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Can we see more of Plagg grooming Felix? (BTW, thank you so much for getting me into the PV verse! I have written so many stories dealing with Bri and Fe. :D)

morning routine! 

the secret of felix’s super-neat civilian hairstyle is finally revealed; it is a two-person job to control a mane like that

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Being a supermodel, Adrien likely has a very strict diet so to keep that trim figure but still have that healthy glow. The problem? That diet doesn't exactly work so well for a superhero who runs around fighting bad guys every other day. The boy needs more calories and isn't getting them. So Felix, knowing this, is constantly helping his brother get more food without their father knowing. Cause like hell is he risking his brothers health over some pictures they could easily photoshoped in post.

that’s actually one of my strongest adrien headcanons! we’ve seen he gets all his meals prepared for him at home, and with what are undoubtedly world-class chefs they’re probably tailored perfectly to maintain all the calories he should work off on his scheduled activities; only that doesn’t cover all the extra exercise he gets as chat noir and the dupain-chengs haven’t been able to adopt and feed him yet

luckily felix is chat noir less frequently than adrien and has time to help

nino don’t be rude


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What if in your Twins AU, there was a situation where Marinette and Adrien couldn't transform into Ladybug and Cat Noir, and Bridgette and Felix have to take over for them? But Marinette and Adrien sort of follow them around trying to help them figure out how to use their weapons.

i don’t think i posted anything about this yet, but both sets of kids share the identities between them already! whoever is closest to the scene of the akuma attack transforms, so the incident can be addressed as quickly as possible.  the kids will meet up in various combinations, but it’s usually bridgette/felix and marinette/adrien who end up working together. each of them think there’s only one chat noir and one ladybug respectively.

since bridgette and marinette are cousins for now i haven’t figured out how they manage it yet (maybe it’s as easy as just asking tikki if they can share the workload?), but plagg accidentally bonded with adrien and felix after locking onto one energy signature while looking for a miraculous host, which turned out to be twins - i.e. one singular person split into two.

felix hates being chat noir, but knowing a kiss from ladybug can free him and adrien he takes every opportunity he gets to try to “fix” their situation. adrien, who is head over heels in love with ladybug, takes every opportunity he gets to stop felix lifting the curse and screwing up his love life (which makes them both selfish, before the felix hatebloggers crash the party). neither ladybug is interested in either chat noir, and for the foreseeable future it’s staying that way.

i figure the first time felix and bridgette got out went something like this:


all i could think of with adrien taking constant showers during akuma attacks was that adventure time scene from Flute Spell 

if he had been in the bathroom when volpina abducted him, marinette knows he would have stayed true to his budding romance with ladybug. tikki’s just concerned about how much time marinette’s spending thinking about adrien sans clothing

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Can we see Felix's competitive ballet? (From that tag from your last twins au comic.)

hope you don’t mind shameless pose referencing

here’s what felix does (while adrien models); only the most refined and perfectly calculated sport. he should pin his hair back properly, but his bad luck makes it all come undone again anyway so it’s more time-efficient not to bother unless he’s destroying other hopeful dancers in showcases and competitions

it helps felix chill out and unwind; he can get in the zone and have a creative outlet while still doing something dignified and highly skilled. it’s a different kind of concentration altogether from books and classes, and even the most serious scholars need a change of pace sometimes


“Poor Tintin, he was completely worn out. Look: he’s fast asleep.”
“I wish I were too!”
“Yes, but this isn’t the moment!”

screencap redraw because i got way too excited about this two and a half seconds of animation

what do you mean they’re not a family that’s clearly two happily married husbands and their small ginger son right there

this ain’t as good as other stuff i’ve been drawing lately but it’s still something

more universe-alteration v3 jojo for the picture set i like to call “i absolutely cannot decide how to draw this boy’s hair”

i haven’t been keeping up with monster high media lately so i might be seriously misguided on how sirena gets around (she’s half-ghost, can she float?), but i like to think avea lets her ride on her back because she can’t walk.

only sirena, though, because avea already made it clear that she hates being used as a pony ride so she won’t be offering it to anyone else. situationally-disabled best friends are special. 

their outfits are so complicated i never want to draw either of these girls in a full-body picture again oh my goodness