Chapter 1: Yuki


Genre: Angst / Fluff / Smut

Pairing: Meanie (Jeon Wonwoo x Kim Mingyu)

MATURE CONTENT WARNING: Drug use, Profanity, Sex, Violence

Where is this fucker? Wonwoo anxiously thought as he tapped his shoe against the cold alleyway pavement. He checked his phone again, which still had no missed calls or text messages, yet it was already seven minutes past midnight. He slid his phone to unlock as he simultaneously reached into his back pocket for his cigarette box. He texted the unknown number with one hand: where the fuck r u im here

The message sent as he sparked his lighter and inhaled a lung full of spicy nicotine. Exhaling with his eyes closed, he felt his heart rate slow down in synchrony with the smoke leaving his body. The calming was interrupted suddenly when he felt a buzzing from his phone. Unlocking it to check the text, it read: Cigarettes are bad for your health, you know.

Wonwoo looked up immediately and checked both sides of the alleyway when he saw a hooded figure walking towards him from his right. He scoffed as a delayed response to the message and walked toward the man at the end of the alleyway.

“Jeho, right?” The man called Wonwoo’s alias out loud happily with a wave as he walked down.

What a freak. Why is he acting like this is some sort of twisted reunion? Wonwoo thought as he rolled his eyes and took another inhale.

The hooded man finally was visible to Wonwoo’s eyes, who oodly had a blinding smile on his youthful face. He didn’t look like what Wonwoo’s usual clientele were, typically being older middle-aged business men. Though, he was a bit taller than Wonwoo was.

“I’m Yuki. Well, that’s not my real name obviously but ya know… That’s how this stuff goes, right? Aliases and whatnot?” The young man smiled in excitement.

“Cash upfront first,” Wonwoo boringly stated, completely ignoring the friendly introduction.

“Oh, right.” Yuki reached into his pocket as he pulled out a wad of cash and counted out 50,000 won. Wonwoo grabbed the cash out of Yuki’s hand and reached into his pocket to dig up the small package of marijuana that he had, stuffing it into Yuki’s pocket invasively.

“I don’t fuck with the late shit, by the way. If I say midnight, be here for midnight,” Wonwoo said, annoyed.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize drug dealers had busy lives.”

“What did you fucking say?” Wonwoo hissed as he grabbed Yuki’s sweater collar, dropping the cigarette that was loosely hanging from his mouth.

Yuki laughed whole-heartedly as he patted Wonwoo’s hand which was nearly choking him, “Relax, hyung. It was a joke.”

“Don’t call me your hyung. I don’t know you,” Wonwoo spat, dropping Yuki’s sweater and pushing him back with force. Yuki stumbled backwards but managed to maintain his balance. After brushing out his wrinkled sweater, he straightened his posture with a grin.

“Thanks for the weed!” He bowed to a 90 degree angle at Wonwoo before he walked out of the alleyway while whistling a happy tune. Wonwoo stared at the back of his head in disgust before he turned and walked out the opposite way.


“Hyung! Hyung! Look at me!”

Wonwoo looked up from his clipboard and started laughing as he watched the young boy treading in delight at the deep end of the swimming pool. His head was barely above water, but he was managing to stay afloat.

“Fighting, Jongmin-ah! Keep going!” Wonwoo encouraged excitedly with a smile and a clap. The other young boys that were watching him in the deep end started cheering for Jongmin as he continued to tread without fail. He was the last of Wonwoo’s students who managed to tread successfully. It took Jongmin an entire two weeks more of practicing to get the technique, falling behind his other peers before he finally got the hang of it.

“Hyung, jump in with us to celebrate!” One of his other students yelled. Wonwoo smiled as he walked closer to the side of the deep end where all of the kids were.

“Hyung’s tired today boys, I had a late night yesterday.”

The class all started making noises and booing.

“Ahjussi! Get in the water!” Someone called out informally.

“Yah! What did you say?!” Wonwoo’s eyes widened in shock as he dropped his clipboard and jaw dramatically, making the students crack up.

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anonymous asked:

i, i think im in love with josh, pls help

Some important reasons you should not love Josh

  • We think he may have hunted rats and squirrels for sport.
  • He has a necklace made of human teeth.
  • He once broke up a fight in our backyard by chucking a jar of his own pee at them.
  • He once ate an 8 oz steak raw, got food poisoning, threw up the steak, had to be forcibly restrained to keep him from re-eating the steak.