knowing that you occasionally glance our blog or have someone tell you all the details because first-hand exposure will trigger whatever PTSD you claim to suffer from.

You calling us basement dwellers is amusing because if any employer were to look up your birth dead name or your criticism shield true identity, they would see you are incapable of being a team player. Some of us are still pursuing an education and a lot of us work for a living… this blog is just a hobby. You’ve made some dosh by broadcasting your third-wave ideals to the Tumblr masses and you’ve been able to pay bills with ad revenue along with Patreon and if I’m to trust sources, you had some money sent from EA and BioWare after defending their sketchy business choices.

Also, show some god damn respect to Ephrom… he could very well be the last real fan you have after your inevitable event horizon.



Bookoutlet Black Friday bookhaul!!!!!

So happy with my new little babies! Now I own 98 I haven’t read!

No more books for me until the tbr pile has less than 10 books!

  1. Arclight by Josin L. McQuein
  2. Reckless by Cornelia Funke
  3. The long war by Terry Pratchet
  4. 12 years a slave by Solomon Northup
  5. At the house of the magician by Mary Hooper
  6. By royal command by Mary Hooper
  7. The betrayal by Mary Hooper
  8. Eve and Adam by Michael Grant
  9. Roses and bones by Francesca Lia Block
  10. Elusion by Claudia Gabel
  11. Les francs-maçons
Deafpony does a post.

Never thought I’d do this again but I must considering the excrement Spongebob meme doesn’t know when to fuck off.

So as last posted, SegaSister attempted to make peace with Josine McCarthy, simply because she wanted shit to be put behind the two. Josine’s response was to be an entitled jackass and look way too deep into the context (how surprising) and basically makes it seem like she called her boyfriend stupid for taking MLP:FIM seriously, and then by some extent, say she’s calling the entirety of MLP Analysis stupid.

So after that post, Josine once again began doing his obnoxious smug behavior all over Twitter and commentating about a community he somehow thinks he knows more about despite just recently deciding to watch episodes of MLP all while still somehow connecting the HUAC guy with the current showrunner (which according to Jojo Mod, his tweet count on how obsessed/stalkerish he is on bronalysis is up to 231) when this happened. Jojo supplied screenshots:

Once again, you don’t see the fucking point.

Golden Fox may not know about us, but we still fucking have some damn respect for the guy.

You on the other hand?


oh and BTW Josine McCarthy, that outfit you infamously liked mocking that GoldenFox put his sona in?

It’s a Zelda reference.

I literally discussed with my friend about how annoyed I was with your fetish towards Golden and showed her the pic you love repeatedly showing. She pointed out it’s this thing:

Now let’s look at GF’s pic:


Originally posted by thecatdragon

Now let’s get to the next screenshot..

> haven’t hurt him.

So actively mocking his abilities as a reviewer because of one review, tagging him to get a rise out of him and even mocking and belittling the fact he likes cross-dressing his sona isn’t harassment?

How do you even fucking function.

> cue you screaming “BUT DON’T YOU DO THE SAME TO ME?!!?!?!?”

No because we point out your fucking inconsistencies and smug accusations. And ya know, twisting words around to fit your standards.

If you notice you’ll see what appears to be a Twitter user, not sure if he follows us or not but he tries a cunning tactic to get Josine McCarthy to think by addressing him as “the next FNGR”. Well..see how Josine reacts:

:3 Someone just realized their fuck up.

Originally posted by yesiamarebelliousflower

Oh shit~ Is someone…

Originally posted by kuad-p

And there you have it folks.

Josine dear Boi LITERALLY IS becoming the next FNGR.

He’s becoming that giant eye changeling in the Mirror!

Wow it’s funny because Josine turned his back on FNGR following his little rant towards Jer-Bear a while back and yet is turning exactly into FNGR.

Similar to how Peety detractors pointed out how he’s exactly like Starlight Glimmer pre-reformation and why he hates her so much.

And to be honest, it’s funny and sad.

Ya know Josine, I know you’re probably gonna see this post because you love stalking us and bothering us and are gonna take everything out of context to make us (or me considering your small obsession with my Twitter) when that is exactly why I don’t debate with you.

You take shit out of context to make the person who’s talking to you (or willing to make peace with you) to make them look horrible all while you’re looking at this pristine genius.

But really, you’re just some asshole with a overly analyzed opinions who somehow loves mocking a group of reviewers who like a show and saying they’re taking it too seriously by doing retrospectives on it all while you are constantly mocking and harassing them for taking their shit seriously.

It isn’t even for their opinions on the show, it’s just because you want someone to mock and feed to your stalker attitude.

So keep going at it FNGR 2.0, because you’re going down that damn path.

