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Josiah X is the Muslim uncle of Elijah Bradley, a.k.a Patriot, and the son of Isaiah Bradley. There really isn’t that much on him. After The Crew ended, he mostly just appeared in single issues. Here is a list of all his appearances. 

History of the Bradley Family

  • Truth: Red, White & Black

Main Story

  • The Crew

Other Appearances 

  • War Machine: Dark Reign
  • War Machine #009
  • Young Avengers vol. 1 #008

If they were ever going to relaunch The West Wing, Dule Hill is now over 35 (which means he can run for President) and President Santos’ second term would be over in January of 2015 (he took office in January 2007 in the series’ continuity). If Charlie Young was the President in a retooled series, his wife would be Zoe Bartlet, thus giving a major reason for Martin Sheen’s former President Bartlet to be involved in the show and Presidency. Josh Lyman would be the Vice President (following in the late Leo McGarry’s career trajectory of Chief of Staff to Vice Presidential Candidate). With the “trinity” of Young, Lyman and Bartlet you’d have the core cast right there, and a reason to bring every other series regular back.

Sorkin and NBC, call me! 😉

And c'mon son, you know James Roday has to be his Chief of Staff.

Captain Falcon...

Now, it’s no secret that I love Sam Wilson/Falcon (and it makes me sad that I'm the only person who ships him with T'challa…whatever)

And I think it’s wonderful that Sam Wilson is getting so much notoriety in today’s market, films and cartoon series, but I’m not entirely sold on Sam as “The New Captain America”.

Sam Wilson is one of the few characters of color that is not a legacy character, he, like Powerman and Black Panther, originated their own brands and  were not simply brought in as replacements for other heroes. It’s a little upsetting that their going to take Sam’s mantle and replace it with the Captain America one. I understand Sam promised to stand up against Steve enemies, but he can’t do that as the Falcon?

And this whole “Black Captain America" argument, while wonderful, makes me very skeptical. We’ve had a black Captain America, we’ve had three of them, (Isaiah, Josiah and Elijah Bradley) and Eli had enough notoriety to take on the mantle of Captain America, especially when you consider his entire reason for becoming a super soldier was for his grandfather (The forgotten Captain America). Marvel has these characters already, but they refuse to use them.

Even more important is that The Bradley family represents another side of American life. The kind that was bred from American injustice, and to wear the symbol of America and still do your best to make it a great country for all, I find that far more inspiring, than just having Sam (Steve’s buddy) take on the mantle  as a way to honor a legacy that’s already well known and loved.

Eli became a hero to honor a legacy that was not only forgotten, but was buried and completely  denied. It makes far more sense, in a narrative way, for Eli to return as Captain America. Frankly, I kind of think the reason Marvel refuses to use the Bradley family in any capacity is because they are loaded characters. In Today’s society, people don’t really like to talk about American injustice at all. Eli is all about American Injustice, it’s rooted in his legacy. A character like that makes people uncomfortable. You can’t just ignore racism with Eli like you can with Sam.

Eli is a far more controversial character than Sam…maybe that’s why Marvel refuses to give him the time of day.


First ever superheroesincolor art challenge

Superhero royalty; Isaiah Bradley (Captain America), his son Josiah al hajj Saddiq (Justice) and his grandson Elijah Bradley (Patriot). 

A Bradley family portrait

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