josiephin replied to your photo: after a days hard work it’s finally completed if i…

omfg it looks really good like wow like I can’t find words (that might also be the heat but anyway) but whY DID I HAVE TO READ THE TAG ALL I SEE IS BUTTS. BUTTS EVERYWHERE IN YOUR ROOM

fun fact that painting was my attempt at like surrealism or something and it kind of was meant ot be a butt but that wasn’t really all it was meant to be in other words i tRIED DRAWING SOME NSFW SURREALISM AND ALL I ENDED UP WITH IS THIS BIG RED BUTT AND WHENEVER ANYONE COMES INTO THE ROOM THEY ARE LIKE ‘IS THAT A BUTT’ AND I’VE HAD TO LIE TO RELATIVES AND TELL THEM IT’S NOT A BUTT AND SAY THEY ARE WEIRD FOR THINKING THAT