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Night Vale Moodboard The Angels (All named Erika)

She brought me to the lighthouse in her strange desert that is like our own, but is not our own. She introduced me to an army of men and women who have taken great care of her. And introduced me to several tall, winged creatures, each named Erika. With a K.”
Welcome to Night Vale
Episode 48 - Renovations

Lots of Carlos mentions this episode, but still no “my HUSBAND, Carlos”. Also ANGELS ARE REAL! THEY EXIST!

Mountains do not.

I feel so bad for Cecil, he loves Josie like a radio host loves a weird neighbourly grandmother figure who has nude winged friends following her every command.

Josie will be sorely missed.

The memories are not real

Do not listen to them

They do not exist

We are alive

We are mostly corporeal

And we are all made of stardust and carbon. And sand.

anonymous asked:

This time i ACTUALLY checked to make sure the person i'm rambling at knows what night vale is. Andreil WTNV AU where Andrew is the host and Renee is his bowling friend(old woman Josie) who talks to angels and Neil comes into town (who is he? what does he want?) and Andrew hates him instantly. Maybe Allison is the woman who secretly lives in your house because she knows everything idk. Dan or Wymack is station management? Also Andrew saying "Riko" like Cecil says "Steve Carlsberg"

yo I love wtnv, it’s super fun to listen to while drawing!!

but Andrew as a radio host?? 

  • “On today’s news, Neil The Liar is being an idiot again.”
  • (”What is he hiding??”)
  • “Brought to you by Station Management, who keeps trying to tell me what to do.”
  • “Come join us at Nicky’s bar to watch Kevin get flat-out drunk.”
  • “Did you see Neil The Liar in those jean shorts?? Disgusting.”
  • “Renee, who lives with angels (which are not real, stop looking at me like that, Station Management) is currently baking brownies. They smell like old socks.”
  • “Reminder that Big Riko’s pizza fucking sucks.”
  • “The cat floating in the bathroom is now named Sir Fat Cat McCatterson. Someone get it out.”
  • “Today’s fun fact - wait, Neil’s calling. Better find out what he did this time. Hi, babe -”