Second test. Ink on claybord. I’m gearing up to do a 12” x 24” piece in this media. I was super happy with how the little eruption (posted yesterday) came out. I wanted to do a portrait. For the longest time I’ve wanted to draw Hattie Watson. The other day I came across this image of Hattie by Josh Wool and decided to give it a go. I hope neither of them minds me using the image for this test. (It is not for sale) hopefully the freckles worked out well.
Applied black acrylic ink to the claybord with a brush
Scratched the drawing in
Went back in with fine point pens
Lastly took out some lines

This is Mia, taken for class at the beach with Reina. I usually don’t shoot fully wide-open anymore so it’s easier for me to nail focus, but I was feeling a bit inspired by Josh Wool and I hadn’t done a real shoot wide-open with the full-frame body yet.

Sorry that all I post is class work lately… That’s basically all I spend time on now that I’m taking (just about) max credits in school. There’s something really nice about having to crunch my time though; it makes me feel like I’m moving forward faster than I used to be, and I’m learning to (somewhat) balance my schedule. You could say I’m trying to practice for shooting editorials or shows or whatever back-to-back, which is exhilarating when I get the chance to do any of it.