josie's angels

Night Vale Moodboard The Angels (All named Erika)

She brought me to the lighthouse in her strange desert that is like our own, but is not our own. She introduced me to an army of men and women who have taken great care of her. And introduced me to several tall, winged creatures, each named Erika. With a K.”
Welcome to Night Vale
Episode 48 - Renovations

the angels all wear suits, but they don’t have a good sense of fashion… so the results are somewhere between horrifying and hillarious

and since you can’t acknowledge the angels, nightvale citizens have developed a sort of unspoken game of “how long can you go w/o reacting to the angels outfits”

the angels know about, and eventually willingly participate in the game, wearing more and more extravagant outfits (ie. victorian ball gowns paired with swim goggles and nikes, or a sweatsuit and a medieval crown

josie has the record, obviously

josie is also now one of the angels, in light of recent events, and happily joins this game

she does have a fashion sense, but it’s more fun to play along

ofc she always goes absolutley above and beyond, to the point of city council actually breaking and doing a double take when they see the looming figure of Angel!Josie wearing angel wings, a bright red wig, an ill fitting pair of bloomers, a neon crop top with blue and green stripes that seem to switch around constantly, aviator shades, a sun hat, and knee high converse

cecil has been mistaken for one of the angels before because of his ridiculous fashion sense

seriously though some days he rivals Josie

Lots of Carlos mentions this episode, but still no “my HUSBAND, Carlos”. Also ANGELS ARE REAL! THEY EXIST!

Mountains do not.

I feel so bad for Cecil, he loves Josie like a radio host loves a weird neighbourly grandmother figure who has nude winged friends following her every command.

Josie will be sorely missed.

The memories are not real

Do not listen to them

They do not exist

We are alive

We are mostly corporeal

And we are all made of stardust and carbon. And sand.


Josie and the Pussycats is the name of a pop group from the early ‘70s based on the fictional characters of a comic book and cartoon series of the same name. The group was made up of Cathy Dougher (as Josie), Patrice Holloway (Valerie), and Cherie Moor (Melody). The group released six singles in 1970 and 1971. All of the songs were re-released on a 2001 compilation.