hey hey hey!!!
since it’s christmas day and this crazy ass year is finally coming to an end, i thought i’d jump on the train and thank all of the beautiful blogs that make my dash great and my days way better. i hope this year has been good to you, and the one to come is even better!!! love u all 💗 

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Okay I finally decided to stop procrastinating and just do this already. Anyways I had to go through a long list of people I was following to make this and I got towards the end and realized “wow so many of you have been mutuals with me for years now” and it’s crazy. I’ve had this blog almost 4 years now and I’ve met a lot of amazing, wonderful people in that time and I just wanna say thank you for following me and being my friend if we’ve talked at some point over the past few years. I love you all. I would bold friends and faves but I’m sure somewhere along the way I’d miss someone and feel bad, this was a long ass list to put together and if you aren’t on here and think you should be, then you probably should be so don’t be offended if you aren’t and we’re mutuals or something.

Happy New Year!

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hello lovelies!! since it’s the end of the year and i’m so close to 1k of y’all (!!!), i thought i’d do a follow forever. i started this account like forever ago, but it sucked (trust me) and i barely used it. then just recently, i decided to actually start using it because i loved it so much (plus you guys are hecka rad). so i changed my url and started a theme and hERE WE ARE NOW,, guys im not cool enough to have nearly 1k

i luv u all (’:

so here are my all-time favs that i love dearly and will cherish forever.
// bolds are frens, italics are actual kings and queens //


@17alseymusic @absentskies @ahrtsyfae @alexdanveers @ameliapondsy @amykhaleesi @angelgogh @art-kiddo @aryeastark @avacahoe @avocadodie @baskervielle @basmathgirl @blushydodie @cafebaby @capaldi @carlsonsyoungs @claratargaryen @cloudshowell @cookie-moi @cringe-attacks @crossoverland @cthfords @curiousgogh @daenerysn @danisnotonfiretm @devoutdean @doddlepoddle @dodieclarksuggestion @dreamerbee @drowsylester @earhthkid @elevnns @faebee @faeixia @fangjy @freazypeach @frecklebub @fuckinlester @fuckityheydoctorcapaldi @fuckyeahtatennant @goghflora @goghplnt @h-alsey @hardymillers @hardyxmiller @hazehayes @htmldan @hwlls


@ilovecathtates2 @imjonathanbyers @imnotacommittee @implicitdemanded @intertwjned @jee-zuss @jishlerr @joshuasduns @kankenbee @karazorelgifs @khaleesee @lady-macgyver @ladyjess1126 @latekid @latteclouds @legslester @lestarr @lesterie @lolgogh @love-in-the-time @m0netkid @maggiesawyver @marigoldbub @messybee @milkbug @moonlitkid @natdyerdaily @nobleamy @nobletdonna @noteissignedlc @organasoloss @penfairy @phanable @phooperman @plahntbee @qanhowell


@rainbcw @ravenreyess @rebelamy @rebeltennant @rosylester @runawayncble @sadcompanion @salolar @scullysknees @simplydodie @slowtowm @smackalicious @smileybub @snughowell @sparklebub @spostern @stargogh @stgogh @tardisly @targayrens @tarsdi @teakiddie @ten-and-donna @theupsidedowns @trenzalortomb @trucce @twelfthour @twinklepeach @uhphil @ukulelee-screamo @ukulelephil @van-gogghle @vodkaartist @wandamaximoff @warmdun @whatisthepointofyouhardy @winterflell @withabowtie @wouffaldi @yeezydan @youhaveamerryheart @younqgod @ziarahaute


[ i know it’s late, but everything i do is. ]

happy fucking new years y’all! i’ve been following some people on here since day one, and others i just followed yesterday - but to ring in the new year i wanted to do something ♥♥ thanks for making my dashboard so amazing guys!

mutuals + you’re all my favs.

