Joseph was trudging mud in his wake all the way through the Hogwarts Halls, but he barely acknowledged it. It was nine in the morning, and he had just finished another gruelling training session for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. Joseph was the team Beater, due to his bulky size and keen aim, not to mention his slight temper. It could always be relied upon that Joseph would teach any cheating member of the opposite team a sharp lesson with his handy Bat and Bludger. Away from the pitch however Joseph Oswald was admittedly a bit of a gentle giant. He wouldn’t hurt a fly, unless that fly threatened the ones that he loved. Joseph was tall and bulky with messy blonde hair and oceanic blue eyes. Usually an attractive young man, his good looks had been hindered slightly due to the dark bags underneath his eyes. Joseph had never been a morning person, and the drugs probably didn’t help… Muggle drugs that he had recently turned to in order to cope with the life he lead which was spiralling swiftly out of control.

Joseph gave a grunt and kicked out at a piece of litter rummaging against the floor, taking out his angst and frustration. Practise hadn’t gone all too well. His reflexes were all over the place right now. All he really wanted was to get back into bed and sleep off the rest of the high, but lessons started in an hour and he could do with some more breakfast before heading off to class. Dressed in his crimson Quidditch Uniform, the young blonde entered the Great Hall and found a seat as close to the exit of the Hall as possible on the Gryffindor Table. He wasted no time in piling his plate with eggs, bacon, beans, sausages, everything on offer without even seeming to look at what he was doing. A fourth year girl wrinkled her nose at him, and he gave her a dirty look in return. He’d like to see her racing around on a broomstick for three hours hitting heavy bludgers in the freezing cold. She wouldn’t look so bloody annoyed when Gryffindor were winning the Quidditch Cup, would she!