Now if you excuse me, I need more caffine and NIN. And a bit of Linkin Park too.

- deafpony.


A masterpost of YA books (and a few crossover MG titles) to be released in April 2014.  Check out this month’s new releases below.  Feel free to use this as a guide to this month’s releases - but please do not repost it in its entirety elsewhere.  If you found this masterpost helpful, a like, reblog, or link back to Paperback’d would be much appreciated! If you know of a YA book to be released this month that isn’t on the list, drop me a message and I’ll update it!

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You asked a serious question, now here is my serious answer…

We don’t just make fun of you for your long hair. We also include the questionable amount of oils and grease bubbling from those follicles. And the same contents that pour out of your sebaceous glands cover your face, making it look like you use Crisco instead of soap to wash your face and said abuse of Crisco has resulted in a video where most of my attention was focused on a giant pimple on your nose. FNGR has told you this many times before we have, practice proper hygiene.

There’s also that screechy prepubescent voice that screams, “Am I in the cool kids club yet, guys?” And the fact that you can’t orate is laughable, Jim AKA Mr. Metokur got his following almost ten years ago because of his oratory skills, he writes his material which you’ve never bothered to do. And another thing, shoving your face into your fake expensive microphone, (You’ve claimed in one of your joke videos that the headset mic is the real reason we’ve had to put up with your squawking) doesn’t really make you look endearing or tough like Alex Jones… it looks like something that’s not safe for work.

And speaking of your work… You’re not fun anymore. You just repeat the same BS from the past months we’ve had to respond to you which easily adds up to “NO! NO! NO! HEE-HAW! HEE-HAW! HEE-HAW!”

You were in a debate with people who knew their stuff better than you ever did, You kept jumping back to the whole “Canada’s life expectancy is three years longer than the US because of Free Health Care”. When it’s been proven by the other panelists that most Canadians don’t indulge in the same kind of cholesterol loaded foods or drugs that we have.

I mean these panelists have done the same thing we’ve done, but on a grander scale and on a topic you felt more comfortable with. So in short, I think we’re done with you here. You haven’t brought anything new to us, you’ve made yourself into a huge jackass and you’ve made a lot of enemies with people who could easily shut you up if given the opportunity… or would rather take the opportunity if you weren’t dank trash.

And to answer your Golden Fox question, why would we make fun of him? He doesn’t even know who we are or wouldn’t pay any mind to what we had to say, plus what could he do that would get our attention? Cross-dressing isn’t the most harmful thing on the internet by far.



It was ME who made Ephrom Josine know about GoldneFox! I sent him a link to Golden and Key’s review of ‘Do Princesses Dream a Magic Sheep?’! I wanted to know if he was worthy of being a critic (needless to say that he failed), but now it seems he refuses to stop picking on him! It’s all my fault!

Listen, don’t beat yourself up over this, Aldy. You didn’t know that Ephrom would have a crush on the guy later on. Seeing as the guy is still trying to egg us on, I’d have to reiterate that he’s wasting his bandwidth and he’s just going to resort to the automatic gainsaying of whatever his opponents say.

The Argument Clinic Sketch still sums up the mindset of people desperate for the brownie point. Real Debates rely on the facts rather than the hearsay of the louder voice. The Reason why this hiatus from Josephine is happening is simple… His blind uneducated assumptions sources suck and he’s still in that mental phase where whoever could shriek “NO U” the loudest would be the winner.



Thought you wanted to see this?

Seems Josephine doesn’t get that when you’re an asshole to someone you get blocked, it’s really pretty simple.

Jojo’s right. He is obsessed with me.

(cue Josine in the background going “BUT SO AREN’T YOU?!”)

Well I’ll give you credit, you’re not using the potato cam this time. Kudos.

But we still have stupid.

“Multiple tweets criticizing them”.

M8, it was you having a rage fit over the fact Jer-Bear was getting called out on his shit and it was pretty amusing to see you screaming at this.

Now the reason I said why don’t you stop being a coward and come up to us instead of whining on Twitter, aka your echo-chamber, because you never actually confront us with any BS. As of late you have, but it’s more of you trying to counter something we said (which is basically taking something out of context) and never responding when we do call you out on it.

You still hide on your twitter making snide reminds about the blog (or me for some odd reason..), so your point being?

Also to clear the data so you can stop living in terror and paranoia:

I made the twitter recently. As recent as late June of 2017.

Here’s the screen shot:

As for why I made a twitter, well I made it because I wanted to keep up to date with certain people of the community who don’t have a Facebook page. So I figured why not? 

So I bet you’re all wondering Josine dear boy?

“y u block me deafpone senpai :(. I wanna argue and bitch at you”.

