Really quick thank you

Here are some people who made my 2016 and everyone who will make 2017 wonderful

@joshuasduns -> we might go to college together and I want you to know that I love that more than anything, and I also love you to pieces and thank you for screaming me with always 

@trippingeyes -> my muse !! thank you for dealing with me sending you edit samples every day and for sending them to me always I love you and one day we will take an iconic picture in person 

@boringdal -> a new friendship but ?? I adore you Faith honestly thank you for letting me express myself to you and for supporting the notion of sin you’re wonderful here’s to another year 

@cherrylov / @pettybey -> you two are the light of my life thank you for yelling with me throughout the eras and introducing me to some of my favorite concepts I would die for you two honestly you’re so important I love you 

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i’m so ready for this year to just,, end already pls. but these people made my year a lot better by being great people and filling my dash with goodness! i wish everyone a safe and happy new year!

(i follow over just over 200 people so this will be quick)

mutuals are bolded
italics = nice url!

A - D

@ackles @acklesjensen @aeliciaclark @aimhtweet @aintnoyou @alexschlitz @alrightevans @anakinskywkler @astraliscas @atwells @babeimgonnaleaveu @belqravia @blurryjoshua @brosinlove @canonsoulmates @charleybradbury @cheerfulsammy @chevybrothers @chriswpine @coffeewithcynicism @cookiephil @corlgrimes @covetcas @cutefinn @cznery @daisyridley @danyphil @darlingcap @darthzvader @dayldixon @deanneedsahug @deanss @dearjensen @deducingsammy @disneiy @doomedbrothers @dreamingsam

E - K

@eggoel @ellicts @etherealpilots @f-amilyties @fitzwillaimdarcy @gadreelsam @ghosthills @ginweasleys @grahamewill @hansolo @harriscorteses @henycavil @herhmione @hirmione @instaskams @intrntmemes @irsiwest @itsokaysammy @jammespotter @jardadalecki @jaredackles @jaredbottoms @jaredpad @jaredpadaleckis @jeffrcy @jiynerso @joshuasduns @judecas @jyncassian @katebishop @katinss @kingsoflarry @kishseratos @kyloren 

L - S

@lancetucker @liames @lnhumans @mariahill @marrieddorks @mattcohenss @mistyknjght @mysticnicks @mythohs @nancybyrs @nancywheeeler @oldbrooklynsoul @oscarsisaacs @paladeckis @papajensen @paullrovia @pauls-rovias @pctter @pinkman @podalecki @poedameron @preciousbabyharry @professorlockhart @radiatecas @raincluds @rickackles @saintdean @samdecn @samfordbaby @samsqueer @samswinchesters @scorpiusmilfoy @sgtjimbarnes @sirredmayne @sithobi @slowduns @sskyguy @stanfordsamkink @stansons @starfallensam @sunrisejared @sweaterjensen

T - Z

@television @temptingdean @thiccevans @thorodinson @thrandiul @tomlinau @toms-paynes @transuperboy @truthcas @twentnyonepilots @vulcains @wadewilsson @wattpadfic @werewolvesau @wilsonbucky @witchbarnes @withhisbrother 

thanks everyone for a great year!! see y'all in 2017

hey guys! I’ve been seeing some ppl doing these for the holidays, so I thought I’d spread some love as well! I also hit 5k recently and I just really wanted to thank all of you guys that have really made my life a more enjoyable place to live in. I appreciate all of yous and I love you sm 🖤

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2016 is (thankfully) coming to an end and i wanted to do a follow forever! (i’m aware that the banner is terrible but that’s ok)

#- @6669yrs
a-d- @alienphobia @angel-josh @areafiftydun @blacksundun @candidkiddo @clearlytyler @cobravevo @countrybats @cranking-that-phan @dansluts @darkclique @dean-got-that-ambooty @dunion @dunset

f-m- @fagteeth @fireflyphil @florals-and-galaxies @german-giraffe @ghosttowntyler @godblur @heathenshowell @hoodiestan @howellshobbithair @joshuadunx @joshuasduns @jshlr @lilgothy @llaneboi @misfitss

n-w- @neptuned @neutral-studies @notchopsuey @odetojebby @officialsunbeam @palesivan @perplexedstars @phanwithachanceofmemeballs @philester @trpdoors @trucce @tylerjoxeph @ufodun @wavybuzz @whydun

faves- @acidicrat @artificialenvironment @deadpeej @floral–skeletons @haptephilia @joshler @joshlerkillers @kitten-josh @nootiepootie @posterboijosh @poundtowntm @sivansbaby @slurpt @spookydan @starryhtml @taxicab @tivf-2001 @tylersbf @whateverdun

i hope you all have a good new year!