josies clothes

“If you are going to travel to Tevinter, you need new clothes Inquisitor.”

“Josie, you do realize I’m not the Inquisitor anymore?”

“Still, a new wardrobe is required. I will send you color samples tomorrow so you can choose. I know an Antivan tailor who would love to dress our famous Inquis - I’m sorry, I mean, our now retired Inquisitor.”

“Fine, just don’t make it anything too fancy.”

(Of course Josie would choose something with a bit of ruffles and fluff…)

thecotton-candy-queen  asked:

Okay so I saw your Genderbend Tintin au and I said to myself: "Oh fuck I'm Too Bi for ladyTintin. Fuck" she's beautiful. Don't stop now

it’s been way too long since i last drew any tintin art, oh my goodness!! my blog tag says four months and that’s just terrible

i had a couple of designs up for a genderbend/spectrum slide tintin cast (1, 2, 3) so i’m not sure which one you mean specifically, but my personal favourite is the slightly-older one based on tintin’s image update in picaros 

i know ‘tintin’ is generally a shortened version of ‘martin’; but i’ve belatedly realised that was the reference behind ‘miss martine’ in alph-art so i have no remorse pinning her as ‘augustine’ instead

so how about that confirmation of ancient egyptian miraculous heroes

i’m still really sore about ladybug being the sole focus of that episode, cats were worshipped in ancient egypt and yet chat noir was completely sidelined…

i’ve got a big exam tomorrow so here’s an FF buttercup to punch my stress away