a - c

@324b2-done @aarontveiits @acklesjpeg @acklesjpeg @adoredean @alphaxgrimes @amal-albuloshia @andy-clutterbuck @armellin @bbuchanann @beardedchrisevans @beccj @benafleck @bitchandjerk  @brosinlove @brotherlywinchesters @brothersandlovers @brucewcyne @buticancarryyou @buttheyrebrothers @captainspook @captainsxlo @chandlerrlggs @chevybrothers @clairvoyantsam @claryaf @codependentsamanddean @corlgrimes

d - f

@foresterdean @darlingcap @darlingjared @deansmuffin @delphines @demisexualsam @devoutdean @dreamyjensen @dunify @eldenshenson @elegantdean @eliaamartell @empressmcbride @eventualprocrastination @evergreendean @exbloodjunkie @falcqn @feredir @fireheartes

g - l

@lovelyoswin @goditsmesam @grandpacain @hardyness @harley-quinn @heartfulloffandoms @heavenlysams @helenatulip @hellsmasquerade @hesaintyou @icychesters @idijt @ilsirius @instaskams @isakvaldersen @itsokaysammy @ivonman @jared-padadumpling @jaredbottoms @jaredpadaleckis @jiliakaart @jixam @jonsonw @joshuasduns @kansastexas @katypeirry @khaleesee @kinghardy @lddzeppelin @leejahewan @lemondropsonice @lostinroadsuntravelled

m - q

@mafiadean @marrieddorks @marvelsslut @mavencalore @mermaidssam @mhysa @mrbenwyatt @mypapawinchester @namjooneh @nothingidputbeforeyou @padadimple @perksofbeingafanboy @petite-madame @piningbrothers @podalecki @poetryandoldermen @propertyofdyad @queendanneelackles

r - s

@rambledean @revivaldean @rhxthmofthenight @richonnegrimes @robbmadden @samjess @samlikesdean @sammyhale @sammysde @samooslet @sarahmanning @savingchesters @scaredofuhlek @sebhiddlestan @secretlytodream @sensitivehandsomeactionman @sextdean @sinnerfrank @sketchydean @sparklysams @starfallblade @starkchemistry101 @starksren @stripperanakin @stripperlecki @strippingjensen @sunkissedsam @sunrisejared @supernaturalartbook @sweetnsourlemons @syriuszblack

t - z

@tati-mas @tats-emmy @tattooedbucky @temptingdean @the-sensates @thelostsolivagantdreamer @thewincheters @tomshardy @topbuckys @tylerjoseph @wellcometothedarkside @wendigo @whoaeasytiger @wifihunters @willingwinchester @wincestislove @winterpanthcr @wolfstarry @wreckingpol @xxngogh

special shoutout to @petite-madame for being one of the first blogs i’ve ever followed and such an inspiration. also to @armellin and @lostinroadsuntravelled bc all three of you guys are amazing artists and my favorites out there. i buy again and again from y’alls stores because i love your work. lastly, @secretlytodream is another blog i’ve followed for eons - i love your content it’s absolutely gorgeous; from your videos to photography i love it all.

hey guys! I’ve been seeing some ppl doing these for the holidays, so I thought I’d spread some love as well! I also hit 5k recently and I just really wanted to thank all of you guys that have really made my life a more enjoyable place to live in. I appreciate all of yous and I love you sm 🖤

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i’m so ready for this year to just,, end already pls. but these people made my year a lot better by being great people and filling my dash with goodness! i wish everyone a safe and happy new year!

(i follow over just over 200 people so this will be quick)

mutuals are bolded
italics = nice url!

A - D

@ackles @acklesjensen @aeliciaclark @aimhtweet @aintnoyou @alexschlitz @alrightevans @anakinskywkler @astraliscas @atwells @babeimgonnaleaveu @belqravia @blurryjoshua @brosinlove @canonsoulmates @charleybradbury @cheerfulsammy @chevybrothers @chriswpine @coffeewithcynicism @cookiephil @corlgrimes @covetcas @cutefinn @cznery @daisyridley @danyphil @darlingcap @darthzvader @dayldixon @deanneedsahug @deanss @dearjensen @deducingsammy @disneiy @doomedbrothers @dreamingsam

E - K

@eggoel @ellicts @etherealpilots @f-amilyties @fitzwillaimdarcy @gadreelsam @ghosthills @ginweasleys @grahamewill @hansolo @harriscorteses @henycavil @herhmione @hirmione @instaskams @intrntmemes @irsiwest @itsokaysammy @jammespotter @jardadalecki @jaredackles @jaredbottoms @jaredpad @jaredpadaleckis @jeffrcy @jiynerso @joshuasduns @judecas @jyncassian @katebishop @katinss @kingsoflarry @kishseratos @kyloren 

