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Persephone {pt.3}

Type: Miniseries Continuation; 7th Sense | One | Two | Three 
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Fluff, Suggestive (NO SMUT), Demon!AU, Witch!AU
Member: Joshua/Jisoo
Word count: 3,023
A/N: This is such a messy chapter *sigh*

You sat on the edge of the white bathtub, watching hot water flow through the faucet and slowly fill the tub. Threads of mist weave into the air above, occasionally kissing the surface of your neck. Your shoulders shrug as a shiver runs down your spine, reminiscent of a rather intimate morning. Surprisingly, he left no marks considering the time he spent on your neck and shoulders. You rub your neck, trying to rid of the phantom feeling of Joshua’s lips and teeth nipping all over your skin.

You yearn to see him again. Unlike your usual anticipation, you were feeling rather impatient this time. You wish to feel his arms around you, his fingertips occasionally slipping up your shirt and brushing your bare back. You wanted his face buried into your neck, lips latched onto your skin and his breaths brushing just along your jawline. You blush from the feeling of his chest pressed against yours, caving in and out with each drawn breath.


You shake your head. You shouldn’t have been dazing off about him during a chore. Thinking about Joshua was making you careless. The headmistress would be furious if she knew you were lagging behind on your task.

You turn off the faucet before pacing out of the bathroom and down the hallway that leads to the headmistress’ bedroom.

“Madam,” you called as you gently knock on her door. You crack the door open and peek in.

“Your bath is…ready…”

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When Seventeen summons a demon
  • S.Coups: "well.. nice to meet you"
  • Demon: *in thoughts* "wow he so daddy material tbh"
  • -
  • Jeonghan: "make me beautiful forever"
  • Jeonghan: "jk i'm perfect lol"
  • -
  • Joshua: "please start reading the bible, it would only benefit your demon life, I promise"
  • Demon: "no"
  • Joshua: ".. i'll stab you bitch"
  • -
  • Jun: "bro, just wanted to talk a little"
  • -
  • Hoshi: "How do you get rid of a demon?"
  • Demon: "idk"
  • Hoshi: "you have to DEMONstrate hahahasdnhuhasud"
  • Demon: ".... bye"
  • -
  • Wonwoo: "make mingyu love me forever"
  • Demon: "well.. I don't have the power, but i'm pretty sure he does anyway"
  • Wonwoo: "..FOREVERRR"
  • -
  • Woozi: "just wanted to make sure this works"
  • -
  • DK: "what do demons have for breakfast?"
  • Demon: "not again"
  • DK: "devilled eggs!!!! lol"
  • -
  • Mingyu: "make me food"
  • Mingyu: "yup :3 "
  • -
  • The8: "hi, my name is minghao"
  • Demon: *blushes*
  • -
  • Seungkwan: "wow u actually cuter than i thought"
  • -
  • Vernon: "ayy yoo wazzup man"
  • Demon: "...k"
  • -
  • Dino: "hi, i want to reincarnate michael jackson"

I’ve been watching this stupid ass gif of this fuckin raccoon for 5 minutes straight and I guess that’s how you can tell I have no life.


Type: Miniseries Continuation; 7th Sense | One | Two | Three 
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Fluff, Suggestive (NO SMUT), Demon!AU, Witch!AU
Member: Joshua/Jisoo
Word count: 3,721
A/N: Your favorite demon prince is back~😈
warning: mentions of violence.


You sit down on the small stool in front of your small vanity table, shivering as the cool wood kissed the back of your thighs. You brush your damp hair over one shoulder before holding your arm out in front of you. The other joins and you heavily sigh.

Bright red marks line along your arms, raw and bruising from the headmistress’ punishment for something she wouldn’t tell you. Your shoulders slump as your arms return to your side. Flushed marks and blotches of colorful bruises were painted on your thighs as well. Your knees were of a scarlet color and extra tender from kneeling for nearly 5 hours.

You frown, knowing you had done nothing wrong. The headmistress snapped and unleashed her anger on you.

“Did you change your shampoo?”

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7th Sense

Type: One Shot
Genre: Fantasy, Light Suggestive (NO SMUT), Witch!AU, Demon!AU
Member: Joshua/Jisoo
Word count: 4,817
A/N: Sorry I’ve been MIA for two weeks. This actually took me the whole last week to write because I’ve been trying to get back into the grind of writing. Please forgive me. TT TT This also has very small mentions of blood. Just a warning.

“It’s time for us to leave!”

You turn off the sink and hurry out of the kitchen to the front door. There, you find the headmistress with the other apprentice, besides you, buttoning up their fancy coats over their dazzling dresses. You prepare a pair of umbrellas out of the closet and hand them over.

“Be careful during your arrival there and on your way back. It’s going to rain all night.” You said softly, your voice still ringing with disappointment. The headmistress saw the sorrow twinkling in your eyes.

“Did you already finish the chores I have asked you to do?” She said through her smirk.

“Yes, madam.” You nodded.

“We’re going to be out for a while, don’t wait up on us.” She lifts her arm up and flicks her wrist. The door opens wide, revealing the heavy rainfall outside.

You tucked your bottom lip in between your teeth to keep yourself from cursing. Your hands ball tightly behind your back, your fingernails digging deep into your palms. For the second time that day, you question how much of this could you endure anymore.

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