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I just made it through the twin au and you somehow made me ship Nino/Felix which I never thought would happen, but here we are!

it started out as a joke ship but i’m getting way too fond of it

felix is that person the teacher partners unruly students with as punishment


That feeling when u haven’t draw ur old OCs in so long that u have to go digging through two years’ worth of drawings to find their original designs

Dating Cheryl Blossom Would Include...

anon ask : Could you possibly do a “Dating Cheryl Blossom would include” thank you if you could do it, it’s fine if you cant do it babygirl

A/N : uhh hey, here you go!! i hope you like it nonnie and tbh you calling me babygirl made me mildly uncomfortable but uhh anyways.. theres slight implied beronica if you squint 

i made this like 2 days ago but i forgot to post it

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  • well for starters, she’s super protective 
  • you’re the last good thing in her life, she can’t lose you too 
  • you met her at school bc you were her lab partner 
  • you were pretty good at science so she thinks you’re a smartass 
  • but still she has a thing for sass so she tried to ask you out? 

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happy family AU is all i’m asking for ;_;

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omg id love to hear what ur reasons are for putting josie into slytherin !!

Are you ready for an essay? 

At first glance, Josephine looks like she’d be in Hufflepuff, right? She’s nice, she works really really hard, and compared to her friends with their giant swords and magic fireballs, she’s downright nonthreatening. But we Puffs are all about the loyalty, the fair play, the power of friendship, ect., and as much as I love her, those aren’t actually Josie’s strongest character traits.

Look, the Game’s not really a place for fair play. It’s all underhanded and behind everyone’s back and wearing masks all the time. Being fair gets you irrelevance if you’re lucky, assassination if you’re not. Does Josie have a moral code? Absolutely. Does that moral code preclude committing social annihilation and destroying people’s livelihoods, social standing, and marriages if they’re in her way? Nope.

Before Leliana recruited her to the Inquisition, she was the Ambassador from Antiva to the court of Orlais. In the games, we’re led to believe that the Orlesian Court is the place to be, if you’re looking for power and intrigue. And Josephine somehow worked her way up from the daughter of a minor trading family that’s been essentially exiled to Antiva for a hundred years, to a powerful, dangerousappointed position. She’d be the face of Antiva in the Empresses’s court, and people in both countries would be constantly trying to curry her favor or replace her with someone they could control. She’d have to be a master of two different Games, in order to survive it for even a week. (Am I saying she told a particularly drunk and indiscreet courtier about a rival’s illegitimate child hiding somewhere in Ferelden so that their affair was exposed and their standing at court destroyed with no trace back to her? There’s no reason to think that she didn’t.)

So why does she give up this powerful position to throw her lot in with an upstart cult? Well, partly because Leliana asked her to. And partly because it’s the right thing to do. And also, if the Inquisition fails everyone’s screwed anyways. She can help it succeed. And if they succeed, that’s practically unlimited power at her fingertips. (And there’s the ambition.) 

Not every Slytherin is a caricature of the power-hungry villain. Ambition takes many forms. Josephine’s primary drive is to provide for her family. She wants to secure her siblings’ future and care for her parents when they’re older, in the same level of comfort that they provided for her.

Joining the Inquisition furthers this goal. By the time they’ve been in Skyhold a few months, she’s already able to make moves to reinstate her family in Orlais that she wasn’t able to in her years as the Antivan Ambassador. This of course uncovers the trouble with the House of Repose, and while she’s obviously afraid to have assassins after her (again, I would guess), she knows that she’s safe in the fortress she’s built. I don’t just mean Skyhold. She’s indispensable to the Inquisition. The whole organization would crumble without her. They can’t afford to let her be killed, because her contacts, knowledge and mastery of the Game are far too valuable to lose. Also, they all like her a lot. She can afford to take the bloodless route of elevating the Du Paraquettes because her defenses are impenetrable.

Now, this propensity towards non-violence might not look like a Slytherin trait on the surface. She expresses guilt over deaths that she’s caused, directly and indirectly, and she is a very empathetic person. That’s not to say that the other members of the inner circle don’t express guilt over pain they’ve caused, but everyone you can take in your party is obligated to kill people, and Leliana and Cullen lead a spy network and an army. It’s not as easy for them to say things like “killing people is bad and I don’t want to do it.”

But while she’s not knifing anyone in the back or freezing them solid, Josephine’s merciless in her own way. Her war table suggestions are all about manipulation, and using other people’s efforts for the Inquisition (or her own) ends. “Let the city think they owe us a favor,” “Frame the search for the kidnapped soldiers as a hunt and the nobles will help.” And then there’s the mission to support one noble in Lydes over another. Her offer? “I can destroy Caralina’s marriage with four words and the proper glove left on the proper table.” That’s… a lot.

I’m going to sidetrack for a moment to Leliana, who’s often a foil for Josie. Leliana herself sets up this comparison. She’s calculating, experienced and even violent, while Josie is kind, hard working and “an innocent in love.” I’m of two minds on this dichotomy. On one hand, Leliana clearly believes this. She sees Josie as needing her protection and guidance. Leliana works in the shadows, cuts corners in the Game as Josie stays within all the rules. But, this good cop bad cop routine makes them both much more effective, and I’m sure Josephine’s aware of that. She absolutely uses Leliana’s spy network to make sure she knows the ins and out of every family and scandal in Thedas so she can apply the right sort of pressure. They augment each other’s effectiveness, but thy’re by no means opposite. 

Back to ambition. In the epilogues (as long as you’ve done her quest), Josephine goes back to her family and manages a successful and rapidly-growing fleet of ships. This was, of course, her end goal. It’s not as lofty as being Divine or Magister or Inquisitor, but she’s still got allll her contacts. International trade requires international friends, contracts, and communication. I’d bet her fleet is the easiest way for Leliana’s spies to move around, and that’s she’s paid for that help in secrets. 

I’ve always thought the smartest way to be powerful isn’t actually to be the most powerful. Having the most power is dangerous (ex. The Elder Wand). It’s better to have influence over the powerful. And Josephine knows where the Inquisitor stashes that chocolate they swear they don’t have.

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I wonder if we'll find out what the deal is with Josie bc last time we saw her she was a drawerknob lol

ur right!!! honestly i dont even think lynch is going to address it lol


ok i know the ‘dissolve josephine’s arranged marriage’ is a really popular trope, as is ‘take josephine to meet the family’ and its counterpart ‘go to meet josephine’s family’ but i’m gonna tell u

‘valo-kas negotiates adaar’s arranged marriage to josephine, much to adaar and josephine’s horror’ is where its AT

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⭐️ pls feed my ego


okay but jules you are actually amazing and i adore you a lot???? you’re super kind, sweet and just an amazing friend/person and i’m forever happy i met you. you make me smile and laugh a lot and also josie is v cute i love u and ur dog a lot. im glad adam has a mom like u bc ur amazing and i love u :’) im v sappy wow 

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