L - S

@lancetucker @liames @lnhumans @mariahill @marrieddorks @mattcohenss @mistyknjght @mysticnicks @mythohs @nancybyrs @nancywheeeler @oldbrooklynsoul @oscarsisaacs @paladeckis @papajensen @paullrovia @pauls-rovias @pctter @pinkman @podalecki @poedameron @preciousbabyharry @professorlockhart @radiatecas @raincluds @rickackles @saintdean @samdecn @samfordbaby @samsqueer @samswinchesters @scorpiusmilfoy @sgtjimbarnes @sirredmayne @sithobi @slowduns @sskyguy @stanfordsamkink @stansons @starfallensam @sunrisejared @sweaterjensen

T - Z

@television @temptingdean @thiccevans @thorodinson @thrandiul @tomlinau @toms-paynes @transuperboy @truthcas @twentnyonepilots @vulcains @wadewilsson @wattpadfic @werewolvesau @wilsonbucky @witchbarnes @withhisbrother 

thanks everyone for a great year!! see y'all in 2017

hey guys since i made this blog around the beginning of this year i’ve so many friends and we’ve had a great year together (despite 2016 being so shitty). so here’s to a fabulous 2017! i love you all sm. (also i realize i haven’t talked to most of you, but like if we’re mutuals you’re on here)

The Bar

@afycso@auberignedreams | @barefootpinkmoscato | @calendrdays | @caffienedcold | @somethingvelveteen | @whoremouthiero


@afterthelastmidtownshow | @alittlemoretouchme@ayfcso | @baby-give-me-a-break | @babyryanross | @bangthedoldrums@behind-th-sea | @bdurie | @brendcnurie | @burlesqueprince | @caimani@calmisado | @cobravevo | @crytpozoology | @d-i-z-z-y-o-n-d-r-e-a-m-s | @dallonsvices | @dangerous-blues | @diamond-and-pearls | @doaburie | @emopunk | @fragilecapricorn 


@gadreeltrenton | @gatsly | @gavrielsaporta | @george-ryan-ross-iii | @golden-ross | @goldenodd | @hauntedryro | @i-ero | @ictsgn | @irresistiblewentz | @izzystradlin | @joncer | @joshuasduns | @kobrakiddish | @kumori-n | @littlebeebo | @littleryden


@madasross | @melturheadaches | @mikecardenmpreg | @mothergee | @mrssammonroe | @nottoro | @nrlywitches | @ohhowitsbeensolong | @operaticskelleton | @parrishingly | @pasdecheval | @patrickstumph | @pmvstump | @prettyodd@prettyinpunk | @reinventryro | @remember-maine | @rosevest | @roughlandingholly | @ry–den | @ryanfcker | @ryden 


@saltlordurie | @santimp3 | @seedinyou | @sharpestlives | @snake-butt | @snowsisky | @staticsscreams | @suburbanthrills | @theacademyis | @theballadofmonalisa | @theballadofryan | @ticksinbeat | @trademistake | @trippingeyes | @trohmana | @uriesryro | @vampirwentz | @vivaslacobra | @wanderinglips@willbeckett | @wthervanes | @xmasdallon | @youngveins

I can’t believe I hit 10k!!! Thank you all so much I love my followers you guys are awesome <333 I’ve been on here for five years now free me so i’ve been following some of you for a while and some of you I just followed recently. But either way this is just a little FF to thank you guys <3

Shoutout to my favs: @tmasisthenewblack​ , @thephytophile, @hamiltonwouldhaveastudyblr​, @xpompeii

bold - wowow amazing blog/ultimate fav

@ainokiseki, @allienovakk​, @allisonisaac​, @alyciadebman​, @alyciadebnam, @alyjasmin, @audreys-brooke, @babbylawrence, @badvanlis, @baumanselise, @belledearie, @broodpuff, @cantcontrolthegay, @carmillafinestein, @carmillafinestein, @carmilla-hollis-22, @carmillakarmstein, @carmillaskarnstein, @carmtastic, @clarkeggriffins, @clarkes-murphy, @clarkestiddys, @clexatavia, @clextra, @commandergalpal, @commander-cgriffin, @cosimacormier

@damnthosewords, @devdpools, @dpchalkley, @earpwave, @edqarquintero, @eironeia, @elisebaunam, @firstjumperonfire, @foxmouder, @frillyhecks, @hedaswarrior, @hollstein-and-yellow-pillow@honestlynatalie, @hopeofrey, @itselizataylor, @izzylightwoo, @jamescookjr, @joshuasdun, @kat-barrells, @kurtsbastians, @laberintodeofelia, @lauracarmillas, @leashys, @lexaclarrke, @lexasbitch

