TORONTO – For Roman Josi, the numbers are nothing new. He is used to playing the long minutes, the extra shifts, the power play, the penalty kill. Josi was eighth in the NHL last season in average time on ice at 25:29, a few ticks more than his then Nashville Predators teammate Shea Weber, who was next at 25:22.
With Nashville, Josi shared the burden. That has not been the case at the World Cup of Hockey 2016, where he’s has played more minutes than any other player. That is partially because Team Europe is still playing, extending its run in the tournament beyond expectations. It’s also because coach Ralph Krueger has relied on Josi more than any defenseman on his team, asking more of him than anyone else, while Team Canada’s defensemen have been able to spread out the minutes.
His ice time? It was 23:07 against Team USA, 28:06 against Team Czech Republic, 25:30 against Team Canada, 29:00 against Team Sweden, and 24:52 in Game 1 of the best-of-3 final against Team Canada, a 3-1 loss Tuesday. That’s an average of 26:07 per game.
Not that Josi minds all the ice time. It was what he expected coming into the tournament.
“I play a lot of minutes in Nashville,” he said before the World Cup started. “I think as a player it’s always fun to play a lot of minutes. You’re never going to say no to a lot of minutes. We’ll see what the coaching staff is going to do. Whatever they want me to be, how many minutes they want me to play, I’m excited for it.”
So far, Josi has borne up well under the big loan of ice time.
“He’s a great player, all-around defenseman, and he’s in the play every time,” Weber said of Josi. “He’s got the abilities, [he’s] mobile enough to jump up. He can lead the rush, he can come in as the fourth guy. He’s got really good offensive instincts as well. He’s able to find plays or make plays happen that aren’t always there.”
Team Europe will need a big effort from Josi in order to push the series to a third and deciding game.
“Roman has been playing obviously big minutes,” Chara said. “He’s obviously our No. 1 guy for the power play. He’s very gifted offensively. He’s a great skater and he’s an unbelievable playmaker. At times when you are down a goal or two, you need guys like this on the ice to help the offense and possibly create some momentum and offensive chances. He’s been playing extremely well for us.”

Okay! I said I’d do a proper review of the ML doll pack I picked up the other day and I finally got some time to unbox them! This is pretty photo-heavy since it covers both dolls in detail, so I’ll put it all under a cut:

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Things you said when you thought I was asleep

She freezes, half way through the door, and laughs.

It’s hard not to with the sight of a sleeping Stefan greeting her. Stretched out on the couch, snoring softly, book clinging onto his chest.

And two three year old girls using him as their personal sketchbook.

She wanders over instantly grabbing the attention of the two artists as she kneels down beside them and observes the scene closer.

“You two are busy” she remarks, a smirk lighting up her face.

They both nod enthusiastically, crossing over and under each other to grab tools and pots, muttering their master plan between them.

“We wanted to paint and Stefan was kind enough to volunteer.”

Crushing her bottom lip between her teeth she watches as they fill up their brushes and give him a good layer of blusher.

“He volunteered huh?”

“Yes. He’s being very good”

She watches again as Josie finishes her masterpiece of lipstick before leaning back and smiling proudly.

“Very good. But…”

Caroline follows her lead and leans back to inspect her work, her smile turning devious. She reaches over and grabs a darker red, winding up the stick and placing it over his mouth.

“I don’t think he suits that shade.”

All three girls squeal in unison as a not so sleepy Stefan pops up from his place and grabs them all in between his arms. Tickling them all until it’s only their laughter filling the room.

“I still don’t like that colour” Caroline teases through panted breaths.

His eyebrow raises mischievously, leaning in closer“Then take it off”.

And she does.

Music Meme | tagged by @fat-walda

OK time to EMBARRASS myself

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person from their music. Hit shuffle on your music library and put the first 10 songs; no skipping. Tag 10 people to do the same and pass it on.

  1. Lover is childlike- The low anthem
  2. Swingin party- Lorde
  3. Younger (Kygo remix)- Seinabo Sey
  4. Promise me- The Saturdays
  5. Oh yeah- Big Time Rush
  6. Real wild child- Josie and the pussycats (MY ~BOP~ since I was 10 tbh)
  7. Dog teeth- Nicole Dollanger (I don’t even ship sansan at all, but I ran this by @kitharington and im pretty sure she almost cried so, confirmed perfect sansan ship song)
  8. Take it- idk some japanese anime intro from the dark days of my teens jfc. It was about a circus performer who moved to california? 
  9. This id the life- Two door cinema club
  10. THE HUSTLE- Van McCoy omfg

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I recently finished Inquisition and my inquisitor is such a cutie that I have to share a headcanon of mine. She’s a Dalish elf, and her name is Syniel, and there’s one problem with her being a figure of authority. Girl can’t read a word of the common tongue. She speaks it fine, but reading or writing it? Nope. When someone gives her a paper to read at meetings, she and her wife Josephine (Cass if Josie isn’t there) have an arrangement where she passes it over under the guise of seeking their opinion, and they’ll state the terms written aloud so Syniel can understand what’s being proposed. Josephine is trying to teach her, but this works in the meantime even if they get some weird looks from nobles. 

“Mo Soul” Player Playlist 28 September

1. Johnnie Taylor - It’s Still Called The Blues
2. Jamiroquai - Runaway
3. Dave Pike - Secret Mystery of Hench
4. Chicago - Something in This City Changes People
5. Steely Dan - Josie
6. Mahavishnu Orchestra - Can’t Stand Your Funk
7. Chris Standring - Pandora’s Box
8. Grover Washington Jr. - Make Me A Memory
9. Al Jarreau - Milwaukee
10. Jeff Lorber Fusion - Lava Lands
11. The Crusaders - A Search For Soul
12. Michael Brecker - Bye George
13. Bob Mintzer - Papa Lips
14. Joni Mitchell - Black Crow
15. Pat Metheny Group - Minuano

If you really want to enjoy music and help musicians and bands, buy their lp’s or cd’s and don’t download mp3 formats. There is nothing like good quality sound!!!

(Angel Lo Verde / Mo Soul)

I’d hate to be one of the younger Duggar kids. what with everyone always going on about how Josie is a miracle even in Jill’s birthday message to Josie she calls her a miracle. and well it might be true by always focusing on it it makes her seem more important or special then the others. .
I thought it was so cool that Joy Anna was wearing wheelies in the “Josie’s first Christmas” episode. (S4 E2) It shows that the kids still have fun while staying true to their beliefs. All the power to them