josie's going to kill me probably

- Betty has ADHD. Say it with me.

- Jughead is asexual. Betty and Jughead are great friends. Let’s please not mess up this pure friendship PLEASE.

- They’re obviously queerbaiting but my heart still screams for Betty/Veronica and I’m probably going to get very frustrated or heartbroken by this show

- Honestly Betty/Reggie is a much better ship than Bughead fight me (lowkey been a Beggie fan since I was a kid but Beronica is and always will be OTP)

- Hot/Young/Pedophilic Ms. Grundy???? Just??? No??? Can we stop this stupid trope already please it’s disgusting


- And Josie killed it (Justin Gingerlake has objectively been the best thing I’ve heard all week)

- Jughead and Archie not being best friends anymore feels so unnatural and sad

- Let’s. Try and not make Kevin stereotypical please even Cheryl’s calling you out

Still not sure what I feel about this show. I guess we’ll see. 

I am currently in mourning because Josie will (probably?) never love poor little Nettine back ;—;

I’ll admit I rushed the colouring but I just wanted to get this up because I’m going to be busy pretty much all day tomorrow and then I’m going to see Ellie Goulding at the entertainment centre with my girlfriend ee ; 7;  I haven’t even sorted out a coord yet, i just have really poor time management skills OTL

anyway both characters belong to the lovely petitepasserine / passerineart (I hope I did them justice!!)