@malfoysdracos, @mckinnonsass, @damneliza, @moonsandstar-s, @nataliedorsmer, @natromanoffe, @negovanman, @primaryass, @protect-the-tiny-gay, @punkrockho, @r-skywalker, @samvenger, @smollaura, @thatswayhaught, @truthalwayshurtz, @ukulelekatie, @waverlyyearp, @waveryearp, @youholdthegalaxy

Heya! i feel like people dont do this stuff anymore BUT i just wanted an excuse to wish y’all a v happy holidays, i hope you have a fun time however you celebrate or even if you dont celebrate at all! I hope you have good ending to this shitshow of a year and i hope 2017 is everything u wish for! I havent been that active this year but ive been on this hell hole website for a lot of years now and i met some wonderful people here so i just wanted to wish you all the v best and shoutout your blogs so there, okay thats all i have to say, peace out x

(ps. if we’re mutuals and youre not here i still love u v much, i just follow a lot of people, u can curse me out if you want, and if we’re not mutuals but youre following me i love you too and i wish the very best for you aswell, also hmu, be my friend i want to follow more ppl lmfao k bye) 

*faves are bolded*

@95punk@airplenes@alexvnderlightwood@anklebiter - @bailmeouts @balorfinn@blurrymaine@bthchildz - @burningbrights@callaghansjhnv @calum-hood - @dadfrlend@dec13th @dietsodasocicty - @emotrashpunk @farkle-minkus - @faultinstars - @fllghtlessblrds@florese - @foundgawd @freedvictors @frnklyiero@fvesos - @gayisnotasynonymforjalex @girlwiththeguitar @gladsyoucame - @glennsrovia@goldnedays @immadeofpoppunklyrics@imperfectwords - @inourbones - @intopmore -  @jadethirlwoll - @jaspesrjordans - @jetpackblves - @jiyongaff - @joexjonas - @jonasbroders - @jonassource - @joshuasduns - @kissesoncheekss - @liveandbreatheanddiealone - @lizzleolsen - @lmjdun - @longslive - @luke5sos - @lynngvns - @mellarkboxers - @merrickzack - @mtvmuke - @naylorswift - @nickjerrys - @ocalison - @paraveins - @pitydumbledore - @portaviista - @punkmatty - @selenavuitton - @shoulderkisses - @singhallelujah - @stylishbanana​ - @supersonics - @takeabreaths - @tayloralisons​ - @tayloryxrk - @tegayquin - @tendousemi - @tequilaliam - @thewntersoldier - @tidalwav-s - @tilltodayssunrise - @txfofficial - @unofficialrockstar - @untitledunmastered - @wtfisinnerbeauty - @yeahitslikeadrug - @zack-merrick 


i feel like i need to do one of these esp. after what’s been hailed, “the worst year of my entire fucking life”. for those of you who don’t know, i lost my big brother to suicide in july and i’m actually able to tell y’all this bc i’ve finally accepted that he’s gone, that he’s in a  better place and that i’ll never be able to see him ever again. and i’m not looking for pity or anything, it’s just been really hard to cope after he left bc i didn’t know how important he was to me until he was already gone and i’ve been trying to find some kind of solace w/ all of this and trying to keep my chin up for my mom and it’s just….yeah. it’s been a very, very strange turn of events for me. but thankfully, just a couple of days ago, i went to california for the holidays and found so much love and compassion w/ my family and they’ve given me so much grace and kindness and it was like Cameron was there and it was such a goddamn blessing! and it’s been so healing ever since and i just know that 2017 is going to be so, so, so much better! and i know i’m not the only one who’s lost someone this year, or has struggled w/ shit, if it’s personal, or if it’s at work, or at home, or whatever bc it’s been an all around heart break for everyone this year. so this is a follow forever to those who i’ve been following for awhile, or just started to follow, and to those who’ve put me to ease, who’ve given me some peace of mind, not really knowing they were, and to the people who’ve talked w/ me and shared the same love w/ music and artists, and just being a really good distraction! i adore each and every single one of you! even if i don’t really know you! and please don’t ever forget that you’re loved and you matter! and i hope 2017 brings joy and beauty and forgiveness and strength to your life, and i hope brightness follows you wherever life takes you! so….yeah! fucking cheers, my guys!

