josie hale

The Heir Kids (<idk) with Iphones!!!

Eadlyn: Literally buys everything and, is ALWAYS on twitter.

Ahren: Constantly facetiming with Camille, and snapchatting her.

Kile: One of those kids who just takes apart his phone over and over again just to put it back together, and is a beast at trivia crack.

Josie: Stalks Eadlyn on all social media and uploads to Instagram a little too much.

Erik: Has a bunch of books on his phone, and is always stalking the group chat.

Hale: Obsessed with Polyvore, and has the Hamilton playlist on repeat.

Henri: Is a pro at all the cooking games, and has his own cooking youtube channel.

The Heir: Mean Girls
  • Henri: Who are they?
  • Josie: The Plastics.
  • Ahren: They're teen royalty.
  • Josie: That's Fox Wesley. He's one of the dumbest guys you will ever meet.
  • Josie: Hale Garner. He is totally rich because his dad invented The Report or something.
  • Josie: And evil takes human form in Kile Woodwork. He knows everything about everyone. That's why his hair is so big; it's full of secrets.