Because I know how you are on twitter you fucking donkey.

Who’s the one going around posting shitty tweets towards Golden Fox?


Who’s the one who flat out got bitchy because AnimeChristy’s boyfriend came to her defense when you were fucking harassing her.

Who’s the one who fucking accused Keyframe and AnYPony of “supporting pedophilia” by taking a tumblr discussion out of context?

And gee, who’s the one who’s constantly whining about us on Twitte-OH LOOK:

I seriously don’t get your obsession with Joseph McCarthy you fucking pillock. It isn’t a joke because you still are dumb enough to somehow think when we mention McCarthy, SOMEHOW it’s about Joseph McCarthy. Or ya know, maybe we’re talking about THIS:

Gee, it’s like some people have the same last names.

And no, it can’t be because “Oh well you guys are like Joseph McCarthy accusing people of being idiots for following Lily Peet!”, because I doubt our little blog talking about brony topics somehow connects to HUAC, the same committee that ruined the lives of several famous writers in Hollywood because they were “associated with the communist party”.

How does brony culture connect to communism is beyond me.

Also Josine, I think you fit the description of Joseph McCarthy: McCarthy went around accusing people of being communists during the Red Scare while you went around harassing and giving members of the bronalysis community for no other legit reason other than “WELL LILY PEET DON’T LIKE THEM!!!!”.

So I guess it should be called “Josineism”

But yes, the reason why I blocked you was because I know how you are on twitter and the last thing I need is some screaming Jerry Peet fanboy tagging me multiple times on twitter insulting my intelligence and repeating himself to the point where it becomes annoying.

Also I made it clear to myself to avoid twitter drama, since while I do like the environment of Twitter, it’s basically a battleground of arguing chaos with politics

I actually wouldn’t have not mind discussing with you, but it’s been proven you are horrible at discussing/debating.

I will say however, I did learn that I can still see your tweets despite being blocked, and this one gave me a laugh:



And my favorite:

Josine, let me level with you: I’m not this fucking asshole who you keep putting me up as: I’m a fucking metalhead with a caffine habit who takes photos and posts music-photos on twitter.

Fucking take a breather.

Now if you excuse me, I got coffee to drink.

- deafpony

On Vacation

As the title suggests, I’m not on a desktop computer.

Which means the net speed sucks and the beach is slammin’! I did catch Josine’s latest video about Peets bitching about VoiceofReason and what I got out of it was…

“Wow! VoiceofReason is a stupid idiot! I guess Silver Quill and Lily Peet are the only geniuses left, because Silver would never do anything as stupid as challenging Lily Peet!”


The Josine Salt Mines

Originally posted by old-cartoon-art

“Alright, I ordered some Chinese Food, some high quality soda and I’m all set to Netflix and Chill… This better be good!”

Remember that Ephrom Man-Lady? The one who follows Lily Peet and agrees with her on almost everything? (Click the link, this is proof that Ephrom has some kind of backbone…)

And remember how the DP Mod wasn’t having that shit and decided to leave us completely speechless?

The result was… Ephrom had to recover and expel the massive amounts of salt in his system the same way sea turtles do… by crying and venting on Twitter.

And as an added bonus, Ephrom continues to mask his true feelings towards Golden Fox as a joke.

Figured you’d need some salt for your popcorn, Grimlock.

When will this retard learn...

Skip to 3:50 or so. The retard is strong in this one…

And for Peet’s sake! (pun intended) Get a frickin haircut!

You heard it here.

Ephrom is about to take some Analysts to School. Such people include:

FNGR (For obvious reasons)
Pastel Prose (For bashing his new sempai, Vida and for being a fast talking lesbian)
ToonKritic (Apparently some shit happened according to SifFroJo)
Dr. Wolf (He wants to do a double commentary, He won’t say who it is exactly but I’m guessing it has to do with Josh because he sees him as a pseudointellectual centrist)


GoldenFox (He wants to do more commentaries on his reviews and tear into him for being a sucky reviewer)

I’m JoJoMo and goodnight.


P.S. In the future, I highly encourage people to watch these videos so they can decide what they want to do… We don’t need Sheeple to desolate the landscape and spread nothing but sheep poop on the ground. We give you guys links because we want you to be aware!


We got ourselves a fucking white knight that isn’t Josine! BEAUTIFUL!

This needs some ironic french medieval black metal..

But seriously:

1. Implying that bronies/artists in general don’t have a reason to be annoyed/irked when Jerry Perry Quite Contrary won’t credit art he uses. Or do you follow the stupid #EarnThatRespect shit.

2. Nice edit of FallenWish’s art considering she stated the reason she was blocked.

I need more caffeine in my bloodstream.

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- deafpony