all the love,

jess ( i apologize for the long rant )

in no particular order:

@stvticvoice, @ocallaghan, @lynnsgvnn, @mrsobrien888, @losthystericanythingbutgeneric, @smellslikeelectricity@icanbeyoursavior, @bytheferriswheel, @iamwaitingformysuntoshine, @lynngvnns, @ghostatmost, @mckinnonsass, @franksiero, @lynngvns, @celestetial, @ghxstless, @pvrismedia, @fckedupkids, @pvrishq, @joshuasduns, @rapdads, @lesscrying, @americanbitchboys, @xxcavalieryouth, @less-alien, @themainearemyheroes, @lynngunnishella, @ocalaghan. @fleetingurgetorun, @mistakes-and-sour-grapes, @heartsinarizona, @lynngunning, @woahcallaghans, @ifeltsoalive, @ifeellessalien, @fightingthelight, @raininginpvris, @tayloryxrk, @takemdancing, @leah8123, @themainband, @tidalwav-s, @lynngvnned, @edgarallanpostlimit, @heypvris@lynnsgunn, @missdontcare-x, @petewent, @mlssnothing, @garrettsnickelsen, @24floors, @thepaigelauren, @hemowrites, @blessedirwin, @johnthefifthoh, @apasionat, @themcinebcnd, @knucklepuckmeup, @icecave, @shewholovesthemaine, @pvris-jpeg, @lynngvnnn, @garrettnickelsenthemainelove, @heartattackkidd, @thismomentisrelevant, @cameronhvrley, @alyciajazmin, @freddiesteeth

so i KNO this edit suck ass but Lets pretend it doesnt,,, anywas i lov all my mutuals & the ppl i follow and im rly tryna include everyone in this but it gets to a point where im like u kno wha fuck this so. if ur not in here its def bc i didnt feel like doin this anymore/ or i was like do i RLY want to open another tab? bc u kno im goin thru my following list on m’phone asi type this on the computer so… u kno i might jus half ass this and call it a day. thanks.

lemme start my the love of my life, THE ONLY person tha matters the person tha i love the most.. the love of my fuckging life btihc.. my everythin.. my person.. my SUN!.. @dexanas 

now the ppl who make my days better ,, the btihcesd tha i would die for i woudl GIVE MY LIFE for these ppl ok… like jus ask me and i’ll do it. the gc (in no particular order pls lets not do this im adding ppl by the order they appear in the members page.. jus to make it CLEAR..)


NOW ! on to my followin list,.. (bolded are ppl tha i woudl take 5 bullets for )

A - D

@acewiththelemonade @adriansydney@aleciaclark@alexdamnvers@alyciadebmamcarey@alyciah@alyciasroyal​ ♥ @alycidebnamcarey​ ♥ @alyicajasmin@arianabutera@babenam@bodyglitter@brookescabello​ ♥ @brookesjauregui@camilatrash@cavanaughstobias@celestetial@clarkehgriffins@colorsinautumn@debnamriot@dec13th@demetrialuvater@drakeful 

E - H

@elizabitchgillies​ ♥ @firewhiskey@gigizakarian@graintgustin​ ♥ @hansensjaureguis​ ♥ @hermiunes​ ♥ @houseofhastings@houseofyonce 

I - L

@itselizataylor@jauguari​ ♥ @jaurwguis ♥ @joshuasduns@kara-luthors@kimswests@kinkylena@kordei@ladki @laurecn@lenaiuthor@lilsebastianstans 

M - P

@maggiesawyrer@martinlydias@melissabinoist​ ♥ @natromanoffe@nk-hamilton​ ♥ @normani@pabloesqobar​ ♥ @panagiota-k@paulwelsey 

R - U

@rollercoazter@sadbirdsquad@sansvers@sapphiclena@scarlettjohanson@scottisbae@selenamgomez@selinakylie ♥ @seohyunstan@shayera@simonlewis@slytherns@slythyrin@superccrp@tamesimpalas 

W - Y

@wlws​ ♥ @xendaya @yourstrulys 

pls dont send me hate if i left u out i swear i didnt mean ANy harm by it. in fact ? cherck my blogroll for more increidble And charismatic ppl ♥♥ merry chrihmah im lov yal God bless